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3 Quick Ways to Unhide Columns in Excel

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Excel is largely used when you are working with a large amount of data and you need to sort through them.

Excel is for professional use and daily use as well. Students use it as well when they are working with large data. And it also offers so many functions which make working with a large amount of data pretty easy.

And you can create different columns for different ranges of data. And excel also offers the option to hide certain columns if you are not working on them.

3 Quick Ways to Unhide Columns in Excel

If you were not aware of how to hide or unhide columns in excel then in this article I will give you a complete step-by-step guide on how to hide and then unhide columns on excel sheets.


  • Step no.1: Open Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  • Step no.2: Now open the document you are working on.
  • Step no.3: Now select the columns you wish to hide.
  • Step no.4: Once you have selected the column to hide, right-click on the column.
  • Step no.5: Now tap on hiding from the menu to hide the columns you have selected.

Now that you have learned how to hide a column on excel sheets. Now let’s take a look at how to unhide the column and begin working on it again.

Excel sheets

  • Step no.1: Open Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  • Step no.2: Now open the document you are working on.
  • Step no.3: Highlight the columns on either side of the excel document.
  • Step no.4: Once highlighted, now right click on the columns.
  • Step no.5: Now choose to unhide from the drop-down menu to unhide the hidden columns.

Once you have to unhide the columns you can begin editing and working on them however you like.

Now let’s learn how to unhide all the hidden columns at once.

How to unhide all the hidden columns on excel at once?

  • Step no.1: Open Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  • Step no.2: Now open the document you are working on.
  • Step no.3: Now to unhide the hidden columns go to your Home tab.
  • Step no.4: Now on the right-hand side of the toolbar navigate the format option.
  • Step no.5: Now from there go to the visibility option and there you will find a hide or unhide option.
  • Step no.6: Now click on the hide or unhide option.
  • Step no.7: Now click on unhide option. And this will reveal all your hidden columns at once on your excel sheet.


Since excel allows you to work with a large amounts of data. And it can often get confusing with so many rows and columns. So now you hide certain columns if you are not working on them and unhide them later once you are ready to work on them again.

And in this article, I have given a complete guide on how to do that with my step-by-step guide.

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Top 7 Strongest Champions According to Lore

If we ask you to list the strongest League of Legends champions you would certainly list those with whom you can score the most kills or who have the strongest build. Well, we’ll leave this topic for another article. 

Today we will talk about the strongest champions according to the lore. In addition to the League of Legends gameplay, Riot Games was focused on creating a world of Runeterra where each champion has his place and role. 

Lore explains to us a little better each champion and his background, as well as the reasons why each champion is capable of fighting on Summoner’s Rift. So, here we will list the seven strongest League of Legends champions according to lore, and their strength is inconceivable to any human being.

League of Legends: Lore

The world of League of Legends has never been more interesting. Lately, Riot Games has been trying to expand the knowledge of its players about the world of League of Legends champions, their dramas, life stories, love plots, and tragedies. What does the ordinary life of the League of Legends champions look like?

Through comics, short films, short stories, and other media the world of Runeterra has never been closer to us.

Runeterra is the birthplace of almost all League of Legends champions, except ones who came from Void or from space, like Aurelion Sol. In Runeterra there are magical items, better known as Rune (of course, Runeterra). 

But, let’s not go into too much depth because we could write a few articles about the whole history of Runeterra, its division, and other intrigues among its citizens. As is common in history, there was a war better known as the League of Legends, and that war takes place right on Summoner’s Rift. 

A few years ago, Riot even gave an explanation in which he says that League as a game signifies gameplay and struggle, while League as a story personifies characters and their interrelationships and lives. Because of that, some champions may have different roles in the story and on the battlefield.

We will now show the seven strongest champions, according to lore, so remember that they don’t necessarily have to be strong on Summoner’s Rift as well.

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7. Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight

Zoe has the ability of immortality, and the power she has from Aspect of Twilight is in charge of that. She just looks innocent and like a playful little girl (in love with Ezreal, but we didn’t tell you that if she asks) but she’s actually over 1000 years old. Thanks to the power given to her by the Aspect of Twilight, Zoe can move through dimensions and travel through time.

Being over 1000 years old she is very experienced and has been accumulating power all these years. She has seen and participated in many historical events, such as the creation of the Ixtal and the formation of the Shadow Isles. This little child, if she wants to, can destroy everything in front of her, we better not challenge her.

6. Aurelion Sol: Star Forger

According to folklore, the world of League of Legends was created after The Big Bang. Aurelion Sol, according to that same legend, came immediately after that event and has since been the creator and destroyer of everything that exists, that is, he shapes the whole universe. 

This makes him the oldest champion in the League of Legends, and therefore one of the most powerful. He can forge the whole world by himself, so that makes him the strongest, some will say. Aspects of Mount Targon tricked him to wear a cursed item, this cursed item binds him forever to Runeterra. But we must be careful, Aurelion Sol can destroy Runeterra to the ground if something (or someone) infuriates him.

5. Bard: The Wandering Caretaker

Like Zoe, Bard can also travel through dimensions and manage time, and in Runeterra he appears when a balance needs to be established. If the League of Legends champions believed in God, the Bard would surely be the one they would trust. 

Being aware of the different dimensions, he will stick to the one to which the balance needs to be restored. In the League of Legends, he is one of the support champions, and also one of the hardest supports to play with, but in lore, he is the equivalent of a divine being led by an unknown force which makes him invincible.

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4. Ornn: The Fire Below The Mountain

Ornn, is a Frejord creature who possesses powers never seen before. He belongs to the demigods, and we can say that he is the strongest of them all. His siblings are Anivia and Volibear, but they have no chance compared to his powers. 

He is Forge god and he somehow summoned snow in Freljord. According to lore, Ornn was building a new house for himself by moving mountains, digging trenches, and pouring water into forges. 

Somewhere in the process, snowflakes began to fall, which did not stop falling for the next hundred years, so Freljord is still a snow and ice area today. If you are a fan of Greek mythology, Ornn’s lore will surely remind you of the legend of Hephaestus.

3. Kindred: The Eternal Hunters

Everything that is born and comes into this world must die and leave it once. Kindred represents death, that is, the end of the path of life. In the form of a lamb and a wolf, the Eternal Hunters, Kindred waits at the end of his life to take a person to his death. 

We have to admit, Kindred is a creepy creature and we are not comfortable knowing that he is one of the strongest champions, if we are to believe lore. In this dual depiction of death, Lamb is credited with alleviating the suffering of any individual who is afraid to die, and Wolf is there if a person wants to escape death by catching him and proving once again that no one can escape death, not even in Runeterra (except if you are Zoe, then you are stuck there for eternity).

2. Soraka: The Starchild

Good, old Soraka. Is there a champion in Runeterra with more empathy than her? We don’t think so. Soraka plays as support, offering her team large doses of heal, at times when they need it most. Soraka is always ready to sacrifice her heal and even her life if it will benefit her team. 

She belongs to the strongest race in Runeterra, the Celestials, and has the ability to heal with her powers. She descended from the Celestial Realm to repair the damage people had done to Runeterra. 

But since Soraka has a good heart, she soon realized that human beings are also capable of doing great and good deeds, so she decided to help them discover their potential. Maybe there are stronger champions than her but Soraka has the biggest heart, that’s for sure.

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1. Azir: The Emperor of The Sands

Once human and mortal, Azir was killed. That is the beginning of his story. Somehow, his hubris got him reborn as an Ascended. Like Gaius Julius Caesar, Azir was betrayed and killed, and now is the time to show his power again and punish those who have done him harm. 

Now comes the surprise: he was killed by Xerath, his best friend who betrayed him, and killed him and his family. Also, he is a very hard champion to play with, so take your time and learn his abilities because Azir in the right hands can be invincible.

Final Thoughts

What interesting stories! We have to admit, the League of Legends lore is so interesting that it really deserves special articles, there are many more stories and destinies to tell. You may be surprised that some champions are on this list but as Riot himself said, League of Legends lore and League of Legends gameplay are two categories that don’t have to be the same. 

Well, if you ask us this way is a lot more interesting. Good luck in gameplay and have fun as you explore the historical notes of your favorite champions.

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What Height Should a Gaming Desk Be?

It’s 2022. By now, we all know we are sitting wrong. We are opening jars wrong. We are pealing bananas wrong. So many daily things have a right way and a wrong way of doing them. While it is hard to optimize everything and do things the right way, the way you sit and set up your chair and desk can impact your gaming experience massively. If you find a way to sit in the proper position, your aim and reaction time can improve significantly. 

Here are a few tips on how you can do adjust the height of your gaming desk based on your needs. The average gaming desk is between 29″ and 30″ or 73 to 76 cm. It is hard to account for all shapes and sizes humans come in in that range. These standard sizes primarily work for people who are around 5’8 or 5’10” or 172 and 178cm. 

So, obviously not everybody. If you are shorter or taller, then the standard gaming desk will not be the best option for you. What can you do? There are some general rules you can follow that have to do with the height of your limbs and torso. 

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Starting Point

Let’s start with your legs. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle. This will reduce the pressure on your thighs, which is vital for blood flow. In order to maximize your experience, your feet should be planted firmly on the ground. This means that in order to determine your ideal desk height, you adjust your chair too. 

What about the position of the keyboard and arms? You want to avoid wrist pain as much as possible. We all know how red your wrists can get, even callused! The wrist callus is a mark of a frequent PC gamer, but it’s not what we are aiming for if we want to have proper posture. If you continue ignoring the wrist pain, you risk developing carpel tunnel syndrome. 

So, ideally, your elbows should be bent at a 90-degree angle, just like your legs. Your knuckles should remain at the same level as your wrists. You want to avoid bending your bands as much as possible at the wrist. 

Now that we covered where your limbs and torso should be, what’s the height of your desk? Unfortunately, unlike the degrees of your limbs, we can’t say that there is a certain height that your table should be at that just fits everyone. 

Instead, you need to adjust your chair and your desk so that you can maintain good posture and avoid bending your wrists. 

Monitor Position

One more thing to cover is the position of the monitor on your desk. Now that you know how to properly position yourself, where should your monitor be? Ideally, no more than 2 feet or 60 cm from your face.

Now that you relieved pressure from your tights and wrists, you don’t want to create another problem: the strain on your eyes or neck problems. Tech neck is a real issue, guys! If you need to be hunting and bending to see the monitor, you might have eliminated one problem and created another. 

So, another thing to take into account when you ask yourself where to position your desk is your monitor’s size and position. Consider lifting your monitor if it is too low when you place yourself at the right 90 degree angles. You can give your monitor some extra height with extra drawers that can be used to store your keyboard or stationary. 

You can also buy a little platform and store the keyboard under it overnight. The cheapest option is putting some books or boxes below the monitor, but you have to be careful. The boxes or books have to be even. You don’t want your monitor falling in the middle of the night or in the middle of an intense gaming session! So, consider lifting your monitor but see what option works the best for you. 

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Some Helpful Tips

Now that we know some basics, here are a few more things that can help you. On average, the best desk for people who are 5’2″ or 157cm tall is around 24 inches or 61cm. On the other hand, the desk for a person who is approximately 6 feet tall should be at least 27 inches or 68.5 cm. 

Now, these are just average numbers. These measurements do not account for someone having a higher torso or longer limbs. Therefore, setting up the height of your desk based solely on your own height might not be the best. 

Instead, think of your angles. Think of where your elbows and knees can be the most comfortable and how to avoid bending and leaning forward to see the monitor. Now that you know your angles, one more thing you can do to adjust your desk is ditch the chair altogether. In this case, your knees should not be bending, obviously. 

žInstead, you should pay more attention to 90-degree elbows and the monitor facing your face, not your torso. There are several health benefits to ditching the chair. Mainly, standing forces you to move more than you would in a chair, and it’s an efficient way to avoid slouching. 

However, this is definitely not an option for everybody. It’s hard to imagine keeping up with fast-paced games like League of Legends while standing up. But, some people have tried it and said that it does not affect their aim. 

If you are cramped in an office all day, then sitting in the car or bus as you are commuting back and from work, you might want to enjoy a game while still burning some calories and moving around. If so, adjust your desk to account for the strain on your elbows and neck. No need to worry about your knee angles. 

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There is no such thing as one size fits all height of a gaming desk. If you are shorter, a shorter gaming desk is probably a better choice for you. You don’t want anything stopping you from getting your feet on the ground. If you are really tall, you probably need to give your monitor an extra boost too, so consider a desk with a lifted monitor. 

In short, pun intended, you need to be mindful of your posture and think of your joints in the future. The ideal height of a gaming desk is whatever minimizes the risk of you getting carpal tunnel or tech neck, and you are probably going to need to experiment to find your angles. One rule to keep in mind is 90-90-60, or if you don’t do metric systems, 90-90-2. 

What we mean by that is you want your knees at 90 degrees, you want your elbow and 90 degrees, and you want your monitor 60 cm or 2 feet away from your face. Think of finding the proper gaming desk height as a quest! Once you collect these achievements, your reward is faster response time, better aim, and no joint pain! Low risk, high reward – perfect. 

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How to Use Spectrum Remote with Samsung Smart TV

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Spectrum has the best services and because of their outstanding services, people prefer to opt for this company.

All you need to do is place an order and their service guy will come and install the entire setup at your place with all the wires and boxes and will also explain to you in-depth how the entire setup works. Isn’t that great?

But of course, this costs a little much but people do not find it troublesome because of the great service it provides, in fact, they look at it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But still, if someone is unable to afford all that then they simply place the order for the product and install the entire setup by themselves. Nonetheless, this product is still the best in the market and is highly recommended as well.

How to Use Spectrum Remote with Samsung Smart TV?

Spectrum Remote with Samsung Smart TV

Despite that, we get a lot of questions about whether one can use Spectrum remote with Samsung smart TV. Well, the answer is yes. One can use Spectrum remote with Samsung smart TV.

But first, let’s take a look at the Spectrum remote guide and after that, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to use it for your Samsung smart TV.

Spectrum remote guide

If you want to set up your Spectrum remote then simply follow the steps given below to do that.

  • Step no.1: Switch on the TV that you wish to program.
  • Step no.2: Now press the menu and ok button simultaneously on your remote until you see your input button blinking twice.
  • Step no.3: Now tap on the TV power in order for your input button to light up solid.
  • Step no.4: Now aim your remote at your TV.
  • Step no.5: Navigate to the up arrow.
  • Step no.6: And press and keep on holding the up arrow.
  • Step no.7: Now let go of the up arrow when your device is turned off.

How to set up Spectrum remote with other brands’ TV?

If you have a TV from another brand and you want to learn how to set it up with your Spectrum remote. Well, you have come to the right place. You can use Spectrum remote with Samsung Smart TV or other brands as well.

Simply follow the steps given below to learn how to do that.

  • Step no.1: Switch on the TV that you wish to program.
  • Step no.2: Now press the menu and ok button simultaneously on your remote until you see your input button blinking twice.
  • Step no.3: Now tap on the TV power key.
  • Step no.4: Look for the digit key in correspond to your TV brand. Once you have found it, hold it.
  • Step no.5: Hold the digit key until your TV is turned off.

You can also set up your Spectrum remote with other brands of TV such as Samsung smart TV by knowing the appropriate code for that.

For Samsung Smart TV it is given below.

Samsung: 12051, 10650, 10178, 10060, 10766, 10814, 11959, 13993.

Now follow the first two steps of the above-mentioned method and then enter the first code given above if your input key blink twice then it is confirmed.

Now check whether your Spectrum remote is working with your Samsung smart TV by adjusting the volume etc.

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10 Secrets of SaaS Product Design To Boost Sales

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The idea for a SaaS product is not a novel one: it’s been around for decades, from the early cloud-based software to the launch of Gmail just ten years ago. But what about today?

How do you design SaaS products that are going to be commercially successful?

SaaS Market Overview

The SaaS market has grown massively in recent years. Companies spend significantly more on cloud computing than on the IT hardware and applications they used to run on-premise”.

Despite this massive growth, the market is still highly competitive. The SaaS market is seeing increased fragmentation as new players take advantage of increasingly cost-effective technologies and mature products to extend beyond their niche markets into new industries.

Common SaaS Product Design Standards

A Clear Mission

It is not just about software functionality but also how the product fits into the market and how you can use it fully.

SaaS products must have a clear purpose and purposeful design, expressed through their ‘about’ page. This page should outline the key features of the product.

Easy Use, Easy To Perceive Value

How can the product be used? How easily can you figure out what it does? How do potential customers perceive value from using the product?

Everything from how you describe the functionality to screenshots and videos should be geared toward making the user experience as simple, intuitive, and straightforward as possible.

Designed for the Future: Customer-Centered Product Development

Today’s SaaS customer expectation for ‘customer-centric’ technology means that design requirements must be kept up-to-date with how technology is evolving and changing.

The customer’s perspective on how to use your product has changed over the years, and there are numerous new expectations and behaviors to consider when building a SaaS product.

Design Issues for SaaS Product

As with any other software product, there are some key design issues to consider when designing a SaaS product. We will look at each of these in detail.

Information Architecture

It means that everything relating to the product must be laid out to take full advantage of these new tools. It would help if you thought about what your product should do, how people should use it, and how customers will want to access it.

It makes it very important for new cloud-based products to have information architecture.

User Experience Design

A SaaS product’s primary interface is the user experience design.

Saas UX design is about ensuring customers understand the product, how they use it, and getting them to interact with it as often as possible. The Information Architecture principles provide some apparent guidelines.

Service Design

In addition to the user experience design, the service design of your SaaS product is also essential.

The ultimate goal of service design is to create a distinctive and meaningful experience for users. It means that the service you are designing must provide value to your customer.

10 Secrets of SaaS Design Products

Start With the Customer

The first step in designing a SaaS product is to get to know your customers, who they are, and what they need from the product. It’s essential to research with users and not just focus on potential customers. At this point, you need to create high-level user personas based on real people with real needs and desires.

Know Your Competitors

The next step is to research your potential competition and learn as much as possible about the products that are similar to yours.

It would help if you did it before even thinking about the product’s design. By doing this, you will better understand what your potential users want from a product.

Take Advantage of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has come a long way since the turn of the century and is now a frequently used and highly matured product, especially for SaaS products.

Understand the User’s Needs and Difficulties

The best way to understand your users and their needs is to interact with them.

Once you’ve got some basic information from them, you can use that to better understand what they need from the product.

Make the product Intuitive and Easy To Use

Once you know your users, you must create something intuitive and easy for them to use.

It means keeping things simple, not making things overly complex, avoiding complicated interfaces, and ensuring that anyone can figure out how to get the most from the product.

Create an Excellent First Impression

If you want to design a successful SaaS product, it’s essential to create an excellent first impression.

A big part of this is ensuring that the product works well and that you can provide enough information and support so that your users understand how they can get value from it, just like when someone meets someone new, they start with an introduction. In this case, what you’re introducing is your SaaS product.

Credibility and Trust

Secrets of SaaS Product Design

Once you’re talking to potential users, getting them to feel that they can trust you is essential. It means not being pushy and ensuring that your potential users believe that you’re on their side and can trust you.

Creating a believable brand is a big part of getting your potential users to understand your product, mainly because their main goal is to make sure they can trust the company they’ve hired.

Show a Value Proposition

Once potential users have come to know you a bit better and trust you, it’s essential to show them your SaaS product’s value.

It means you need to tell them what the product does, how it works, and why they should use it. The more information you give them, the better.

Provide Social Proof

Your potential users need to realize that your SaaS product is successful and that you’re a well-respected company before they can feel comfortable using it. They must see other customers using the same product to inspire them to use it too.

If you provide social proof, people will be more likely to use your product, as they will want to show their friends what they’re doing and how great it is.

Mobile Apps

Every day, more and more people are using mobile technology to do things on their mobile devices. There is a massive market product design trends that you can use on mobile devices.

You must create a mobile app for your SaaS product so that it can be accessed from any location, anytime.

The process of developing a SaaS product can be challenging and, at times, frustrating. There are many things to consider, such as the target audience, the product’s features, and the pricing.

While it can be challenging to create something that will be successful, there are several ways to increase your chances of success, such as researching while liaising with users and SaaS product management before even thinking about how it should look.

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3 Ways to Change Password on Computer Startup

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Securing your devices with a password is always important. Especially to protect it if it falls into the wrong hand. So if your device will be password protected then you will not have to worry about your data being stolen by someone or someone having an access to your data.

And it is also important to have a password that is not easily predictable. And it is also recommended to use a combination of words, numbers, and characters to make it even more difficult to predict.

And also make sure that not all your devices have the same password so that even if someone has predicted one of your passwords, they are still not able to have access to any other devices of yours.

You can change password on computer startup by the following ways.

3 Ways to Change Password on Computer Startup

Now let’s learn different ways:

Method no.1: How to change your password

  • Step no.1: On the bottom left of your computer screen you will find a start button, so tap on it.
  • Step no.2: From the list visible on the left, click on settings from there.
  • Step no.3: Now click on accounts.
  • Step no.4: Now from the menu, tap on sign-in options.
  • Step no.5: Now from the change your account password, tap on change.
  • Step no.6: Now to complete the password change process, you are required to log in with your Microsoft account.
  • Step no.7: Now you are required to enter the last four digits of your phone number which you have used in your Microsoft account, in order to receive a code that is required to change your password.
  • Step no.8: Once you have received the code, enter it in the given box.
  • Step no.9: Now you will be redirected to a new page where you will enter your old password, then your new password and then you will be asked to enter your new password again to confirm it.
  • Step no.10: Through the above-mentioned steps you have successfully changed your password on the computer startup.

Method no.2: Convert your password to a pin

Now the first 4 steps are the same as mentioned above and after that follow the steps given below.

  • Step no.1: From the sign-in options. Tap on adding underpin.
  • Step no.2: Now to complete the password change process, you are required to log in with your Microsoft account.
  • Step no.3: Now enter a new pin and then reenter it again to confirm it.
  • Step no.4: Click enter to confirm the change.

Method no.3: How to change your password to a password picture?

This also has the same initial 4 steps as the previous one and after that follow the below steps.

  • Step no.1: From the sign-in option, tap on add under picture password.
  • Step no.2: Now enter your Microsoft password to know it is you making the change.
  • Step no.3: Now tap on choose a picture to select a picture.
  • Step no.4: Once you have selected the image, tap on choose this picture.
  • Step no.5: Now set three gestures as a part of your picture and click enter after that, you have made the changes successfully.

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3 Methods to Change a Signature in Yahoo mail

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Yahoo signature is added to each one of your sent emails to make it look professional. And it contains information like your name, contact information, a correct link to your website, and your designation.

Once your Yahoo signature is set it does not mean that you cannot change it because you can. And if you are thinking to make changes to your Yahoo signature then you have come to the right place because in this article I have shared 3 ways to change your signature in Yahoo mail.

3 Methods to Change a Signature in Yahoo mail

Method no.1: How to change your Yahoo signature through your phone app

You can use a similar method on both of the mobile models, android and iOS. So simply follow the given method for any type of phone you are using.

  • Step no.1: Open your Yahoo mail app.
  • Step no.2: On the top left of your screen you can your profile icon. Tap on it.
  • Step no.3: Now select settings.
  • Step no.4: Now scroll down and tap on general and from there tap on the signature.
  • Step no.5: Now click on the box below your email address and start editing.
  • Step no.6: Now click on the arrow on the top left corner of the screen to save the changes you have made.

Method no.2: How to change your Yahoo signature from the browser

  • Step no.1: Go to the Yahoo mail page and sign in with your account.
  • Step no.2: Now go to the settings of your Yahoo mail.
  • Step no.3: From the pop-up menu select more settings.
  • Step no.4: Now tap on mailboxes.
  • Step no.5: Now choose the account whose signature you would like to change.
  • Step no.6: Now click on the text right below the signature in order to make the changes and start editing.
  • Step no.7: Once the changes have been made, simply click on the save changes to secure those changes.

Method no.3: Change the signature on Yahoo mail basic

If your browser is in simple HTML then follow the steps given below to change the signature for your Yahoo mail.

  • Step no.1: From the Yahoo navigation bar tap on the account info option.
  • Step no.2: Now choose settings from the menu section.
  • Step no.3: Now tap on go.
  • Step no.4: Now choose the email address from the mailbox list.
  • Step no.5: Now you can make the changes on your signature from the signature option.
  • Step no.6: Once the changes have been made, simply click on the save changes to secure those changes.

Where can I see my email signature?

Yahoo by default will add your signature to every one of your sent emails. So that’s where you can see your email signature.

Can I edit or move the position of my signature in my emails?

Yes, Yahoo gives you the option to edit or make changes to the position of your emails.

Can I use one signature for multiple Yahoo accounts?

Yahoo by default keeps different signatures for different Yahoo mails.

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Full AP Nunu – The Ultimate Build Guide

If you play ranked, you’ve definitely seen the Ghost Cleanse Nunu pick. People hover and lock Nunu on roles other than Jungle to force dodges out of their teammates after their main champions get banned or they do not get assigned their selected roles. 

If the game does not get dodged, they use Biggest Snowball Ever! (W) to reach the lane quickly and intentionally feed the enemy team for the game to be over as fast as possible. Although that is what you should expect, AP Nunu is actually a good off-meta build for the Mid Lane.  

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Nunu is primarily a simple and straightforward Jungle champion. Accompanied by Willump, he is known to build tank items such as Sunfire Aegis and Thornmail that help him soak up a lot of damage while he tries to apply crowd control to the enemies, damaging them alongside his allies. 

You rarely see him played in any lane except for, of course, when your ally is trying to int your game because your team did not dodge. While it is not optimal, building AP on him is not a bad idea at all. He has AP scaling on every single ability, making a full damage build viable. 

Full AP Nunu works best in the Mid Lane, allowing you to adopt the shove and roam playstyle while your enemy is busy farming minions under their tower.

The Best Runes for AP Nunu

As full AP Nunu, your primary keystone is Dark Harvest. It allows you to deal bonus damage to enemies whose health is lower than 50% of their maximum HP. 

This rune is perfect for Nunu as he deals a ton of damage with Biggest Snowball Ever! (W), almost instantly triggering this keystone. It is taken in combination with Cheapshot, Eyeball Collection, and Relentless Hunter. These runes allow Nunu to maximize his damage and movement speed. 

For secondary runes, Nunu almost always picks Nimbus Cloak and Waterwalking from the Sorcery tree. These help him gain additional movement speed as Nunu finds it difficult to get out of a fight once he is in one.

Phase Rush is still an option for Nunu Mid, allowing you to be more mobile but it is better to go Dark Harvest because it suits Full AP Nunu’s playstyle better.

The Best Item Build for AP Nunu

Full AP Nunu means you will be building as maximum damage. You start with Doran’s Ring as your starting item. The recommended build for full AP Nunu is as follows:

Hextech Rocketbelt, Sorcerer’s Shoes, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Dead Man’s Plate, Mjeais Soulstealer, and Rabadon’s Deathcap.

You can also opt for a Night Harvester as your mythic item, however, the dash active which you get from Hextech Rocketbelt is great for Nunu as you do not have any mobility after you use your snowball. 

It provides great magic penetration and damage combined with Sorcerer’s Shoes. Zhonya’s Hourglass offers great stats along with survivability in any extended fight. Dead Man’s Plate further adds to Nunu’s mobility, followed by a Mejai’s Soulstealer and a Rabadon’s Deathcap.

Another mythic item you can build is Everfrost. It not only provides great overall stats but the mythic item’s active allows you to slow and even stun enemy targets, guaranteeing you to land your ultimate Absolute Zero on them.

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Skill Order

As Nunu in the Mid Lane, you always want to level up Biggest Snowball Ever! (W) first. The reason behind this is your level 1 strategy to one-shot the caster minions in the lane. Next up, you level up Snowball Barrage (E) and then Consume (Q) third. You can also level up Consume (Q) second if you cannot roam after shoving the first wave.

After level 3, you are to max Consume (Q) first, Biggest Snowball Ever! (W) second and Snowball Barrage (E) third. This is the skill order for full AP Nunu.


Nunu heavily relies on roaming. This is why AP Nunu is played in the Mid Lane so that he can roam around the map with his snowball and be active around the map. You have a strategy during your laning phase which is to shove your minion wave under the enemy tower and roam around the map, helping out your team. 

This is easy as your snowball deals a lot of damage to the minions and you can easily clear a wave using your abilities. Your snowball allows you to gank other lanes and provide great ganks for your team to follow up on. 

As Nunu Mid, you can even invade the enemy team by charging your snowball into the bushes around the enemy red or blue buffs. 

This gets you an early lead and already puts your team on a path to the victory screen. It is extremely effective as Nunu Mid is a rare pick, it will be difficult to anticipate such a strong invade into the enemy jungle at level 1.


One-Shot Combo

Nunu can one-shot any squishy champion in the game as long as your combo fully hits your targets. Nunu can either use Everfrost or directly start channeling Absolute Zero (R) after the enemy has been impaired by a strong crowd control ability

This leads to a very large AoE explosion, killing every squishy target in its radius in one hit. This is already a strong ultimate for Nunu, but since you are building AP items and the ability has AP scaling, you do even more damage.

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Roaming and Ganking

Nunu can shove minion waves with ease and go roaming about around the map, ganking other lanes and the ally Jungler. 

He uses Biggest Snowball Ever! (W) to move quickly around the map and tries to hit the enemy targets with the snowball, knocking them up and potentially stunning them, giving your team enough time to kill them on the spot. 

Lane Sustain

On top of being a great roaming pick, Nunu has great sustain in the lane as well. He uses Consume (Q) to heal back a lot of HP from not only enemy champions but also minions and jungle monsters. In fact, Nunu heals more from minions than enemy champions. 

As he “consumes” the minion, it removes one enemy minion from the wave, further adding to his good wave-clear while healing him a lot of health, making him strong in the lane if you are unable to roam.


Falling Off Mid-Late Game

From the Mid-Late game, enemies are much stronger and you start to become very squishy as you only build AP items. That is when you stop being as strong as you were during the early game and start becoming more and more useless. 

This is one of AP Nunu’s weaknesses. If you build more tanky items instead of Mejais and Deathcap, you can still be useful as a utility for your team, however, you lack a lot of damage therefore it is a choice left for you.

Should You Try AP Nunu?

Absolutely! Full AP Nunu is a strong off-meta pick. You have a unique playstyle that heavily depends upon roaming that helps your team get ahead in other lanes. You have great wave-clear and sustain in lane, allowing you to be a strong laner on top of being a dangerous roamer.

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Final Thoughts

Full AP Nunu has a bad reputation and is considered a troll build by people but it has been proven by Korean player Lee Hawoo that you can even reach Challenger with it just like he did. 

It is a very strong early-game pick that can win you many games by simple techniques such as invading, constant roaming, and team fighting.

What do you think of full AP Nunu? Will you try this build in one of your games? Would you be brave enough to test this playstyle in your ranked games? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us with it in the comment section below!

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How Long Do the Best Friends Last on Snapchat

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Snapchat is one of the widely used social media platforms among the younger generation. They use it to share their daily snippets with their friends and family and it is also used to make new friends from all over the world as well.

And ever since it launched Snapchat has added so many new features as well. Like adding songs to your snaps or stories or adding various new filters which are cherished by many users all around the globe as well. You can also do streaks with your friends and keep a snap score as well.

And different emojis will be added to your streaks with your different friends on Snapchat depending on the interaction you have with them.

There is also a best friend list where only those people are added with whom you interact the most. And with whom you share a lot of daily snaps as well.

How Long Do the Best Friends Last on Snapchat?

Let me simplify for you what emojis mean on Snapchat. What do the best friends last on Snapchat actually?

  1. When there is a double pink heart then it means that that particular person is your super BFF on Snapchat. They are the ones you have shared the most snaps with and you interact with them the most.
  2. If there is a red heart then it means that they are your BFF on Snapchat. And if you keep them as your BFF then you will end up getting double pink hearts with them.
  3. If there is a yellow heart with someone then it means that they are your besties. And it means that you two share the majority of snaps with each other.
  4. If there is a smiling face then it means that they are on your best friend list on Snapchat and you both share many snaps.

Now let’s take a look into how the best friend list algorithm works in Snapchat.

Best friend list algorithm

People who are added to your Snapchat’s best friends list then it means that they are the ones with whom you interact the most on daily basis. They are the constants with whom you share your daily snaps. And you have a limit of 8 best friends on your best friend list and you can not have more than that.

Now let’s take a look into how long a person lasts on your best friend list on Snapchat.

How long is a person on my best friend list?

Only people with whom you are in daily contact on Snapchat are added to your best friend list Snapchat. You can expect people to be added to your best friend list only by sending them snaps in one single day.

And they will last in your best friend list only if you are consistent with sending them daily snaps. And if not then they will be removed from your best friend list after a week.


I hope you learned everything you needed for the best friend list on Snapchat.

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Top 10 Best Top Lane Players in League of Legends History

In the world of professional League of Legends, there are some players who can be considered as truly elite. These players have consistently performed at the highest level possible and achieved amazing results both domestically and internationally. Out of all these exceptional players, only a select few can be called the best top laners in history. In this article, we will take a look at 10 of these top laners and discuss why they are so good.

10. Dyrus

One of the most beloved top laners in all of LoL, even though he wasn’t considered one of the best players to ever play at his position. He was always praised for being an integral part of TSM’s success throughout their era of dominance, but it is important to note that only three members have been able to win a world championship while playing for TSM. 

However, if one were to argue that Dyrus deserved to be on the world championship team in 2013 or 2015 it wouldn’t come as much surprise. Despite being low-key during his prime years, once upon a time Dyrus was considered one of North America’s finest top laners.

9. Nuguri

Nuguri is the team’s top laner, who assisted Damwon Gaming in winning the Worlds 2020 Championship. Because of their raw skill and coordination, many people believed that the 2020 Damwinning Gaming lineup was indestructible. Despite being a superteam, Nuguri distinguished himself as the member who could find unlikely flanks and simply turn teamfights from awful to amazing.

After joining FunPlus Phoenix, Nuguri was able to quickly show the world that he wasn’t simply riding on a superteam, as he was swiftly transitioned from a facilitative top laner to one with more carry possibilities. 

He mostly played tanks, enchanters, and some hard-engage champions like Kennen in Damwon Gaming, although he had more freedom to play hard-carry champions like Irelia in FPX, where there were no longer any doubts that he was the finest top laner in his own right.

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8. Flame

Flame is another player who will always be remembered for his carry-oriented top lane playstyle. Unlike Dyrus, Flame had the unfortunate luck of competing at a time when Faker reigned supreme which meant could rarely showcase his full potential despite having an incredibly dominant laning phase. 

Despite that, he was still able to find the motivation to make the most of his situation by becoming CJ Entus Blaze’s primary damage dealer as well as their main shot caller. 

Flame will be remembered as one of the best top laners of all time for his ability to singlehandedly carry games with little jungle or support interference and is certainly one player who deserves more international success than what he achieved in his career.

7. Expession

Expession has always been a criminally underrated top lane talent and often times overshadowed by his teammates on Najin White Shield and NaJin Black Sword despite being just as good if not better than both MaRin and Duke. During SSW’s 2014 Worlds Final match against Star Horn Royal Club, Expession ended up winning the MVP of the series due to his monstrous play throughout. 

Najin White Shield is an organization that has produced some of Korea’s finest talents but it isn’t often that their top laners are mentioned when people talk about them. This will most likely be attributed to their lack of international success as well as poorly performing bottom lanes, but Expession deserves recognition for being one of Korea’s best top lane players during his prime years.

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6. Smeb

Smeb is currently one of the best top laners in Korea and even the entire world, but looking back it can’t be stressed enough how much potential Smeb had as a pro player. When KOO Tigers first started they were known for their poor play and lackadaisical attitudes, but thanks to Smeb’s leadership and uncanny decision-making abilities he was able to bring his team out of mediocrity into one of Korea’s finest teams at their respective positions. 

It is incredibly ironic that Smeb ended up holding this achievement considering he used to be known as an extremely passive and uninspiring top laner during his ROX Tigers days, but now we know why his team trusted him as their main shot caller during their 2015 World Championship run.

5. Duke

Duke is one of the more memorable top lane players to have emerged from Korea during his prime due to a combination of impressive mechanics and exceptional teamfighting abilities.

 During his prime years on Najin Black Sword he was considered one of the best 1v1 laners in Korea along with being able to take over entire games as well as being hailed as OGN’s first true split push king for his ability to singlehandedly turn games around with heavy split pushing.

 In many ways, it can be argued that Duke had no true rival during his prime which makes him even more impressive considering how dominant he truly was from 2013-2015.

4. Huni

The hype surrounding Huni when he first joined Fnatic in 2015 was through the roof considering just how dominant he was in his previous region. Fnatic at the time were seen as one of Europe’s best teams and they didn’t disappoint when it came to Worlds that year but unfortunately the strength of their top laner wasn’t able to match up to Korea’s mighty carries. 

Despite Fnatic finishing last place in their group, Huni still made a name for himself with exceptional carry performances on Gnar and Rumble despite his team underperforming around him which ended up propelling him into stardom in both NA and EU. 

Many players have had trouble transitioning from one region to another due to cultural differences, language barriers, etc., but Huni seamlessly adapted to his new home and went from being a dependable carry to an unstoppable one no matter the champion he played.

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3. Impact

Impact might be one of the more underrated top laners to have ever played considering how he has been underwhelming in both NA and China during his career, but the fact remains that Impact was always one of Korea’s best top laners during his prime. 

Impact has been one of the most important import players in North America for a long time, and he has always been able to make it to the global stage. Because he was able to easily execute solo kills in the lane, he became known as “Top Die” during his stay in the region. 

Impact is no longer as aggressive as he was eight years ago, yet he has enough of a presence to keep up with the pack on the weak side of the top lane. It’s almost hard to get a kill on Impact without losing someone else in return.

Whether it was due to poor support staff, terrible rosters, etc., Impact has somehow always ended up struggling during international competitions no matter what region he competes in, but there is no doubt that Impact was one of Korea’s best top laners.

2. Wunder

Wunder is recognized as a League of Legends prodigy due to his exceptionally high skill level and success in comparison to the amount of time he spends playing the game. Wunder’s accolades include four LEC Championship Titles, Mid-Season Invitational Champion, World Championship Finalist, and four 1st All-Pro Team nominations.

Wunder isn’t particularly remarkable when it comes to teamwork. This player has time and again outperformed new waves of top laners in the EU, even establishing himself as the king of the top lane. 

When left alone, Wunder becomes a major threat and is capable of forcing any opponent back to their tower. Despite playing most of his time in World of Warcraft, he’s been able to retain his position as the best top laner in Europe.

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1. MaRin

MaRin was an absolute monster during his prime years with SKT T1 in 2015, but we all know how disappointing he turned out to be when he moved on to China’s LPL region. Despite underperforming during his tenure in China, there is no doubt that MaRin was once one of the best top laners in League of Legends history behind Faker and Smeb which makes him stand out from the rest of this list.

With both MaRin and Impact being such powerful forces back in their prime years it’s hard to argue with them being on par with one another, but due to MaRin’s success in the international stage combined with Impact’s inconsistency during his prime years, it is hard to argue against him being a better top laner than Impact.


Although some of these top laners may no longer be at the top of their game, they all have had a significant impact on League of Legends as we know it today. The skills and experience that these players have accumulated over the years have helped shape the competitive landscape for future top lane players. Who knows, maybe one of these 10 players will make a return to compete in this year’s World Championship? Only time will tell.

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