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Today let’s talk about Bitcoin above $30,000, does this mean a bottom has been found? Also latest news on Terra Luna and possible next steps.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Market Overview
3:30 Bitcoin Spot ETF
4:30 Warren Buffet NuBank
5:00 Coinbase Volume
5:30 Eliot Wave
6:40 25k Bottom?
7:25 Stablecoins
11:00 Luna Update
12:30 CZ Responds
16:00 New Proposal
18:00 LUNA Backers
20:00 Q&S

🔴Full Disclaimer: This video and its contents are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell or trade, a solicitation to buy, or recommendation for any security, cryptocurrency, or related product, nor does it constitute an offer to provide investment advice or other related services by CryptosRUs. CryptosRus may have a financial investment with the cryptocurrencies discussed in this video. In preparing this video, no individual financial or investment needs of the viewer have been taken into account nor is any financial or investment advice being offered. Any views expressed in this video were prepared based upon the information available at the time such views were written. Changed or additional information could cause such views to change.

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Class – 9th, Ex – 1.5, Q 2 ( NUMBER SYSTEM ) CBSE NCERT

Study channel only for Mathematics
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LUNA Terra Crypto Big News😍| Luna Prediction | Luna cryptocurrency Latest News Hindi

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LUNA Terra Crypto Price can go to ZERO | Watch Before Invest | Luna cryptocurrency Latest News Hindi

LUNA Terra Crypto Price can go to ZERO ( 0 ) – Watch Before Invest – Luna cryptocurrency Latest News Hindi
UST stable coin backed by luna cryptocurrency crashed to $0.60 UST value supposed to be equal of 1 US dollar. Due to this turmoil luna terra crypto coin dumped very hard. it is said that luna coin team is selling their crypto holding to increase the value of UST coin. what is the reality? watch this video before invest in LUNA Terra coin

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What is VSync and Should You Use It?

If you’ve stumbled upon the Vsync option when looking into the graphics settings and wondered what it was and should you use it, we got you. Here’s what you need to know before you turn on Vsync.

What is VSync?

VSync was the original syncing technology for video games and monitors. Vsync is short for vertical synchronizing, and essentially it synchronizes your game’s frame rate with your monitor’s refresh rate. This technology was developed by GPU (graphics processing unit) manufacturers as a way to deal with screen tearing which is a more technical term for glitching. Glitching happens when your screen displays portions of multiple frames simultaneously. This can make your game look choppy, or the picture can split vertically. 

When you are playing time-sensitive games such as League of Legends or any other game that requires a fast reaction, avoiding glitches can mean life or death! Win or lose! Today, there are other syncing technologies, such as Nvidia’s G-sync or AMD’s free sync, but is the original Vsync for you?

Vsync can stop glitches that occur in-game when your FPS (frames per second) exceed your monitor’s refresh rate. Most mainstream gaming monitors refresh at 60Hz, meaning they can’t display more than 60 frames per second. When your FPS jumps over 60, you get a glitch. Vsync can be a useful option to fix this because it sets up a frame rate cap. This cap then limits the game’s FPS to match your monitor’s refresh rates so that your GPU does not have to process more than your monitor can handle.

Also read: Does True Damage Penetrate Through Shields in League of Legends?

What Are The Downsides of VSync?

However, there are some downsides. If your GPU fails to consistently provide around 60 frames per second, your in-game FPS can be reduced to as low as 30. Approximately 30 FPS can be fine for some games, but not for League of Legends. Ideally, your monitor must be consistent at 60 FPS to provide an optimal gaming experience. Anything between 90-60 FPS is considered very smooth. As for League of Legends, 30-45 FPS is considered playable but considerably choppy.  

GPU manufacturers are well aware of VSync’s potential issues, and they have been working on improving versions ever since. As a result, different syncing options may appear in your GPU control panel. VSync in its more advanced forms includes:

  1. Adaptive VSync: This is an Nvidia enhancement that keeps track of the monitor’s maximum refresh rate. VSync is only enabled if the game’s FPS is equal to or greater than the refresh rate. If the FPS falls below a certain threshold, it is disabled, preventing some input lag issues from occurring. 
  2. Fast Sync: Fast Sync is a more advanced version of Nvidia’s Adaptive VSync that enables VSync when needed and adds automatic triple buffering to select the best frame data possible. The only downside is that it uses up a lot of power.
  3. Enhanced Sync: AMD’s version of Fast Sync is Enhanced Sync. To avoid problems, it disables VSync when the frame rate falls below the monitor’s refresh rate. 

It is important to mention that Vsync cannot improve your resolution, colors, or brightness levels like HDR (high dynamic range) can. It is a preventative technology that is more concerned with stopping a specific glitching problem than making overall improvements. 

In short, Vsync is an excellent option for you if your GPU can match your monitor’s capacities and consistently do so. If not, consider tweaking other graphics options. Other than changing different settings, there are a few more expensive alternatives to Vsync, such as the newer synchronizing technologies that we mentioned before.

Another alternative can be purchasing a new monitor with a higher refresh rate. Currently, the highest you can go is a monitor with 360Hz. But you do not need such a high refresh rate for LoL, and these monitors can cost as much as a new PC! Instead, the best option for you would be a 144Hz monitor, and you have to make sure your GPU can keep up. 

Also read: Is League of Legends Really Free?

Final Verdict

Vsync is the original syncing technology and is still an excellent option for many gamers. Whether this option is for you depends on your monitor’s refresh rate and the capacities of your graphics processing unit to consistently maintain the same amount of FPS. 

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5 Best Karaoke Machines in 2022

Thinking of arranging a get-together with your friends? There are plenty of options for you to try to have a fun and interesting party. You can try truth and dare, 7 minutes in heaven, and the best karaoke.

If you are concerned with embarrassing yourself, well how can you be rarely embarrassed around your friend right? I mean they are your friends they have possibly seen you in much more embarrassing situations. Karaoke is the best way to create memories with your loved ones. I remember I had a karaoke party with my friends two years ago and I still reminisce about it because I had the most fun that night.

You can either get the karaoke machine for yourself or present it to a friend who is a fun-loving person.

Here in this article, I will provide you with a list of things to check before buying a karaoke machine and along with that, I will provide the list of 5 best karaoke machines in 2022 as well. So this article is your one-stop for all your karaoke-related queries.

So stay tuned and read it till the end for a better understanding.

Things to check before buying the karaoke machine


This is kind of the main element without it, karaoke won’t be much fun, right? Microphone varies in size and price and if you have two of them it will be then easy for you to perform duets.

A track of music

Is it a combination of music tracks you want to sing along to on a karaoke night? You can easily find it on online websites and check whether the format fits with your karaoke machine.

The audio quality is not top-notch but it just adds to the fun so do not worry.

The mixer

This is essential for adding effects to the audio to make it more fun and exciting.

This separates the sound coming from the microphone and backing track and then it gives off a mixed sound to the audience.

The speaker

It is very essential obviously. Different karaoke machines come with speakers which is pretty convenient.

While other requires a separate speaker that you are required to plug in. this makes the overall sound quality good. And you also have an option to plug it into the TV for a better experience. But be merciful towards your neighbors.


Last but not least, this is where the lyrics of your selected song will display. Various karaoke machines have a built-in screen and if not then you always have an option of connecting it to your TV or pc for a good better screen.

And a big screen is always more fun than the small one.

I would personally prefer to get a karaoke machine that has all of these features built into it already so that there are not many wires surrounding your machine and room. Because it can get messy and annoying and we do not want to ruin our fun.

5 Best Karaoke Machines in 2022

Now I will list down the 5 best karaoke machines in 2022.

Singing Machine SML385BTBK Bluetooth Karaoke System

Best Karaoke Machines

Check Price

It is a handy and nicely designed karaoke machine that comes with a lineup of 54 LED disco lights to set the perfect mood for the party. It also has dynamic features which are sure to amaze you.

You can easily connect your phone to the machine and play songs through it. Though it has a microphone set that comes with it it has an option of another microphone input as well if you feel like doing a duet.

The only drawback is that it does not have a built-in screen and the audio quality is not phenomenal.

Singtrix Party Bundle

Best Karaoke Machines

Check Price

This is one of the best karaoke machines in the market if you are in for serious fun. It has numerous sound effects that make it interesting while performing. It has a custom microphone and it also comes with a microphone stand. It also gives you the option of plugging other instruments like guitar and keyboards for extra effect. What can be more fun than that?

The only drawback of the Citrix party bundle is that it is pretty expensive compared to the other karaoke machines because of the large array of features it offers.

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Best Karaoke Machines

Check Price

It is a microphones karaoke machine. This means that it is very portable and was aimed at a younger audience in the market.

The microphone has a Bluetooth option and it also has a speaker in it for a strong sound system. It is chargeable and gives you an option for inserting an SD card in it for your selected songs.

Karaoke USA Karaoke System GF844

Karaoke USA Karaoke System GF844

Check Price

This machine will take your karaoke night with friends to the next level. It has an enormous sound system which is a fun feature. It gives your several options to access your favorite songs. SD card, Bluetooth, USB drivers, DVDs and so many more.

It also comes with a built screen and has the option of two microphones. The amazing thing is that even with an array of amazing features this karaoke machine is handy and easy to carry as well.

Singsation Burst Deluxe Portable Karaoke Machine

Singsation Burst Deluxe Portable Karaoke Machine

Check Price

It is fun and exciting for both, kids and adults alike. It comes with an LED light ring in the center that has an option of 14 colorful light effects which makes the entire experience of karaoke more fun.

The most amazing feature is that it does not need to be plugged in, for its work. Because it runs off batteries. Which makes it extremely portable.


These are some of the best karaoke machines of 2022 that are available in the market and are sure to make your karaoke night with friends or family to another level. They all are available on amazon.

I hope this article was helpful for you.

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5 Custom Protein Expression Systems to Consider

Protein expression systems have been used for decades, especially for research purposes. However, their uses have widened in recent years, and they are increasingly applied in areas such as gene editing and drug and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The future indicates positive prospects and heavy reliance on these systems to meet the changing research needs and protein application processes.

As the usage increases, developers create new systems to develop different proteins. The systems are other due to the processes involved and the resources needed to achieve the desired goals. Due to the varying needs, one should be able to customize the protein expression system to meet their needs. If you do not know about customizing the system, you can purchase or utilize either of these five systems.


1.  The Hypertrans custom protein system

The Hypertrans protein production system uses natural products to develop quality proteins through a transient plant expression system. This process is more efficient than other production systems since it can produce quality plant materials daily. Despite being slow, the method produces extremely high-level proteins without the viral replication used in other processes.

The system incorporates a proprietary modular binary vector to develop sequences and introduce expression cassettes and polypeptides to produce high-quality protein products. These new technologies and vectors enable the system to engage in direct gene cloning while restricting enzyme-based cloning. The vectors make the production system quick and easy to reach maximum yields.

This system is currently suitable for producing complex proteins such as enzymes and antibodies needed for research purposes. The system can also have antigens used for vaccine development through various processes such as nanotechnology. The system also produces metabolites needed for metabolic pathway engineering in biochemical processes that can sometimes be rare and difficult to synthesize through the ordinary chemical synthesis process.


Image source:

2.  Stable Cell Line Generation Services

This Custom Protein Synthesis process produces quality production by generating the most stable cells in the market. The process promotes the gene sub-cloning process to produce high-performance expression vectors and increases the gene synthesis to optimize the expressed proteins. The process has host cells generated through the complex gene DNA editing and transference system. The process utilizes the selection of high-quality cell clones.

The system incorporates improving stable cell lines using various enzymes such as glutamine synthetase (GS) and dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) to produce vital metabolites and disrupt the metabolic pathways to produce target metabolites. The process also utilizes various inhibitor concentrations to promote gene amplification to boost the potency of assembled genes and protein products. The method also uses highly productive and stable CHO cells to deal with or eliminate protein expression and evaluation challenges.

3.  Recombinant Protein Expression Systems

This protein production system involves the transfer of cells containing some desired genes in a DNA vector. The genes are then subjected to cellular machinery, cell lysing, and purification steps to produce the final protein product. The process also uses the Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic expression systems to produce the top-quality protein products.

Due to the complex and advanced processes applied, this process can produce the desired protein within the shortest duration. The process can also incur lower costs to produce the desired protein products; however, it can be difficult for the system to express some mammalian proteins. The process can sometimes face various challenges, such as the degradation of expressed proteins caused by the host protein contamination.

The process uses other protein expression processes, such as the yeast expression system, which uses the economic eukaryotic expression system to produce the highly demanded intracellular proteins. The mammalian cell expression system enables the system to produce complex mammalian proteins which can be used to modify genetic cell structures within the body of a mammal. Finally, the insect cell expression system is ideal for inserting desired genes into insect cells.


Image source:

4.  ExpiCHO Expression System

This process eliminates various uncertainties expressed in other protein development processes. The process optimizes the protein production process to produce highly-adaptable cells to produce a protein that meets qualities such as serum-free suspension and high-density mammalian and plant proteins. The process utilizes various nanotechnology procedures to produce twenty percent more proteins in fewer volumes. The system produces high protein yields using multiple protocols to boost protein production.

The systems use a seven-step protein production process and customize every stage to boost the final yield. You can also replicate and customize the process based on the resources and time and still end up with the desired protein genes; however, the quality will vary.

5.  Magic Cell-free Membrane Protein Expression

This process guarantees cost-friendly yet high-quality proteins within the shortest durations. The production system addresses challenges imposed by cultural barriers to the adoption of cell-free membrane protein expression by developing an advanced eukaryotic cell-free expression system that produces higher yields in batch mode.

The production kit uses the tobacco cells’ lysates which contain in vitro transcription and translation reactions. It utilizes various vectors such as vectors 1 and 2 to produce high yield proteins within 48 hours. The process is convenient, making it suitable for different protein expressions, and can be applied to large-scale processes such as targeting membrane proteins. The process can also be applied in over 20 areas such as expression analysis, metabolic, herbicide screening, and protein optimization. The process can help researchers resolve challenges such as obtaining membrane proteins that can be difficult to produce within the shortest duration.


Image source:


There are various protein expression systems available in the market that one can adopt. You can also customize these processes to meet your exact needs, such as research, gene editing, etc. The selection process should be based on various factors such as the anticipated yield, duration of production, the cost to produce the protein, and the system’s flexibility.

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How to Improve Cryptocurrency Investments In 2022: Complete Guide

How to Improve Cryptocurrency Investments: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that over 15% of Americans have dealt in cryptocurrency at least once?

Cryptocurrency is growing like wildfire and the sooner you can put your finger in the pie, the sooner you can reap big rewards. However, it’s important to familiarize yourself with options for cryptocurrencies so that you don’t waste your money. Even if you’re making money now, there are always ways to earn more.

Are you wondering what strategies you can use? Keep reading to learn all about how to improve cryptocurrency investments.

Don’t Panic and Sell

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, you should remember to avoid selling your cryptocurrency due to panic about its worth. Even the most stable currency goes through ups and downs.

The people who earn the absolute most from their investment are those who know how to keep calm during a dip. Over time, the currency will rise and you’ll end up getting much more of a return on investment than you ever would have otherwise.

Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio

Diversifying your financial portfolio is always a wise rule of thumb to follow. The same is true when it comes to cryptocurrency in particular. You might be more comfortable buying only Bitcoin or Litecoin, for instance, but that’s the equivalent of putting all your eggs in one basket.

To boost your potential crypto investment profits, it’s worth having as many options as possible. Aside from the biggest crypto types, you should consider buying some coins that aren’t as popular. You never know if there will be a skyrocket in popularity like what happened to Dogecoin.

Emphasize Security

More and more people are becoming victims of cryptocurrency theft and related cybercrime. Instead of making yourself vulnerable, you can protect your investments by using a variety of strategies.

Since your crypto wallet is the key to your investments, you shouldn’t let it get into the wrong hands. You should also activate two-factor authentications. That way, if someone does figure out your credentials on one or more crypto investment platforms, they still can’t get in.

Don’t forget to back up your software onto an external device. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can always have your backup to rely on. Be sure to buy AXS so that you have the highest security possible when dealing with cryptocurrency.

Are You Ready to Improve Cryptocurrency Investments?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to improve cryptocurrency investments, you can end up getting much more bang for your buck. It also helps to invest with confidence rather than biting your nails all the time because you’re unsure about your investment chances.

If you want to learn other ways to make money online, then be sure to check out the other content we’ve published on our site. We also specialize in topics related to email marketing, search engine optimization, and more.

Signing up for our newsletter is one of the best ways to stay informed.

10 Errors in Cryptocurrency Trading and How to Avoid Them

How to Improve Cryptocurrency Investments: Everything You Need to Know

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