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Dobre Brothers Net Worth 2022: Income, Cars, Girlfriend, Facts

Dobre Brothers Net Worth 2022: Income, Cars, Girlfriend, Facts

The Dobre Brothers, Cyrus, Darius, Lucas and Marcus, were born as twins to Aurelia Dobre and Boza Movida. His mother, Aurelia Dobre, was a retired Olympic gymnast and choreographer. Her father, Boz Mofid, owns Maryland’s Gymnastics Academy, the Academy of Good Gymnastics. They also have a sister.

All four worked hard; his Youtube channel is one of the fastest-growing. Its main goal is to do gymnastics, music and vlogging.

Dobre Brothers’ net worth is estimated at $20 million. The Dobre Brothers are Cyrus, Darius, Lucas and Marcus. However, the younger brothers Lucas and Marcus were the ones who started their YouTube careers at a very young age. All four have two YouTube channels; Good and Good Cars Brothers.

How Much Money Do The Dobre Brothers Earn On Youtube?

Dobre Brothers is a YouTube channel with four American brothers: Cyrus, Darius, Lucas and Marcus. They are estimated to have a total net worth of $26 million. Their content mainly consists of simple vlogs, jokes, music, gymnastics, dance, and other entertainment content.

Every Friday and Saturday, they upload new videos. Lucas and Marcus run their channel separate from the rest of the brothers, and both channels complement each other. The channel’s plans include releasing more music videos and possibly signing a deal with a record company.

Dobre Brothers channel has over 11.5 million subscribers as of 2022 and has amassed over 2.8 billion views. It can obtain an average of 800,000 views per day from different sources. This should generate an estimated revenue of around $6,500 per day ($2.3 million per year) from the ads that appear in the videos.

YouTubers are paid between $2 and $7 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. Monetized views range from 40% to 60% of total views.

All of these are influenced by various factors, such as the device it is played on, the location of the viewer, the ad inventory, how many ads are in a video, how many people skip the ads, the type of ad, the interaction with the ad, the type of content, etc. the cost of viewing an ad is based on an auction between advertisers based on views. Advertisers have to bid a minimum of $0.01 per view.

There is also a program known as Google Preferred, where wealthy companies can target ads on the 5% most popular content. Ad fees here are higher than usual.

In addition to advertising, YouTubers also generate more from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to watch YouTube premium content and ad-free videos. Here they get paid based on how long they watch their videos. The longer viewers watch your videos, the more they earn.

Lucas and Marcus make most of their income from their independent channel with over 5 billion views. The team also makes more money through lucrative brand deals. Cyrus also has her independent channel.

Career Of Dobre Brothers

Lucas and Marcus jumped into youtube fashion in 2015 by creating their own YouTube channel. We believe they have the best job globally and provide us with the highest quality content; their videos are a great source of entertainment for people. Their main focus was making comedy movies, jokes, acrobatics, vlogs and challenges with family and friends. One of their videos had millions of views.

Before their YouTube career, they started their early career with the Vine app, a now-defunct video app. They called their channel “TwinBotz”. The estimated position of their followers on the Vine app was 2 million.

The Dobre Brothers covered a wide range of content. They used to film while shopping; they danced to viral hits, made responsive movies, jokes, music videos, etc. In short, they have won millions of fans thanks to their extensive social media network. One of their films, “Gymnastics at the Grocery Store!” reached millions of views.

Soon Lucas and Marcus became members of this original Team 10 collaboration house in Los Angeles, as they collaborated with Vine star Jake Paul. Eventually, there was a rapid increase in the number of their followers.

Furthermore, the videos in their TikTok account were seen on the #foryoupage page; some of them were also viral. In short, the Dobre Brothers entered real fame.

The Dobre brother’s “You Know You Lit” music video is one of the most-watched music videos and “Bumpin”. In 2018, all four Dobre Brothers signed a contract with Creative Artists Agency, the leading agency in Hollywood.

Earnings from other sources

Unlike many YouTubers, the Dobre brothers earn their money from various sources. Merchandising, tours, concerts and most importantly, meet and Greet some of them. A Meet and Greet program ticket costs around $ 600, which is quite a lot. So yes, the Dobre brothers are generously rewarded for their performances at various events.

They also have their website where they sell their products, the prices of which are listed below:

  • Unisex round neck sweatshirt with Athletic logo $ 40.00
  • Unisex spiral long sleeve tie dye 35.00
  • Unisex sports joggers with logo 45.00
  • Double embroidered cap $ 20.00
  • Illuminated enamel pin 7.00 PLN

They sell their products on their official website and Amazon. A wide variety of products are available, including backpacks, t-shirts and more.

Their musical performances should come as no surprise to anyone who watches Dobre Brothers on YouTube that they are incredibly talented singers and dancers.

They certainly put their skills to good use by travelling the world and organizing events. Their tickets are not cheap, so they win a hefty sum of money, which undoubtedly increases their happiness.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Dobre Twins

The Dobre Twins have been breaking Tik Tok and YouTube for years. What makes them so accessible? How do they stay up? We have so many questions about these resourceful brothers, but one thing is sure. 

We love watching their antics, and so do millions of children and their parents across the United States. Modern children’s programming is very different from what it has been in previous generations. 

These optimistic and dynamic brothers align with what children want and need to see. They use their talents for good, which is unique given the plethora of potential sex icons you can find across all facets of social media. We decided to delve into the Dobre world and came up with ten things you didn’t know about the Dobre twins.

1. Not Alone

The Dobre Twins are not the only siblings in their family. They are two out of every four young men in Dobre. The Lucas Brothers, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius, have more than twenty million followers.

The kids tune in weekly to see what the flipping brothers are up to, antics and singing. Keeping up with this fantastic family is one of the delightful and decidedly PG things a kid can do online. 

Although the cufflinks are the most popular, all Dobres have managed to attract and stay relevant to their target audience.

2. Stay Positive

In a world of jokes, cyberbullies and people yelling about how dumb they think things are, the Dobres are a force for good. Keeping your message youth-friendly and uplifting is part of what sets the Dobres apart from the rest and keeps your audience engaged. 

Sure, they may pull a few pranks and their stunts and other videos, but they are benign and work very hard to keep their content available to all audiences.

3. Supercars

One of the exciting things that audiences tune in to week after week is the Twins driving supercars. Dobre cars have their own YouTube channel, with around three hundred thousand viewers. 

Seeing them succeed in life and drive these unique machines is its source of inspiration. The twins and their brothers sport fantastic shoes to go with their cars, showing America’s youth that you don’t have to be silly or cater to the crudest crowd to make a place for yourself in life.

Cars List Of Dobre Brothers:

Lucas and Marcus Tahoe e71 Chevy $49,775
Cyrus Dobre BMW x6m $106,695
Darius Dobre BWM x5m $105,100
Lucas and Marcus 4×4 truck $25,000
Marcus Dobre 2019 Porsche GT2 RS $293,200
Cyrus Dobre McLaren 720 S 2018 $287,245
Darius Dobre Lamborghini’s Aventador SVJ 2019 $573,966
Lucas and Marcus GTR Nismo $212,435
Cyrus Dobre Viper 2016 ACR $122,490
Lucas Dobre Ferrari 480 Pista $350,000
Lucas and Marcus Mansory Stallone 812 $315,000

4. It All Started With The Vine

Like many thriving young social media stars, the Dobre Twins got their start on the now-defunct Vine platform. Lucas and Marcus didn’t even speak in their first videos instead of letting their stunt work do the talking. 

His quick videos, only a few seconds long, gained popularity due to their changes and tricks at first before they branched out into dance moves and other entertainment. I came; it was the original social media platform dedicated to concise videos, if you don’t remember. 

Just a few seconds long, the videos on Vine featured just a gimmick, song, or another piece of rapid-fire content, playing up short attention spans and the instant-gratification mentality that’s so pervasive today.

5. Famous Family

The Twins and their brothers may be the show’s stars now, but these guys also come from famous roots. His mother, Aurelia, was a medal-winning Olympic gymnast from Romania. That certainly explains why the guys are so physically inclined. 

Meanwhile, Boz Mofid’s father was a gymnastics coach from Iran. The parents of the twins have had a significant impact on their lives and have helped them gain an edge in the world. However, we doubt they could have predicted that their talented young sons would ever cause quite a stir by doing a few laps on camera.

6. Singing Sensations

The twins have more than one talent. Even the most exciting gymnast in the world becomes a bit predictable and stale after doing somersaults for several years. 

We do not want to denigrate the level of talent and physical power a gymnast has to train and maintain. However, in today’s culture, people demand more than one speciality from their influencers to stay on top of the social media game. 

For the twins, part of staying on top has included their rapping. Her video, You Know You Lit, has over a hundred million views alone.

7. Show Some Fan Love

If you’re a big fan of the Dobre Twins, you probably already know that they sell merchandise.

For those fans looking to stay on trend and show a little support for their favourite social media stars, buying a hoodie or some other brand of your favourite stars is a great way to let the world know you love social media stars over Twins. Also, it helps them keep producing great videos for Tik Tok and YouTube.

8. Youth And Vigor 

Born in Maryland on January 28, 1999, the Dobre twins are only twenty years old. Being a child or teen star has undoubtedly changed over the years, but one thing remains constant. People love to see talented young people do what they do best.

For the Dobres, that’s enough to make for an incredible run, at least for now. What will the future hold for these influencers? We don’t know, but I hope they keep making videos for years.

9. Net Worth

How much do the twins earn for uploading a video every day of the week? His current net worth is around $9 million and growing. According to Yahoo Finance, “Lucas and Marcus’s channel earns between $33,200 and $531,800 per month.”

10. Keeping It Close

You may have noticed that the Dobre twins don’t share too much personal information. It’s not that they don’t have lives outside of their social media hours, but becoming stars; this young also means having a ton of people who would love to take advantage of their situation for money or fame, at the very least. 

As a result, the twins have learned to touch things near the vest and keep their public faces when they’re not home.

Conclusion: Dobre Brothers Net Worth

The Dobre Brothers have been successful thanks to its presence on social media and grapevines. The net worth of Good Brother has increased by over 300% in recent years.

Good Brothers make money on YouTube, Instagram and many other channels. Dobre Brothers’ net worth is projected to reach $20 million in less than a year and will likely double in the next three years.

Lucas and Marcus have built a strong brand for their channels and have proven themselves as independent content creators.

Lucas Dobre’s fortune is $8 million, and his annual income is more than $3 million. Lucas Dobre also has a business income of $430,000.

And Marcus Dobre’s net worth is $6 million, and his annual income is more than $2 million. Marcus Dobre also has some business income of PLN 550,000 Dollars. Marcus Dobre also makes money from brand endorsements and sponsorship deals worth $1 million.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dobre Brothers Net Worth

Where do the Dobre brothers live?

Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S. Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid (born January 28, 1999), collectively known as the Dobre Twins, are an American dancing duo and YouTube personalities who rose to prominence on the now-defunct video application Vine.

What are Dobre brothers famous for?

The Dobre Brothers are four young YouTube stars whose names are Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus, and Darius. They are known for their love of supercars, skits, dancing, and other fun activities. The talented boys have turned deep love for social media into millions of dollars.

Where is the Dobre House located?

(OTCMKTS: CMGR) has officially signed the Dobre Brothers, a family of content creators with a global social media following. The collaboration will officially launch with the brothers moving into their own 10,000 square-foot Beverly Hills mansion, a Clubhouse Media Group content house, “The Dobre House”.

Is Cyrus Dobre still married?

Cyrus Dobre and his wife Christina Kalamvokis-Dobre have decided to end their two-year marriage. The social media stars released a new video on their joint channel Cyrus and Christina revealing to fans that they broke up. The couple initially started dating in 2017 and got married in 2018.

Did the Dobre brothers go to college?

All four brothers graduated from South Hagerstown High School with honors. While Lucas and Marcus were gaining popularity online, Cyrus went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Iowa in 2015 and a master’s in strategic communication in 2016.

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Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022? – Complete Guide

Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022? – Complete Guide

Costco has over 500 stores in the United States, which offer a wide variety of goods and services at competitive prices.

But can you buy Plan B at Costco pharmacies? I did my research, and this is what I found out.

Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022?

Costco has been selling Plan B to members and non-members since 2022. As of 2013, customers can purchase Plan B Emergency Contraception from Costco’s Specialty, Mail-Order and Central Pharmacies without a prescription or ID. Typically, the cost of Plan B with Costco is $7.99- $40.

So how much is Plan B at Costco, and can anyone buy it? Here’s all the information you need to buy Plan B at Costco!

How Much Does Plan B Cost At Costco?

Based on our research, we found that the price of Plan B in Costco’s warehouses varied from store to store.

Typically, however, the price is between $7.99 to $40 and may vary depending on your state.

However, as a rule of thumb, Plan B will cost anywhere from $30-$65. One-step emergency contraception, the brand that Costco has on offer, is usually priced at around $48.

Do I Have To Be A Member To Buy Plan B From Costco?

You don’t have to be a Costco member to buy Plan B at most Costco pharmacies. Most Costco pharmacies are open to all members of the public where required by state law.

However, there are benefits to being a Costco member if you want to purchase Plan B or other medications. If you show your Costco membership card at a participating pharmacy, you will receive a discount on prescription drugs!

But since you don’t need a prescription to buy Plan B at Costco pharmacies, chances are this offer won’t apply.

Is The Pharmacy At Costco A Good Deal?

Does Costco Pharmacy Benefit Customers When Buying Drugs Here? The answer is definitely yes because many people are satisfied with what the network brings to customers, whether they have a membership card.

You can quickly come here to buy other medications, and the Costco Plan B price is considered the best in the US. The Consumer Reports study has shown that you can completely trust this information.

Plus, medications can be purchased from, which is cheaper than Costco. But you won’t find drugstores with prices that are right for everyone. While there is a slight difference in price between the Costco stores, it’s not that significant.

You can contact your local Costco Pharmacy for more information on pricing for plan b or other medications. It brings you many benefits.

How Does Plan B Work?

Plan B works similar to the contraceptive pill. It will prevent ovulation when an egg is released into the fallopian tubes from the ovary.

This prevents fertilization because there is no egg there; the sperm has nothing to fertilize.

In addition, it changes the lining of the uterus so that the fertilized egg cannot implant itself in the uterine wall. If you’re already pregnant while taking Plan B, it won’t work to prevent pregnancy.

It may not work as well if you are breastfeeding or if your period has already started. Therefore, it is always best to use condoms every time you have sex to protect against unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Does Plan B Affect Your Body?

Plan B can be used up to five days after unprotected intercourse, but it will not stop the egg from being fertilized. It is based on hormones and can delay ovulation.

It can affect your body in many ways; for example, you may feel nauseous, tired, have severe headaches, and have sore breasts.

These symptoms usually disappear after a few hours or days. If you vomit within two hours of taking Plan B, see your doctor.

You shouldn’t take Plan B if:

  • Have a known or suspected pregnancy.
  • Are allergic to levonorgestrel, synthetic progesterone, or any ingredients in Plan B.

Is Plan B cheaper in Costco?

Unfortunately, Costco does not provide discounts on their plan b drugs. However, there are some of the pharmacy’s programs that qualify for the discounts. Additionally, there are different Costco pharmacy programs and special deals that are only eligible for those with Costco membership.

Conclusion: Does Costco Sell Plan B

Whether you are a Costco member or not, you will be able to purchase Plan B at most Costco pharmacies! You don’t need a prescription or ID to buy Plan B at Costco.

While it’s unclear how much it costs to purchase single-step emergency contraception – the Plan B brand that Costco has on offer – we know it will be cheaper at Costco than at most other pharmacies. Unfortunately, you cannot get a discounted price for a Costco member on Plan B as it is not a prescription drug.

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Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022? – Full Guide

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022? – Full Guide

Modern shipping companies offer a wide variety of amenities. However, weekend deliveries have been a relatively new development, especially Sundays.

So, UPS delivers on Sunday and Saturday, and if so, what do you need to know about this new service? Read on to see what I discovered if you want to find out!

Does UPS Deliver on Sundays In 2022?

UPS offers limited Sunday deliveries in 2022. Sunday deliveries are only available in some metropolitan regions for residential packages.

While UPS delivers seven days a week to most locations, there are still days when employees aren’t working, like holidays. Costs for Sunday deliveries vary, and Sunday is included with services like UPS SurePost.

If you’re interested in learning more about how UPS Sunday delivery works and how you can use it for your next package, keep reading for more facts and helpful tips!

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022? - Full Guide
Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022?

Does UPS Deliver On Saturday?

You might be wondering, “does UPS work on Saturdays?” UPS offers Saturday package delivery to more than 100 major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Saturday delivery is included at no additional charge with UPS Ground for packages with transit times of 1 to 3 days destined for one of the enclosed metro areas. UPS will also deliver your selected 3-day packages on Saturday at no additional charge.

Weekend services, including Saturday delivery, are relatively new to UPS services. Until relatively recently, UPS only delivered Monday through Friday.

However, in January 2020, UPS even started delivering on Sundays to keep up with the growing demand for shipping services that could provide time-sensitive packages faster. UPS Saturday delivery has rapidly grown in popularity because it is provided at no additional cost and because UPS provides detailed tracking information for your shipments.

Does UPS Deliver Seven Days a Week?

UPS has started delivering on Sundays, but the company does not offer a service seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Sunday deliveries are still limited and only apply to domestic shipments and APO/FPO addresses. Additionally, Sunday deliveries are still limited to more densely populated metropolitan areas.

There are also certain holidays that UPS recognizes and does not ask employees to work on, so there are certain days of the year when packages are not delivered. Some holidays that UPS observes and on which it does not make deliveries or pickups of packages are the following:

  • Easter (the first Sunday in April after the first full moon)
  • Mother’s Day (the second Sunday in May)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Juneteenth (June 19th)
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor Day (the first Monday of September)
  • Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday of November)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)
  • Christmas Break (December 26th)
  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  • New Year’s Day Break (January 2nd)

If you want to see more information about the holidays that UPS recognizes and whether delivery/pickup service is available or not, or if UPS stores will be open, you can visit the holiday schedule page on the UPS website.

It is important to note that UPS offers a service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year: UPS Express Critical. UPS Express Critical is exempt from holidays and is the most urgent service UPS offers, typically delivering around 24 hours, sometimes less.

If you’re interested in using UPS Express Critical for your next urgent shipment, you can visit the company’s website here or call customer service at 1-800-714-8779.

Does UPS Deliver on Sundays During the Holiday Season?

Holidays are the busiest time for most shipping companies, and UPS is no exception. However, UPS does not extend its delivery window for all packages until Sunday. Instead, only packages with the Sunday delivery feature will be developed.

While you can pay for Sunday deliveries to be attached to your package, this service is only available to those who order and pay for it in advance.

If you’re shipping something urgent during the holiday season, adding the Sunday delivery feature to your package is a great idea. However, don’t expect UPS to add this feature if you don’t request and pay for it.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022? - Full Guide
Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022?

What time does UPS deliver on Sunday?

Suppose the order is placed after 10:30 am m. ET will be delivered on Sunday before 10:30 am m. ET According to UPS,

“If the order is placed before 10:30 am m. on Saturday, Eastern Standard Time (EST), the order will be delivered on Sunday before 10:30 am. m. ITS T. If the order is placed before 10:30 am m. on Sunday, Eastern Standard Time (EST), the order will be delivered on Monday before 10:30 am. IT’S T”.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday for Amazon?

Amazon is the only shipping company that delivers seven days a week at no additional charge, offering great competition to companies like UPS.

However, UPS has struck a deal with Amazon to help with last-mile delivery (which is the most expensive and tedious part of package delivery) in exchange for some of Amazon’s profits.

Because of this agreement, UPS delivers Amazon packages on Sunday but in limited quantities. Typically, if something you order on Amazon will use UPS delivery, you’ll be charged for shipping, which is how UPS gets some of Amazon’s profits.

Because Amazon has deliveries seven days a week, UPS sticks to its delivery schedule.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022?

Can Commercial Customers Get Weekend Deliveries?

It used to be that weekend delivery was only available to residential customers through UPS. But in the last year or so, UPS has decided to open up this type of delivery option to customers with business addresses.

This has opened up many opportunities for retail operations, food service organizations, and service-based industries that were hoping to take advantage of weekend package delivery to use UPS instead of just USPS or FedEx.

The standard feeds we highlighted above for weekend delivery via UPS will be the same on residential and business packages (at least now).

Business customers who ship packages for weekend delivery in large volumes may take advantage of discounted rates. However, this will have to go through any volume agreements they have already entered into with UPS.

However, that’s something business owners will need to talk to their UPS representative about for more information.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022?

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022? - Full Guide
Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022?

How Much Does Sunday Delivery Cost UPS?

Shipping costs for a package shipped with UPS generally depend on the weight, dimensions, and distance the parcel will travel. Sunday delivery packages are no different, but some additional costs are associated with these deliveries as they require more resources.

All residential packages carry a residential fee to help cover “last-mile delivery” costs, which is the most tedious and expensive part of any package delivery service.

This residential rate applies since Sunday deliveries are only available for residential packages. However, the residential rate is doubled to cover the costs of other resources required by Sunday deliveries.

So for packages delivered on Sunday, you can expect to pay an extra $16 per package on top of your usual shipping costs. You can follow this link to the UPS website for more information on weekend delivery and pickup options, including Sunday deliveries and pickups.

There is only one service available that includes Sunday deliveries at no additional cost: UPS SurePost.

What UPS Services Deliver on the Weekend?

Now that we’ve answered the question “does UPS deliver on weekends?” it’s essential to delve into the types of services delivered on weekends from UPS.

UPS Ground and Three Day Select may offer weekend deliveries at no charge, depending on the day these packages are shipped and how quickly they moved through the UPS infrastructure.

There is no real chance of guaranteeing a Saturday delivery with UPS “standard” shipping services. But if they come out on the right day (like Wednesday, for example), the chances of making it to the weekend are pretty high.

Second Day Air can also provide UPS customers with weekend deliveries as long as they depart before the end of the Thursday business day. UPS will almost always deliver these packages on Saturday when that is the case.

UPS Next Day Air and Next Day Air Early services taken advantage of on a Friday will guarantee delivery on Saturday, typically Saturday morning.

If you choose UPS Next Day Air Early services, your package will arrive around 9 a.m. m. on Saturday, while standard Next Day Air services will generally arrive between noon and 1:30 p.m. m. of Saturday. Worldwide Express, Worldwide Express Plus, and Worldwide Express Freight options can also be delivered on weekends.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022?

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022?

Does Weekend Delivery Cost Extra?

There is no short, flat fee that customers can expect to spend when taking advantage of UPS weekend delivery options when shipping via ground service.

Instead, UPS weekend delivery rates will continually be assessed on a package-by-package basis. They will also depend entirely on the delivery service you are availing from UPS.

For example, UPS Ground deliveries will always be significantly less expensive than second-day packages that use faster transportation (usually air) on the UPS infrastructure.

You have to schedule your package correctly during the week, which means having it ready to go out on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (depending on the type of shipping service you’ve chosen from UPS).

However, when you ship via expedited air services, a flat fee of $16 is charged on each UPS package that includes Saturday delivery. That’s on top of all the standard feeds you’d expect to pay to take advantage of UPS air delivery and expedited services.

As we mentioned earlier, most UPS expedited services will include weekend deliveries as a general rule. UPS Ground can be scheduled to ensure your package arrives on the weekend.

If you need your package to arrive on Saturday, choose Second Day Air and ship your package via UPS on a Thursday. You can always take advantage of Next Day Air’s Express options and make sure your package leaves a UPS facility on a Friday (ideally before noon).

Does UPS SurePost Deliver on Sundays?

UPS SurePost is a service that UPS and USPS created for team deliveries, and the service delivers on Sundays. UPS handles logistics and long-distance travel for the package, while USPS handles last-mile delivery.

Because the USPS handles deliveries for this service, UPS does not charge extra for Sunday deliveries. If you would like to read more about the merits of UPS SurePost as described by UPS, you can refer to this document.

For more information, you can also view our posts on whether or not UPS delivers on Saturdays, UPS shipping restrictions, and how fast UPS Ground is.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday In 2022?

Conclusion – Does UPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday

UPS will deliver packages on Saturdays to many areas of the country; however, Sunday delivery is limited to Express Critical and USPS SurePost shipments.

Other carriers such as FedEx, DHL, and USPS provide additional options for weekend delivery. While most UPS stores are open on Saturdays to drop off packages, these stores are generally not open on Sundays.

With the rise of e-commerce, nearly every carrier discussed here is looking to expand their delivery options over the weekend. If your household doesn’t qualify for Saturday delivery via United Parcel Service, consider finding a UPS access point in the nearest major city so you can pick up your package on Saturday.

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