Pantera Capital CEO Roots for Crypto As Potential Singular Haven in Economy

Recently, Pantera Capital CEO Tom Lee argued that cryptocurrency is the “singular economy” that will eventually replace traditional finance. His analysis includes a discussion of Notional Finance, Genopets, and Alchemy. In addition, he offers several examples of applications where cryptocurrencies have great potential. Here we will give you all explanations about this.

Mina Protocol uses blockchain technology to create a decentralised environment, a privacy-focused Layer 1 blockchain that uses zero-knowledge proofs for decentralised applications. The technology allows regular Javascript developers to work with the zk-proofs. It plans to use the new funding to give out developer grants to its developers. In September, Pantera was a longtime investor in Mina and participated in its Series A funding round.

Morehead, who began his career trading bonds at Goldman Sachs, went on to work for hedge fund legend Julian Robertson and later founded Pantera Capital. Cryptocurrency is expected to be a haven during economic crises, Morehead said in an interview with the virtual asset social networking site Bankless. He cited rising inflation as a major theme of the next two decades, which will impact central banks and cryptocurrency prices.

Pantera Capital CEO

The Pantera Capital CEO has seen the opportunity to disrupt traditional banking in a big way. While traditional banking is still in the early stages, the crypto industry is poised for a revolution. In an interview at a recent conference, Morehead argued that it is the perfect vehicle to build institutional-grade services. He also emphasised the importance of regulation. For example, Morehead and Briger discussed how cryptocurrencies could be used as a settlement medium for unsecured debt.

In his latest interview, Pantera Capital CEO Joey Krug explains the company’s investment strategy and the potential of crypto as a “singular haven” for the economy. Blockchain is a “singular currency” that has the potential to disrupt the financial system. Scams have plagued Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but Pantera’s CEO says blockchain technology will solve this problem.

Bitcoin, like other cryptos, has an extreme tendency to correlate with macroeconomic trends. However, this correlation ends after 70 days or about two months. Once it has broken, analysts predict that crypto will decouple from traditional markets within the next few weeks. While the crypto market remains highly volatile, it is still a good investment opportunity. If you are a long-term investor, now is the time to buy cryptocurrencies.

The company’s investment strategy focuses on the emerging consumer market, the intersection of DeFi with traditional finance, and the institutionalisation of DeFi. Its investments range from $1 million to $40 million, with the fund taking between 10 and 20% of a company. Pantera invests in early-stage tokens between $1 million and $15 million, similar to venture equity deals.

After spending four years at Coinbase, Pantera is finally starting to see the value of crypto. The new round of funding has already resulted in a $3.7 million exit for the company, backed by many of the same investors. Pantera also invested in Arbitrum, a consumer-facing cryptocurrency. And it doesn’t stop there. Pantera recently led a $17 million seed round in the company to advance the technology.

Previously, the company raised $10.5 million in funding from investors. This latest round will help the company continue to build its ecosystem and attract investors. Pantera’s investments in Livepeer and Coinbase are both a good match for the company. The company has already gained the trust of institutional clients thanks to its decentralised video streaming platform. Its recent acquisition of MistServer has resulted in tens of millions of minutes of video streaming.

Final Words

In addition to Bitso, Pantera has also invested in Perion, a top gaming guild led by a former World Number one in Axie Infinity.  The company has a venture arm that supports early-stage blockchain-based games. Last month, Pantera invested in a $8.6 million Series A round with Alameda, Framework, Jump, and The Spartan Group. You can do crypto trading by using, it is much safer for you. Another recent deal in which Pantera participated in the $182.5 million Series B round with Dragonfly Capital.

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