Kenia OS – Con Las Chicas Lyrics

Kenia OS – Con Las Chicas Lyrics

Description:- Con Las Chicas Lyrics Kenia OS Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sung by famous singer Kenia OS. This song was released on 29 June 2022.

If you are searching Con Las Chicas Song Lyrics then you are on the right post. So without wasting time let’s jump on to Con Las Chicas Song Lyrics.

Song: Con Las Chicas
Singer: Kenia OS
Featuring: Eloisa OS & Fernanda
Written By: Kenia OS
Label: Lizos Music
Release Date: 29 June 2022

Kenia OS – Con Las Chicas Lyrics

[Letra de “Con Las Chicas”]


Ya me se el manual de tu juego
Búscate un juguetito nuevo
Ya te disculpé la primera vez, la segunda también
La tercera no existe

[Kenia OS]
Tú que no, yo que sí
El antivirus ya lo prendí
Basta ya, que yo no fuí
No tengo tiempo pa’ discutir

[Eloisa Os]
Baby dime, ¿qué pasó?
Tengo una nota de voz
Lo que oí no me gustó

[Kenia OS]
Y ahora llamas pidiendo perdón
Ya se acabo
Pero tu me dices, que tu no lo hiciste

Video Of Con Las Chicas Song

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Bad Habit Lyrics – Steve Lacy | Gemini Rights

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How to Charge Your Laptop with HDMI

Amazon Affiliate

If you are running out of your laptop battery and you do not have a charger available at the moment. Consider whether there’s a more efficient approach or an alternative way to charge your laptop and saves the day before the battery runs out.

Well! HDMI cable charging system is an alternative way to charge the laptop. HDMI cable is a time saver and is super handy.

Keep reading to find out how to charge the laptop with the help of an HDMI cable.

What Does HDMI Mean?

HDMI stands for High-definition multimedia interface. It is the updated form of traditional three-pin connections that are designed to transmit high-definition audio and video signals. This means you only need one cable to complete the entire setup.

HDMI has become the leading cable that can be used to charge the laptop. And it can connect various devices like laptops, projectors, televisions, and many other multimedia processing devices.

How to use HDMI cable to charge the laptop?

You can use HDMI cables to charge your laptop if your adapter is unable to work. It is a common substitute for adapter charging. However, it is important to notice that the laptop should support this feature of charging.

Here are some simple steps for charging a laptop with an HDMI cable when your charger is not available.

Well! There are some steps you need to follow that will help you out in urgent circumstances.

Step 1: Look over Your Laptop

  • First, make sure that your laptop supports HDMI. Because nowadays laptops are getting thinner and sleeker so the number of ports is also reduced.
  • Check both sides of your laptop and look over it carefully for an HDMI port.
  • You will not be able to charge your laptop using the HDMI cable if you don’t have a port or an adaptor.

You can charge your laptop by using HDMI-supported cable TV. You just need to connect one end of the HDMI cable to the TV and connect another end to the laptop.

Step 2: Start off with your Connections

  • Now take the HDMI cable and connect it to a TV that supports HDMI.
  • You have to make sure that your connections are secure.
  • You will also require a USB or any other port that connects the adapter to your HDMI cable and it is readily connected to your laptop.

Step 3: Wind up your Connection and Test

To check the connections, take the HDMI adaptor and connect it with your laptop and see if everything works out or not. You might need to make some adjustments to ensure proper connectivity.

You may become delighted if your laptop turns on or the charging symbol appears which means it is ready to work.

Also, check that your TV is working and the networks are well established.


In urgent circumstances, you might require other means of keeping your laptop charged. And HDMI is a good choice for that.

It is the best way for connecting and ensuring the highest quality of the video and audio. Don’t make a habit of using it as it may weaken your laptop’s battery.

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What Does Leash Mean in League of Legends?

If you’ve ever found yourself being spammed with pings from your jungler while he repeatedly types LEASH in all caps, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re not sure what it is, there’s no shame in it. 

We’re here to help! Regardless of how it sounds, It isn’t what you use to hold your favorite pet. It’s an important tool used to help out your jungle.

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What is Leashing?

Leashing is the term used in League of Legends to refer to the process in which a player usually helps a jungler or core champion kill a monster. 

While this can be done at all stages of the game, it’s common during the first phase of the game to help your jungler secure the blue or red buff, depending on which they choose. 

Some champions with slower clear speeds struggle doing it at level 1. Others can do it rather quickly, such as Shaco with his Jack in the Box.

Why Is It Important?

Like we mentioned, some jungler suffer from slow clear speeds, and helping out your jungler can have good long term effects for your team. 

Let’s look at Amumu, for example. He’s very mana dependent, and as a result, he often starts at blue buff. 

Opponents will know this too, which may tempt them to either invade your red buff camp or set up an ambush for Amumu. When you don’t leash, you leave him open to ganks like these. 

As soon as Amumu gains blue buff, he has the option of keeping Despair on, which significantly increases his clear speed early on. 

This subsequently results in him reaching level 6 earlier, which gives him access to Curse of the Sad Mummy, which means he can gank earlier (since it may be difficult for him to gank prior to level 6 unless the enemy team pushes too far). 

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What Happens When You Don’t Leash?

Well, if your jungler can handle himself, then nothing really. He loses a few seconds getting the first buff or raptor camp, and while it may not sound like much, a few seconds is really all the enemy jungler needs to secure the Rift Scuttler which makes securing and defending objectives a lot harder for your team. 

Not to mention if the enemy jungler decides to invade, your own jungler would have no choice but to risk himself by going to the enemy’s side of the map. 

Leashing, especially in the bot lane, should be done regularly, because with 3 of you there, you should be back in lane before any of the enemy minions die. 


It isn’t just important for slower clear champions either, as champions who innately clear quickly like Olaf can clear even quicker, which makes him gank faster or get enough items to secure more objectives early on. 

Everyone wins. A string of early game successes often results in your teammates snowballing well into the late game. See? It’s like a domino effect. Helping out your jungler helps your team. 

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The BEST Xin Zhao Jungle Path

As the 12th Season of League of Legends dawned onto the live servers, the concept of a static meta seemed to lose ground in favor of a more dynamic, wilder scene, where nearly all champions can pass off as viable Junglers. However, at the core of the Jungle role, the Bruiser/Fighter class remains as dominant as ever, a fact supported even by the competitive scene, where these gank-focused skirmishers thrive more than ever.

Having already covered Jarvan IV and Trundle, it is time to take a look at Xin Zhao, The Seneschal of Demacia, whose pick and win rate skyrocketed since the slight rework of his Wind Becomes Lightning (W) ability. 

One of the greatest aspects of playing Xin Zhao is his wide flexibility, allowing players to adapt their damage and resistances to the particular needs of each game. Making the best use of this scarcely matched versatility requires players to recognize the enemy team’s win conditions and build accordingly, as The Seneschal of Demacia can shut down nearly any composition if executed properly.

Heading into our guide we will first be taking a look at the best Summoner Spells, Runes and items to run on Xin, with our main subject being the ultimate Jungle route and clearing strategy to follow when looking to take over the Jungle!

Stay tuned!

Summoner Spells

Flash + Smite

Despite the recent tendencies of substituting Flash with other Summoner Spells, there is little debate about this topic when it comes to Xin Zhao, as Flash remains the objectively superior pick.

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Xin Zhao Runes

There are two primary play styles for Xin Zhao, the main one focusing on the Bruiser/Fighter style, while the other takes a more aggressive approach, turning the The Seneschal of Demacia into a menacing on-hit carry. Let us go over the highest performing Runes for both styles.

For the standard, Bruiser play style, players will be taking Conqueror as their Keystone, with Triumph, Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Tenacity and Last Stand as the completing options. These picks are rather self-explanatory, being the standard approach for most Bruisers.

As for the secondary Runes, Magical Footwear and Approach Velocity make for pretty standard picks, focusing on gold efficiency and utilty. Subsequently, players can also choose to go with Bone Plating and Revitalize, for added defense. 

On-hit Build

While these Runes originally relied on Hail of Blades, the recent changes to Lethal Tempo seemed to have caused a shift in individual preferences, as players could now also take three Runes from the Precision tree, those being Triumph, Legend: Alacrity and Last Stand. 

The most common secondary options for this approach are Sudden Impact and Relentless / Ravenous Hunter, but Magical Footwear and Approach Velocity perform just as well with the on-hit build too.

Xin Zhao Items

  • Starting Items: Emberknife / Hailblade + Refillable Potion 
  • Mythic Item: Goredrinker / Trinity Force / Divine Sunderer / Eclipse 
  • Core Items: Defensive Boots, Sterak’s Gage, Wit’s End, Death’s Dance
  • Finishing Options: Guardian Angel, Spirit Visage, Black Cleaver, Blade of the Ruined King

The first dilemma surrounds your ideal Mythic item, which is best determined by looking at the enemy team’s composition, primarily checking if the enemy champions are mostly ranged or melee. Against primarily melee enemies, Goredrinker will be the most effective option, allowing you to regenerate considerable amounts of Health in the midst of combat. 

If the enemy team has two or less melee champions, it is best to invest in either Trinity Force or Divine Sunderer, given how well the on-hit effects synergize with Xin Zhao’s abilities. Picking up a Sheen early into the game will also turn into a considerable power spike. The choice between Divine Sunderer and Trinity Force should be made based on how much of problem you expect the enemy tanks to be, as Sunderer will prove highly effective against those champions.

Lastly, picking up Eclipse as your Mythic might be a popular approach, but we must add that it seems to be underperforming against well-rounded team compositions. We’d recommend going with Eclipse only if the enemy team has very few, or entirely lacks, solid frontline champions.

For the rest of the build, the standard Bruiser items will work flawlessly with Xin Zhao’s kit. Wit’s End is especially powerful on The Seneschal of Demacia, and for the On-hit build, we can also recommend picking up a Blade of the Ruined King, balancing the rest of your items accordingly with the enemy team’s win conditions.

Skill Order

W > E > Q > R

Despite maxing W first, in the Jungle, Xin Zhao players should be investing their first spell point into E, as besides the upfront damage, it also grants a considerable attack speed boost, useful against the first Jungle camp.

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The Best Jungle Paths for Xin Zhao

With the increased costs of his build, Xin Zhao needs to find early gold advantages, which are best obtained through ganks. For this reason, The Seneschal of Demacia prefers going for a five camp clear rather than a full one, as he prioritizes tempo over the gold and experience from the Krugs, which is the camp we’re going to be skipping over.

We are going to cover the most advantageous starts from each side, but players should keep a few factors in mind when deciding upon where their Jungle pathing should start. These are:

  • Which laners are going to provide more help in clearing the first camp?
  • Counter-jungle opportunities, based on where the enemy Jungler is likely to start.
  • Which lane would you like to gank first, depending on both the allied and enemy champions.

Xin’s ganks are incredibly effective once he hits LVL 3, with the standard W + E + Q combo being more than enough to secure a takedown in most cases.

Red Side – Red Clear

Starting our route and clearing guide from the Red Side, the Red Buff start may kick off as slow, but it progressively speeds up as Xin Zhao unlocks his basic abilities, becoming notably efficient at clearing camps once he hits LVL 3.

Secure the Red Buff and head for the Raptor camp second, casting Smite on the larger mob to accelerate the process and stay healthy. Following the organic route, make your way to the Wolves and steadily clear that camp using E and Q.

Once your basic abilities are unlocked, the next camp, the Blue Buff, is going to go very smoothly, especially when considering that your second Smite charge should be invested into it, accelerating your tempo. 

Before heading into the River and scouting for ganks, slay the Gromp. It will restore most of your HP, allowing you to secure the Scuttler confidently. 

In the River, break the Scuttler’s shield using Q’s third hit effect and continue hitting at it until killed. In the meantime, you can start scouting Mid and Bot for ganking opportunities, because as soon as you are done with securing the extra gold, experience and vision from the Scuttler, you are going to rush a gank immediately before resetting.

Red Side – Blue Clear

When starting from the opposite side of your Jungle, you can expect to finish the first five camps a bit more quickly, as having two allies assisting with the first camp is going to accelerate your early tempo.

After slaying the Blue Buff, challenge the Gromp and use Smite to take it down as quickly as possible, before heading towards your multi-mob camps.

The Wolves and Raptors won’t pose much of a threat to Xin Zhao, as his kit offers plenty of AOE damage and healing, besides the Refillable Potion in players’ inventory, which can be used at any given time when running low on Health.

For the final camp of your Jungle, secure your second Buff using Xin’s impressive dueling power in combination with the second Smite charge, allowing you to once again walk into the River with confidence.

Given how quick this route is, players should not realistically worry about the enemy Jungler coming to contest the Scuttler, but in case it happens, know that Xin’s early combat power allows him to win most 1v1s rather safely.

Whilst hitting away at the Scuttler, once again start scouting the Lanes, as you are going to immediately shift your focus towards either Mid or Top in order to start securing those early gold leads.

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Blue Side – Blue Clear

Switching over to the opposite side of the map now, the clearing routes are going to be identical, besides the mirrored positions of the Jungle monsters.

Start by slaying the Blue Buff with the help of your Top laner, without using Smite, as we’re keeping it for our second camp, as shown in the associated picture. 

For the second objective, begin hitting away at the Gromp’s HP using E + Q, eventually finishing it with Smite once its Health drops below the threshold. Combining Smite’s heal with the Gromp’s Health restoration will leave players with a full Health bar, enabling you to safely clear the next two camps without Smite.

As for the third and fourth camps, these are once again the multi-mobs (Wolves and Raptors) organically positioned on your path towards Red, which won’t typically pose a threat to Xin Zhao.

Lastly, slay the Red Buff with the use of your entire kit, including Smite. This will leave you in a comfortable position to head into the River, securing the Scuttler before executing a gank on Mid or Bot.

Blue Side – Red Clear

Starting from the Red Buff will give players the edge of having two allies’ assistance, further boosting their tempo.

The rest of the clearing route is pretty standard, as players should head straight for the Raptors second, using Smite to take down the largest mob, before making their way towards the Wolf camp.

The Wolves are relatively easy to clear with Xin, but the Refillable Potion is always going to be there in case you feel unsafe.

As for the fourth camp, a standard W + E + Q combo and a few more auto-attacks are going to be sufficient to take Blue’s HP below the Smite threshold, at which point players should execute it with the second charge.

As previously, slay the Gromp before making your way into the River, where you are more than safe to take any 1v1 contests the enemy Jungler might throw at you, although that is quite unlikely to happen, considering Xin’s natural tempo.

Last before least, secure the Scuttler using Q’s third hit to break its shell and start scouting for an early gank, investing it into the Lane which is most likely to successfully convert it into a takedown, before your first reset.

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Tips and Tricks

  • As emphasized on throughout this guide, Xin Zhao’s early and mid-game focus on building up a gold lead, which also raises the importance of securing Turret Plates. For Junglers, this is best achieved though the Rift Herald, so do not neglect Shelly through the earlier stages of the game.
  • Xin Zhao’s standard combo and ganks rely heavily on landing W in order to apply the “Challenged” mechanic, extending Audacious Charge’s (E) range. Wind Becomes Lightning (W) has a relatively fast animation, meaning that with a bit of practice, players can consistently land the all-important spell when needed. 
  • Remember that Crescent Guard (R) can act both as an engage and disengage tool, depending on the situation. The one mechanic where players seem to fail is tracking who the “Challenged” enemy is. As a quick reminder, the last enemy hit by Xin’s basic attacks, W or E is going to be marked for 3 seconds, or until you hit another enemy.
  • Similarly to Jarva IV, prioritize building a Guardian Angel as your fifth item or sooner, instead of leaving it for last. Despite Crescent Guard’s invulnerability towards champions who are out of R’s range, you might still find yourself getting focused by the entirety of the enemy team until your allies manage to follow up your engages, adding more value to having a Guardian Angel.

Finalizing Thoughts

The most influential factor when it comes to succeeding with Xin Zhao is arguably nailing his itemization. Effectively balancing between offensive and defensive items can turn The Seneschal of Demacia into a near unkillable Bruiser, whose engages and disengages can shift team fights entirely.

Towards the late game, Xin Zhao’s primary focus is to break up the enemy team using his Ultimate ability, separating the carries from their supportive allies. Crescent Guard will also leave you in a duel, which Xin should have no trouble winning, but ideally, you want to find yourself in an isolated combat against a squishy target, whom you can easily kill before the enemy team has time to regroup and cross your invulnerability zone.

With this we conclude our ultimate Jungle route and clearing guide for Xin Zhao, The Seneschal of Demacia, hoping you found it useful for your future games! 

For more League of Legends content, including guides such as this once, make sure to visit our website regularly, as we consistently upload fresh material weekly!

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Ark Survival Tips Every Beginner Should Know

There are very few action-adventure games that give you anything close to what you’ll experience in Ark: Survival Evolved. Players enjoy an exotic adventure in a strange land filled with prehistoric animals, which they can use as a mount for riding on land and even flying. As interesting as this sounds, it’s unforgiving for players without survival tips.

In this article, we’ll not only provide survival tips, but we’ll also give you some tricks that will help your gameplay improve faster. We also recommend that you Buy Ark Survival Evolved Hacks from Battlelog to play better.

Tips for beginners in Ark: Survival Evolved

There are no threats within the first few minutes after you spawn on the beach. However, you’ll need to keep your character up for the task ahead. You’ll need tools to help you gather food and other useful materials such as Flint, Stone, Wood, Fiber, and Thatch. Your first and most important tool should be the pickaxe.

Simply stroll out to the shore and pick up rocks. To do this, press the E button when you are close to the rock you want to pick. Once you’ve gathered the rocks, walk to the nearest tree and hit it until it falls. After the tree has fallen, hit it a few more times and use its materials to make your pickaxe.

Like many other survival games out there, Ark also needs you to feed your character. While you’re just starting, you won’t have the engrams required to kill bigger animals for the meat and hide they provide. This leaves you with the only readily available alternative – the Dodo. 

The Dodo is a rich source of raw meat in Ark and is defenseless. A few punches to the Dodo’s head will kill it, leaving you with your first meal in the Ark. Also, you can gather nuts and berries from the surrounding bushes if you run out of options for raw meat.

This is a general tip and should be a no-brainer. However, the point is where you situate your home. The first thing you must consider is the safety of the environment. Secondly, you should consider the availability of basic resources such as clean water, food, and building materials you’ll need as you progress.

One cool position that can give you an advantage for a base location is an area of the map known as South Zone 3. The area has a cliff that towers against the shore and is well covered by large rocks and bushes. These will help keep you out of sight of dinosaurs and other players.

  • You’ll need an animal ally

You’ll need the help of those large animals if you must achieve mush in Ark. Dinosaurs can help you travel faster and also farm for items, among others. However, the catch is in knowing how to tame them. Firstly, you need to knock them out by hitting them with a blunt object. But don’t hit too hard to avoid killing the animal.

After that, you must feed the animal to gain their trust. For herbivores, give them berries such as mejoberries and narcoberries. Carnivores will go with raw meat instead. Do this until the taming bar fills up. We suggest that you tame Triceratops. They have horns that will help you farm and also fight against enemy dinos.

  • Sleeping bags are important.

You’re probably thinking of what you’ll need a sleeping bag for in a game where you don’t have to sleep. Here’s why: you’ll die a lot in the game whether or not you do everything the right way. 

You’ll spawn at the beach if an enemy or a monster kills you when you don’t have a sleeping bag. To avoid getting lost on your way back to your base, you’ll need to place your sleeping bag at strategic locations. When next an enemy kills you, you’ll spawn at your sleeping bag’s location.


Ark needs you to get your character some food and make yourself a pickaxe and an ax. Moreover, have in mind that you’ll get to die many times. So, don’t panic about a Trike shredding you to pieces; just make sure you have a sleeping bag somewhere advantageous. 

When looking for a place to site your base, avoid too exposed locations. We recommend South Zone 3 or deep in the forest. However, make sure you have all the basic items within close reach. Lastly, get yourself a dinosaur – you’ll need help against bigger foes and for farming.

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Bad Habit Lyrics – Steve Lacy | Gemini Rights

Bad Habit Lyrics – Steve Lacy | Gemini Rights

Description:- Bad Habit Lyrics Steve Lacy Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sung by famous singer Steve Lacy. This song was released on 29 June 2022.

If you are searching Bad Habit Song Lyrics then you are on the right post. So without wasting time let’s jump on to Bad Habit Song Lyrics.

Song: Bad Habit
Album: Gemini Rights
Singer: Steve Lacy
Written By: Matthew Castellanos, John Kirby, Diana Gordon, Fousheé & Steve Lacy
Produced by: Steve Lacy
Release Date: 29 June 2022

Bad Habit Lyrics – Steve Lacy | Gemini Rights

I wish I knew you wanted me
I wish I knew, I wish I knew you wanted me
I wish I knew, I wish I knew you wanted me

[Verse 1]
What you, ooh, uh, what you do?
Made a move, coulda made a move
If I knew I’d be with you
Is it too late to pursue?

I bite my tongue, it’s a bad habit
Kinda mad that I didn’t take a stab at it
Thought you were too good for me, my dear
Never gave me time of day, my dear
It’s okay, things happen for
Reasons that I think are sure, yeah

I wish I knew, I wish I knew you wanted me (I wish I knew)
I wish I knew (Oh), I wish I knew you wanted me
I wish I knew (Yeah), I wish I knew you wanted me (Oh)
I wish I knew, I wish I knew you wanted me

[Verse 2]
Please say to me (Please, just say to me)
If this could wind up
I wish you wouldn’t play with me
I wanna know (Oh, no)

Uh, can I bite your tongue like my bad habit?
Would you mind if I tried to make a pass at it?
Were you not too good for me, my dear?
Funny you came back to me, my dear
It’s okay, things happen for
Reasons that I can’t ignore, yeah

I wish I knew, I wish I knew you wanted me
I wish I knew (Wish I knew), I wish I knew you wanted me (Oh)

You can’t surprise a Gemini (I wish I knew)
I’m everywhere, I’m cross-eyed (I wish I knew you wanted me)
Now that you’re back, I can’t decide (I wish I knew)
If I decide if you’re invited (I wish I knew you wanted me)
You always knew the way to wow me
F**k around, get tongue-tied and
I turn it on, I make it rowdy
Then carry on, but I’m not hidin’
You grabbin’ me hard ’cause you know what you found
Is biscuits, is gravy, babe

Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm

You can’t surprise a Gemini
But you know it’s biscuits, is gravy, babe
I knew you’d come back around
‘Cause you know it’s biscuits, is gravy, babe
Let’s f**k in the back of the mall, lose control
Go stupid, go crazy, babe
I know I’ll be in your heart ’til the end
You’ll miss me, don’t beg me, babe

Video Of Bad Habits Song

Coming Soon…

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How To Use Emotes in Teamfight Tactics?

Many people were wondering how to use emotes in the newly added game mode in the League of Legends universe. Teamfight Tactics. That isn’t very complicated since you can use it the same as you do in your normal Summoner’s Rift game. Or ARAM, it doesn’t matter. 

The thing is, emotes were universal for every game mode since its release in League of Legends, but Little Legends are a unique feature to the Teamfight Tactics world. They are tiny little creatures that represent you in the game. 

Little Legends have a variety of purposes and stuff they can do. They show your Health points your level in-game. They can also dance, gloat, mock and even sing.

Every Little Legend has a personality of its own, and you can choose the one you most connect with. That is, of course, if you manage to unlock them.

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What Are Emotes?

Emotes are expressive images primarily used in  League of Legends and  Teamfight Tactics as cosmetic flares. They typically present Champions and Little Legends with various expressions. This page also contains various official emotes created for social media sites.

Emotes are a great way to express either joy or anger depending on what occurs in a match. For the most part, it’s a unique way to let your teammates know they did a great job or fire up angry emotes to enemy champions to distract them before a gank.

Keep in mind that five emotes are able to be used throughout a match and two are specifically for the start and end of one. You are able to pick those but for the most part, this is an incredible way to express all the trials and tribulations that can happen in a match.

Emotes can be purchased in the store for RP 350 a piece. During the initial launch, all Emotes were put on sale for RP 350 (where they originally had a cost of RP 450). Since patch V8.12 the price of emotes have been lowered from the initially RP 450 to RP 350 permanently. A Thumbs Up Emote is freely unlocked to all accounts.

Emotes can be equipped in the player’s Collection or from Champion Select. The loadout includes a radial that can hold up to five emotes, as well as slots for Start Game, First Blood, Ace and Win.

Once in-game, you can access the pop-up radial using the assigned hotkey (default: [T]). The Start Game and End Game emotes will trigger automatically. Players can only trigger a certain number of Emotes, including Champion Mastery Emotes, within a short space of time before having to wait to use another. Champion Mastery is still triggered using its own hotkey.

You can mute Enemy Emotes individually from the Scoreboard, or disable them entirely from Settings

Some Interesting Facts About Emotes

Initially, emotes were only confined to social media sites before being introduced in-game in patch V6.23 with the All-Star 2016 event.

In patch V7.20 the new emote system was introduced with permanent unlockable emotes.

In patch V8.12 in-game emotes were given several updates including reduced price and added visual and sound effects.

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Teamfight Tactics Shortcuts And Hotkeys

Mouse Controls

  • Left-Click & Drag Champion: Moves the Champion.
  • Left-Click on Mini Map: Displays the player’s board that you clicked on the map.
  • Right-Click on Board: Move your Little Legend to the location of your click.
  • Right-Click on Champion: Show information about the Champion.
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Keyboard Controls

  • D: Refresh the Champion Store.
  • F: Purchase level XP.
  • W: Deploy Champion your mouse hovering over to the bench or battlefield.
  • E on Champion: Sell Champion your mouse is hovering over.
  • S: Stop your Little Legends if they’re moving.
  • 1 and 3, Q and R: Cycle through opponent boards.
  • CTRL + 1-5: Forces your Little Legend to do the selected Emote.
  • CTRL + F: Toggle FPS display.
  • 2 or Spacebar: Center the camera on your Little Legend.

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Since their release with the patch 7.17, Emotes were an integral part of both League of Legends and The Teamfight Tactics. Developers are coming up with new emotes to decorate the fields of Runterra with each incoming patch. 

The best thing is that you can win many of them for free by playing matches, and getting them in Hextech Chests and Orbs. With the release of TFT Passes you can now earn them over there too! There are so many possibilities to enrichen your Emote collection, and to obtain them all! 

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How To Disable Voice Chat in League of Legends?

Online multiplayer games like League of Legends thrive on coordination and communication from the starting minutes of the game to the end moments. 

The most convenient and quick way of communication can be the in-game voice chat feature but it doesn’t take long for it to become annoying. Let’s find out how you can disable voice chat in League of Legends if it’s not the right fit of communication for you.

You can disable voice chat by either muting a specific player once you are in a party or a game or you can disable the voice chat altogether from the League of Legends client. 

There are numerous methods with which you can do this, we have mentioned all of them in detail below.

Using the Client

You can use the client settings to disable voice chat completely and won’t let you join the voice chats entirely before starting a game. 

This form of disabling is recommended if you have to do nothing with voice chat at all. 

Use the following steps to disable the chat:

  1.  Open the League of Legends Client
  2.  Go to settingsSelect the tab titled ‘Voice’ 
  3. Untick the “Join Voice Channel Automatically” option.
  4. Click done to save the changes.

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Manually Disabling Voice Chat Through in the Party

If you don’t wish to disable voice chat permanently or for a long time but you still play with some players with whom you’ll be more comfortable if you don’t listen to them. 

You disable voice chat specifically for them when you are in a party with them.

Use the following steps:

  1. Join the party or invite them to yours
  2. Click the microphone icon on the bottom right 
  3. Click the speaker icon adjacent to the player’s name to mute them specifically 
  4. Press the telephone icon a the bottom of the voice chat menu to leave the voice channel completely 

Disabling Voice Chat In-game

How many times have you dealt with a teammate who started off cool and smooth but as the game progresses they become toxic and abusive due to the enemy team ganking on them or they are playing against an annoying champion or maybe they are not being toxic and you just want to focus on the game. 

Whatever the reason may be for their outburst, you can always mute them in-game by following almost the same steps as discussed earlier in the party voice chat section.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the microphone icon on the left side of your map.
  2. Click the speaker icon adjacent to the player’s name to mute them specifically. 
  3. Click the speaker icon adjacent to the player’s name to mute them specifically.
  4. Press the telephone icon a the bottom of the in-game voice chat menu to leave the voice channel completely.

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How To Mute Yourself 

League of Legends client allows you to automatically unjoin the voice channel in the game as we discussed earlier, just like that it also has the option of allowing you to join the game automatically muted. This can be a pretty convenient method, you just need to follow these steps below.

  1. Open the League of Legends Client.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Select the tab titled ‘Voice’.
  4. Tick the “Mute me When I connect League Voice” option.
  5. Click done to save these changes.

You can mute yourself in-game by clicking the microphone right next to the map, you’ll see another microphone option next to your name, click it and you’ll be muted in-game.

Importance of Voice Chat in League of Legends

We can go all day talking about how toxic, annoying, and enraging the voice chat of League can be but we can’t deny its benefits. 

Voice chats play a vital role in multiplayer team games, there are famous dedicated apps designed just for this purpose, like discord. 

In games like League of Legends when coordination can be the difference bet a loss and a win, the quality of the game-play will always pivot around vocal communication.

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Top 7 Best Hard Carry Champions in League of Legends

Dread them, run from them; feeders still arrive. Bad teams can make games feel close to impossible in League of Legends. No matter how well you play or how hard you win your lane, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to pull out the W. It’s a sad fact of League, but one we need to accept and learn to workaround. 

One way many high-rank players choose to combat feeders is to play hard carries; Champions that can carry the game completely solo. If you don’t need to rely on your team to win, you will win more games. I’m a firm believer that good players will rise to the top if they play well, but they need to be on Champions that can reward their skills. 

What Makes a Champion a Hard Carry?

  • Early Game Kill Potential: Most hard carries need to be able to stomp their lane. This lets them get ahead in the early game and snowball their advantage by either split pushing or ganking other lanes. 
  • Insane Scaling: If a Champion does not have early game kill potential, they may still be a hard carry. If the Champion scales to god-mode levels in the late game, then it can be extremely easy to carry games if you can consistently drag games out. 
  • Not Reliant on Team: This is the big one. A hard carry cannot rely on their team. Champions like Malphite and Jarvan IV can carry games with huge ultimates, but only if they’re fed or their team follows up. A hard carry doesn’t need their team to win and can take a slight advantage and stretch it out into a win. 

7. Shaco

Shaco is my personal favorite Jungler because he controls the early game like no other Champion can. His damage is pretty good early game, but he can’t 1v1 many Champions. Where Shaco shines is in his ganks. Shaco’s Q turns him invisible and makes it very easy to position himself for free kills. 

Shaco is also a proficient counter-jungling Champion. Counter Jungling can hard carry games on its own. Shutting down the enemy Jungler is a great way to secure objectives and completely tilt the enemy team. 

When you play Shaco, your goal is to kill as many people as possible in as many lanes as possible. You want the enemy team to feel like you’re everywhere, all at once. Make sure not to forget about farming your Jungle, though, as it is easy to quickly fall behind on levels and become useless. 


  • Very Easy early game Ganks, thanks to Q and E damage
  • Very Mobile thanks to Q. Can run the map
  • R Lets him easily solo Drake at level 6 and beyond


  • Team fights are difficult if the enemy team peels their carry
  • Easy to fall behind on levels
  • Red Trinket can shut Shaco down. Learn to play around its cooldown

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6. Ahri

Ahri has recently received a powerful buff, which has made her the best assassin in the game. Her R now gains an extra charge with every single takedown she nabs while it’s active. This allows Ahri to dive in, kill someone, dive out (or kill someone else). 

Ahri is so strong because of how versatile she is. She can fight and kite with her backline, dive enemy carries, or look for picks on enemy Champions that are caught out. Ahri is only so far up on this list because it can be a little challenging to find kills on her during the laning phase. Once she hits level 6, however, all of the doors swing wide open. She can roam bot lane, bully the enemy Jungler, or all in her enemy laner. 

Ahri’s damage is another huge point for her. She’s an assassin, and her maxed-out W can quickly burst down enemies. It’s also on a very low cooldown, so she can constantly spit out damage while kiting around with her movement speed and her R. 


  • Ahri can play backline with her ADC or dive the enemy carries with her tanks
  • Insane pick potential with her E – Q – W combo
  • Very mobile thanks to R, which allows her to roam or engage


  • Bad split pusher
  • Cannot always bully lane 
  • Needs items for damage to come online

5. Tryndamere

Alright, so I’m sure we’ve all seen a Tryndamere run it down in the Top lane. Tryndamere is so good at hard carrying games because he can demolish turrets and apply endless pressure. If Tryndamere gets in a sticky situation (1v3+), usually he’ll be able to nab a kill or two before being put down or escaping. 

Tryndamere is a lane bully against most other Champions, and even when he isn’t, he’ll find his way. One of the hardest parts about playing Tryndamere is learning when to split push and when to back off. Most players make the mistake of trying to play with their team once they get fed and then accidentally throwing the game in a few bad team fights. 


  • His R and damage make it possible to win 1v3 situations 
  • Can bully most lanes
  • Infinite split push potential in the mid-late game


  • Useless if he can’t split push (if someone can 1v1 him) 
  • Needs great game sense and Macro decision making
  • Split push strategy can tilt the team

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4. Master Yi

Yi is a notorious late-game carry. No one wants to see a Yi make it to his full build. This is because he becomes almost impossible to kill, thanks to infinite Qs and massive lifesteal. A fed Master Yi has many options, which is why he’s a hard carry. 

He can play with his team, and Penta kill the enemy with a few right-clicks, or he can split push and take the Nexus if left alone.

Yi is also very good at taking objectives. He can solo Drake very easily and eventually Baron if he plays it well (Q the Baron attacks). This means he rewards macro-oriented players quite a bit, but there is plenty of room for micro-heavy players to carry. 

Yi’s main weakness is in his early game. He has no real gank potential until level 6 unless his team sets him up, and he loses the 1v1 to many Meta Junglers. However, most solo queue games go pretty late, and there are usually opportunities to start your snowball early. 


  • Very easy to steamroll when fed (much more so than the typical Champion)
  • Q and W give him insane 1v1 potential once he has items
  • Can split push or team fight and solo objectives (Drake / Harold / Baron)


  • Weak early game ganks
  • Team fights are hard if not fed
  • Needs to be fed to carry

3. Blitzcrank

I needed to put a Support on here and wasn’t sure if I should go with Blitz, Pyke, or Thresh. I also thought about Casters like Lux and Brand. However, in the end, I decided on the classic Blitzcrank. Blitz has a very simple carry concept. Hit hooks, get kills. 

Blitzcrank is a hard carry because he can win a losing game with one simple ability. Good Blitzcranks will set up wards and clear enemy vision in order to set their teams up for kills. They will also look for roams to the Mid lane and work with their enemy Jungler to completely control the bottom half of the map. 

Blitz’s main weakness is actually in his laning phase. If he misses a hook, he becomes a target dummy. If his ADC can’t be aggressive, then Blitz will be forced to sit in a bush and beep boop until his Jungler ganks. 


  • Getting picks with Q can win games
  • Very good invade
  • Can stomp lane if paired with the right ADC 


  • Not much going for him other than Hook
  • Low damage output after the early-game
  • He can be bullied in lane (if he misses hook) 

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2. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is my favorite hard carry ADC for one simple reason; it really doesn’t matter what your Support does. As someone with a lot of experience solo queueing as ADC, having a Support that doesn’t play how you play is one of the most frustrating experiences in all of League of Legends. 

Having a Support that is too passive while you’re trying to be aggressive can get you killed—having a Support that is too agro while you’re trying to farm and play passive can get them killed (which will get the enemy ADC fed and get you killed…). On the other hand, Caitlyn can play as aggressively as she wants, and her range will keep her safe whether her support backs her up or not. 

Cait is a hard carry because she is the biggest ADC lane bully in the game. Anytime the enemy ADC tries to auto-attack a minion, she can auto them. She can Q them, and she can trap them and nail headshot after headshot until she pokes them down to nothing. Good Caitlyns will win lane almost every game they play, with or without their Support. 


  • Range lets her bully almost every other ADC during the laning phase
  • Can pump out damage whether fed or not
  • Her range makes it very easy to siege turrets and take objectives


  • Traps can be hard to use
  • Susceptible to ganks and being camped (E is not the best escape)
  • Low burst damage makes it hard to win 1v1s if not fed

1. Yasuo

Yasuo is number one on my list because I’m salty and because I don’t know enough about Yone to write about him. Yasuo is not the first king of hard carry, but he’s one of the most notorious along with Tryndamere. We’ve all had an enemy Yasuo 1v5, Windwalling every ability that could stop him and life-stealing more damage than we can deal. We’ve also all had a friendly Yasuo go 0/10 and continue failing at 1v5s. 

He’s truly a Champion that is made or broke, depending on the player. Most Yasuo players have tasted both sides of the coin. The trick to hard carrying on Yasuo is consistency. Learn how to get to god-mode status every game. 

Know which Champs you won’t be able to fight and how you’ll get fed if you can’t kill your lane opponent. It’s also important to know how to play once you are fed. When you should split push and when you should team fight. 


  • Insane 1v1 and 1v2 potential, especially with items
  • Good split push and good team fight
  • Windwall can shutdown enemy ADCs and Mages 


  • Only strong when fed
  • Large learning curve 
  • Ranged Mids can bully him early-game

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How to Unlock Skins in Teamfight Tactics?

Is there anything sweeter than the Little Legends? Well, various skins make the look of these tiny creatures even more beautiful, which we loved as soon as Riot Games released Teamfight Tactics. Let’s repeat, Teamfight Tactics is actually a spin-off version of the mega-popular League of Legends game where you need to think tactically to beat your seven opponents and be the last player standing. 

In this article, we will talk about the skins you can collect in Teamfight Tactics and how you can get them. If you are ready, let’s begin.

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Guide on Teamfight Tactics Little Legends

Little Legends are small, cute creatures that actually represent players in Teamfight Tactics. Unlike champions you can’t control on the battlefield, Little Legends you can control during a match. With your Little Legend, you choose units from Carousel and collect item orbs. 

The Little Legends can be customized and changed for the player to adapt to their gameplay. There are currently six species of Little Legends, Runespirit, Silverwing, Furyhorn, Molediver, Featherknight, and Hauntling.

When you first start playing Teamfight Tactics, you will get a default avatar called River Sprite. After a few matches, you will be able to choose between Molediver, Silverwing, or Runespirit. This is followed by the option to purchase the Little Legends you want. 

Also, via Eggs, you can unlock other Little Legends. Eggs are similar to Chests from League of Legends, and you buy them with Riot Points. Also, you can get an Egg from Missions if you don’t want to buy them from the Riot store.

Types of Eggs

  • Series 1 Rare Egg (Random Furyhorn, Hauntling, or Silverwing) – 490 Riot Points
  • Series 2 Rare Egg (Random Featherknight, Molvediver, or Runespirit) – 490 Riot Points
  • Little Legend Egg (Specific Type) – 750 Riot Points
  • 10+1 Little Legends Series 1 Rare Eggs – 4,900 Riot Points
  • 10+1 Little Legends Series 2 Rare Eggs – 4,900 Riot Points

And here’s a comparison of the dollar and RP how much you can get for a certain amount of real money.

  • 650 RP – $5.00 USD
  • 1,380 RP – $10.00 USD
  • 2,800 RP – $20.00 USD
  • 5,000 RP – $35.00 USD
  • 7,200 RP – $50.00 USD
  • 15,000 RP – $100.00 USD

Furthermore, each one Little Legend has three stars, which means it can be upgraded. For upgrading your Little Legend you will need a particular variant of it and then buy the same variant from egg. This will upgrade it to the next tier.

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List of Little Legends

So, let’s talk more about Little Legends. Here is a list of all the Little Legends you can collect in the game. As we have already said, each of them has three tiers, and it starts from the first tier. If the same tier opens in Egg, Little Legend moves on to the next tier. When Little Legend has all three tier it will no longer be received in eggs. Here there are: 


  • Pengu Featherknight
  • Ravenlord Featherknight
  • True Ice Featherknight
  • Extra Spicy Featherknight
  • Cheeper Featherknight
  • Sakura Featherknight


  • Molten Furyhorn
  • Void-Marked Furyhorn
  • Willowbark Furyhorn
  • Lionheart Furyhorn 
  • Sugarcone Furyhorn
  • Tundra Furyhorn


  • Demacian Silverwing
  • Lost Silverwing
  • Tropical Silverwing
  • Rosebloom Silverwing
  • Dawnglow Silverwing
  • Snow Cherry Silverwing


  • Shadowmask Hauntling
  • Dark Matter Hauntling
  • Toxic Hauntling
  • Lunar Claw Hauntling
  • Fireborn Hauntling


  • Toxic Molediver
  • Clumsy Molediver
  • Fresh Water Molediver
  • Skydance Molediver
  • Blazebattle Molediver
  • Soft – nosed Molediver


  • Sakura Runespirit
  • Glacial Runespirit
  • Black Mist Runespirit
  • Seedling Runespirit
  • Brambleback Runespirit
  • Sentinel Runespirit

Besides skins, Teamfight Tactics has more content you can unlock, and some have been used in League of Legends, which you probably already know. For example, emotes and icons work both in Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends, while Little Legends and Rift Arenas work only in Teamfight Tactics.

This is another specificity of Teamfight Tactics – you can change the look of the fight arena. Great, huh? In addition to the default arena layout, there are more additional skins that you can earn or buy it. Only then you will be able to edit the look of the Arena. Blue Arena can be unlocked at level 2, while Purple Arena can be unlocked at level 7.

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Final Thoughts 

To summarize all that we talked about in this article, we will focus on the most important question – how to unlock cosmetics in Teamfight Tactics. We are most interested in Little Legends skins and how to collect them to expand your collection. 

As we said below, Little Legends are playable characters in Teamfight Tactics, unlike champions which you can’t control on a battlefield as you can control them in a League of Legends match. There are currently 6 Little Legends (we’ve also listed new characters you can win during the Lunar New Year event that appeared with Patch 12.2.) that you can find if you open Eggs, which are similar to Hextech Chest, another familiar item from League of Legends. 

Each Little Legend can be upgraded to three tiers, and you can upgrade it by opening Eggs. We have also listed the special types of Eggs and how to buy them. However, Teamfight Tactics is a relatively new game, and so far, there is not much content that players can win, but we have no doubt that Riot Games will add new content to the game because this is a game with a bright future. After all, it already has a large number of players, and we are excited about new game updates.

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