Top 7 Slowest Champions In League Of Legends

They say “Slow And Steady Wins The Race”, but is it true when you are racing against the fastest champions in the game? League of Legends is a fast-paced game, and it is getting faster and faster as time passes by. With every new addition to the game, the bar for mobility is set higher than ever before. 

The 7 slowest champions in League of Legends are Rell(Dismounted), Kled(Dismounted), Ashe, Anivia, Aphelios, Tristana, and Urgot(With W Active). Rammus and Blitzcrank also have abilities that slow them down by a certain percentage.

We will take a look at all of these champions with a very low movement speed, whether temporary or permanent. These champions can manage to perform just fine with their slow movement speed.

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7. Rell (Dismounted) – 250

Rell has not seen a lot of play ever since her release. Released over a year and a half ago, Rell takes the cake when it comes to the slowest champion in the game. But keep in mind that this only applies when she is dismounted.

Rell’s W, called Ferromancy: Crash Down, is an extremely strong Crowd Control source. When mounted, she can use it to crash down from her ride and knock up enemies that she collides with, all while gaining a shield and bonus resistances.

But as soon as she is dismounted, her movement speed drops to 250, and she has a movement speed cap of 290 − 400. This makes Rell extremely easy to lock down and kill if you have enough damage to get through her shield and resistances.

6. Kled (Dismounted) – 285

Kled was the only champion in the game with a Mount/Dismount mechanic before Rell arrived. Kled’s charm lies in his ability to remount in the middle of a fight, gaining a large amount of HP back and turning the tides of the battle. Kled and Skaarl’s combined Health pool is divided into two segments.

Once Skaarl’s HP deletes, he escapes, leaving behind Kled with his half of the HP bar left. Once Kled is dismounted, his movement speed falls from 345 to 285. This makes him vulnerable and susceptible to burst damage and skill shots. His attack range increases to allow him to remount by dealing damage to enemy champions.

5. Ashe – 325

Now let’s begin talking about champions that aren’t affected by movement speed penalties, but simply have very low movement speed, to begin with. Ashe is the prime example in this regard since she lacks any source of mobility in her kit.

With a base movement speed of 325, Ashe ranks at the very bottom of the list when it comes to movement speeds. Ashe lacks any dashes or blinks in her kit, making her low movement speed a large factor in her survival.

Ashe is compensated for her low movement speed by her passive. Her auto attacks and damaging abilities slow her opponents, allowing her to kite them efficiently and be a nuisance in team fights.

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4. Anivia – 325

Let’s talk about a champion with minimum base movement speed, that uses CC in her kit to kite the opponents and guarantee her survival. Sounds familiar? That is because Anivia belongs to the same category as Ashe in this regard.

Flying in with a base movement speed of 325, Anivia also finds herself susceptible to ganks because of her lack of mobility. With no dashes or blinks in her kit, Anivia relies purely on her ability to crowd control her opponents to survive.

Anivia can slow her enemies, stun them, and even lock them away by building terrain as she pleases. To top it all off, she even has a passive that allows her to return to life in case she dies while escaping.

3. Aphelios – 325

Aphelios has never been a stranger when it comes to vulnerability. Since his release, Aphelios has been a hyper carry with a lot of damage potential, and multiple tools at his disposal. Yet he always relied on his teammates to be able to perform his job properly.

With a base movement speed of 325, Aphelios also sees himself in the same category as Ashe and Anivia. However, unlike Ashe and Anivia, Aphelios does not have a consistent source of crowd control. While Gravitum can end up saving your life at times, it is not really known to be a reliable peeling tool.

Aphelios’ strength comes from his ability to be a walking killing machine once he gets his hands on his core items. He still requires his teammates to be able to survive and usually opts into Galeforce for added security.

2. Tristana – 325

Tristana is the last champion on our list with a base movement speed of 325. Tristana’s strength lies in her passive. She gains attack range as she levels up, as well as the increased cast range on Explosive Charge (E). 

Tristana’s survivability depends on her W, Rocket Jump. While she can jump in with her rocket jump, she can also blow up her Explosive Charge using her auto attacks to refresh the cooldown of her rocket jump, allowing her to jump back to safety after dealing a burst of damage.

Tristana’s slow movement speed is already a detriment, yet when she’s slowed further, she starts to drag her cannon alongside her. This animation is very popular for its comedic effect and is one of the unique slowed animations in the game.

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1. Urgot (During Purge) – 213

Urgot has been known as the walking turret by those who face him. While Urgot does not have the lowest base movement speed in the game, he does have an ability that reduces his movement speed below that bar.

Urgot walks around with a base movement speed of 330, barely above the likes of Ashe, Tristana, Anivia, and Aphelios. Upon activating his W, Purge, Urgot’s movement speed is reduced by a flat amount of 125 as long as he is attacking someone with his W. This brings his movement speed from 330 down to 213, the lowest among the seven entries.

Note: The movement speed goes down to 213 instead of 205 because any raw movement speed below 220 is changed to RawMS × 0.5 + 110.

Honorable Mentions

The two champions mentioned in this section aren’t exactly known to have low movement speed. Instead, these champions have abilities in their kit that slow them down by a certain percentage.

1. Rammus

Rammus is a menace in low elo, where he sprints at everyone with his Turbo Chemtank item and Powerball ability. He is extremely tanky and refuses to die or give up. Yet in his very kit is something that makes him feel like a real-life tortoise.

Rammus’ W, called Defensive Ball Curl, provides him with a lot of Armor and Magic Resist. The tradeoff is that his movement speed is slowed by 30%, dropping him from 335 to 235. This makes Rammus unable to chase any target or run away from there. So this ability should only be used when you plan to stand your ground and fight.

2. Blitzcrank

Every bot lane player has nightmares about a Blitzcrank running at you and threatening you with a quick hook. Blitzcrank’s W, called Overdrive, gives him a burst of movement speed that decays over 2.5 seconds. This allows him to run at you and close the distance just enough to land a hook, making his threat range a lot longer than other hook supports.

However, once this movement speed decays and eventually runs out, Blitzcrank is slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds. This drops his already measly movement speed from 325 to 237. This serves as a punishment in case he uses it aggressively and fails to hook.


As the game evolves, the players learn to move more efficiently and use their movement speed to their advantage. Yet there are still champions in the game that prove that dashes and blinks aren’t all there is to it. These champions efficiently provide value without any mobility and with very low movement speed.

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