Top 7 Best Junglers in Bronze in League of Legends

Season 12 just started, and games are being played left and right. With the implementation of the new items, we can indeed see new styles of clear paths and item builds. A new season means there will be a massive change in the meta, and we can make sure that champion tier lists will be updated as well. Here are the current top 7 of the best junglers you can play in bronze in Season 12. 

7. Rek’Sai

Taking the number one spot is Rek’Sai. We haven’t seen any Rek’Sai montage for years or even encountered one in our games. Thanks to the newest meta and pick trends, season 12 indeed is the comeback season for Rek’Sai. Extended fights are the name of the game in season 12, mainly because of the newest item that mages can build, the Crown of the Shattered Queen. 

Rek’Sai’s ability to hold his own on extended fights is beneficial in this meta, and another reason he is at the number one spot is that he can be blindly picked (being the first pick in draft matches) are little too no counter to him. His build can be adapted based on his enemy’s team composition, but his most popular item is the Prowler’s Claw, making him perform passive faster than using his spells to knock enemies airborne. 

6. Nunu & Willump

Second on our list is Nunu & Willump, or Nunu for short. Tanky junglers are making their way back to the meta once again, and he is one of the best champions to pick in the Bronze rank because he has a relatively simple playstyle. You fire up your snowball, stun an enemy with it, bombard them with your E, and once they are rooted, you can cast your ultimate. 

Nunu has powerful sustainability from his Q, which lets him heal every time he uses it on enemies. When used, Nunu’s first skill also has a very great true damage, something you can cast on top of a smite, making him a powerful champion to secure objectives during smite battles. Thanks to his snowball, his map influence is also an excellent way for Bronze players to learn about map rotation and jungle pathing

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5. Master Yi

Master Yi is a monster pick, especially in the Bronze rank, where players don’t care about chaining crowd controls and picking champions that counter Master Yi. It’s straightforward to carry a game in the Bronze league when you know how to use Master Yi. He scales pretty hard, mainly when he focuses on farming instead of ganking lanes. Once Master Yi builds his items, be it Critical strike item build path or Lethality build path, he can slice through enemies like butter with a hot knife. 

He has an impressive clear speed thanks to his first skill, which reduces its cooldown every time he hits an enemy with his basic attack. He also has the W that he can use to heal up when he is about to die to a dragon. Master Yi is OP and one of the easiest champions you can play, and he also costs only 450 blue essences. You can read all that I just said, or you can go ahead and search for Cowsep on youtube and see what I’m talking about.

4. Shaco

Shaco has many different playstyles, but his strongest one is the easiest one to do. Lethality or Assassin Shaco is one of the strongest junglers, especially in the Bronze league of season 12. He reaches his power spike as soon as he builds Duskblade, and Bronze league, being a low elo, players won’t be picking tanky champions or build items that help them survive a burst. 

Thanks to his Jack in the Box, he has a fantastic jungle clear speed that terrifies jungle monsters and deals with AOE damage. Shaco’s Q is his bread and butter. When you play him as an assassin, you can build an oracle lens and use it every time you gank an overextended lane and unsuspecting one-shot players. He can also take on the dragon by himself because of his ultimate that creates a copy of himself that can also deal significant damage. 

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3. Poppy

Poppy’s kit is pretty simple, bash enemies against the wall and bop them with your hammer when they’re stunned, rinse and repeat. The Bronze rank brings out the best in straightforward champions because players don’t care about counter picks and item counters. Poppy is also a tanky champion, and she also has a shield coming from her passive that lets her survive in the jungle for long periods of time.

Being present at all lanes is one of the most important jobs of a jungler, and Poppy can easily do this thanks to her W, which gives her movement speed. Items like Deadman’s plate also give Poppy better roaming capabilities. Her simple playstyle also means you can easily win and climb the ladder with her. She also has a very low pick rate in any league, meaning enemies won’t expect a poppy jungle, and people won’t know how to react to it. 

2. Rammus

Spin! Spin! Spin! Rammus spins his way to the season 12 jungle meta because of what I mentioned above, extended fights. Rammus is THE best tank champion you can pick in low elo, especially when players pick an all AD team comp. He is the direct counter to champions like Jinx or Vayne. He is also a champion that smurf players hate because his kit has no workaround. 

He is a pretty simple jungle champion, but he has a slow, clear speed, which means his best qualities lie in ganking lanes and helping your teammates achieve kills. When you pick Rammus, you will need to be a team player instead of being a lone wolf and carrying the game by your lonesome. Building items like Deadman’s plate or Turbo Chemtank is one way to play him. These items let you focus on ganking lanes and roaming the jungle to help your team. Enemies in the Bronze league won’t know how to counter Rammus as QSS is not a general good item suggested in the shop. 

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1. Zac

Let’s Bounce! Is Zac’s catchphrase, which you will do when you play him as a jungler. Zac has one of the fastest clear speeds in the game thanks to his ability to jump on long distances and his W that lets him deal AOE damage with a very low cooldown. His ganks are even easier to perform because enemies won’t expect your gank, especially when you have dewarding items. He also excels at extended fights thanks to his passive that lets him heal up every time he picks up his blobs. 

When playing Zac, you will be a durable tank that stands in the middle of team fights, tanking every shot that the enemy throws. You will be the one to start fights, and it’s okay to go in on an entire enemy team because you have your passive that lets you live a second time after you die. Items that let you deal with AOE damage are also great on Zac, so Sunfire Aegis is an excellent buy. 

And that’s our top 7 for the best junglers you can play in the Bronze league during season 12. I hope you’ve learned a thing or two, and feel free to try these champions on your next game. For more tricks and guides on champions, you can try reading our other articles that give you advice on becoming a better league player. Climb the rank ladder with our guides and be sure to keep on practicing; after all, it doesn’t matter how many guides you read if you don’t practice what you pick up. 

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