RTX 3090TI Hashrate and Mining Profitability

NVIDIA Ampere architecture, on which this model of the gaming video card is based, allows it to significantly outperform the previous generation. She is the most powerful. All thanks to the following benefits:

  • GPU chip – GA102-350. It has 10752 Cuda cores instead of the regular RTX 3090‘s 10496 Cuda cores.
  • Performance. The GeForce 3090 has a fairly high hashrate. Turing loses out to RTX in real-time ray tracing operations, as well as in AI gaming.
  • Improved tensor cores. This is the third generation, it is twice as powerful as the previous one. They are capable of accelerating and optimizing AI-based technology with a processing power of 238 Tensor-TFLOPS.
RTX 3090TI

RTX 3090TI Hashrate

Coin Hashrate Power
Power 24h
Efficiency Revenue
Profit 24h
ROI Profit
ETH+TON 128.12 Mh/s
3.72 Gh/s
11.4 kwh
0.271 Mh/w
0.008 Gh/w
466 days
634 days
ETH+ALPH 123.49 Mh/s
1.48 Gh/s
10.7 kwh
0.278 Mh/w
0.003 Gh/w
529 days
737 days
ETH 132.09 Mh/s 338w
8.1 kwh
0.391 Mh/w $3.36
594 days
783 days
RVN 66.21 Mh/s 446w
10.7 kwh
0.148 Mh/w $2.21
904 days
1,750 days
ERG 274.14 Mh/s 264w
6.3 kwh
1.038 Mh/w $2.09
956 days
1,368 days
ETC 128.60 Mh/s 328w
7.9 kwh
0.392 Mh/w $1.87
1,068 days
1,848 days
  • Speed. If we compare the speed with the previous model, then we can conclude that the new streaming multiprocessors have increased the speed of FP32 operations and now their processing power is 30 Shader-TFLOPS.
  • GDDR6X memory. NVIDIA, together with Micron, created such a memory, the data transfer rate of which reaches up to 1 TB / s.
  • Second generation RT cores are twice as powerful as before. In doing so, they provide the ability to trace rays and computed shading. The performance is 58 RT-TFLOPS.
  • NVIDIA RTX IO: GPU-assisted fast decompression and loading of game resources. These can be crypto games with which you can provide yourself with a reliable financial airbag. (You can learn more about the news from the world of cryptocurrency using ICOholder.) That is, the acceleration of withdrawal and deposit operations has accelerated up to 100 times. This is in comparison to the hard drive API and traditional storage. The frame rate guarantees fast loading.
  • Next-generation process technology: Samsung’s new customized 8N NVIDIA process technology delivers higher transistor density and better power efficiency.
  • The Dual Axial Fan Cooling System delivers twice the cooling efficiency in a one-piece design.
  • The mechanical-electrical design has now been improved. A 12-pin power connector and a new low-profile hold down spring make the design even more powerful. Thanks to this innovation, more cooling elements and components can be accommodated. There is an upgraded power connector as well as an 8-pin connector in existing power supplies that work well together. The adapter will already be included in the package.
  • The novelties also include an increase in the bandwidth of HDMI 2.1. Now you can connect one cable to 8K HDR TVs.
  • New codec. The first discrete GPUs to support AV1, which allows gamers to watch online video in 8K HDR quality with up to 50% less bandwidth.
  • The testers say: “The RTX 3090 is a great tool for the pros as it delivers incredible performance.

So where there are pros, there are cons. Let’s talk about them.

  • The first thing that catches your eye – the price has become higher. This can significantly affect how much you will pay for your investment in this farm.
  • Secondly, more electricity is consumed. Which of course will hit your wallet. Compared to the previous model, you have to pay for 350 watts instead of 320.
  • Third – with this video card, you can notice a tendency to overheat when mining. Despite the unlimited possibility of mining, in this case, there is such a negative point.
  • There is insufficient software optimization – this is the fourth minus.


As for this moment, it is worth saying that it is not yet possible to determine the payback of this model. Why: because the price in this case depends on the issued mega hashes, that is, it turns out that video cards are sold not at recommended prices, but at a price relative to its mining performance. The payback period may depend on the price of the video card itself, as well as on its performance. The amount of energy consumed is also important.


Of course, you choose. Consider the above features of the model when making a further choice. I wish you success!


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