Farming Guide: HUGE Returns on (Aurora, NEAR Protocol)

On this video you’ll learn how to send any assets from Ethereum and NEAR Protocol into Aurora using the Rainbow Bridge and how to farm on

What is Trisolaris?
Trisolaris is the latest AMM on Aurora. Farming just launched a few hours ago so you can get whopping 300% returns!

What is Aurora?
Aurora is an EVM compatible blockchain built on top of NEAR Protocol. Fast, cheap, and scalable Aurora is the best scaling solution for Ethereum. It’s Defi ecosystem is just getting started to one to keep an eye on.

– (Blog) NEAR launches Nightshade Sharding
– Aurora Details to add to Metamask:
* Network Name: Aurora Mainnet
* Network URL: https://mainnet.aurora.deb
* Chain ID: 1313161554
Currency Symbol: ETH


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