3 Methods to Change a Signature in Yahoo mail

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Yahoo signature is added to each one of your sent emails to make it look professional. And it contains information like your name, contact information, a correct link to your website, and your designation.

Once your Yahoo signature is set it does not mean that you cannot change it because you can. And if you are thinking to make changes to your Yahoo signature then you have come to the right place because in this article I have shared 3 ways to change your signature in Yahoo mail.

3 Methods to Change a Signature in Yahoo mail

Method no.1: How to change your Yahoo signature through your phone app

You can use a similar method on both of the mobile models, android and iOS. So simply follow the given method for any type of phone you are using.

  • Step no.1: Open your Yahoo mail app.
  • Step no.2: On the top left of your screen you can your profile icon. Tap on it.
  • Step no.3: Now select settings.
  • Step no.4: Now scroll down and tap on general and from there tap on the signature.
  • Step no.5: Now click on the box below your email address and start editing.
  • Step no.6: Now click on the arrow on the top left corner of the screen to save the changes you have made.

Method no.2: How to change your Yahoo signature from the browser

  • Step no.1: Go to the Yahoo mail page and sign in with your account.
  • Step no.2: Now go to the settings of your Yahoo mail.
  • Step no.3: From the pop-up menu select more settings.
  • Step no.4: Now tap on mailboxes.
  • Step no.5: Now choose the account whose signature you would like to change.
  • Step no.6: Now click on the text right below the signature in order to make the changes and start editing.
  • Step no.7: Once the changes have been made, simply click on the save changes to secure those changes.

Method no.3: Change the signature on Yahoo mail basic

If your browser is in simple HTML then follow the steps given below to change the signature for your Yahoo mail.

  • Step no.1: From the Yahoo navigation bar tap on the account info option.
  • Step no.2: Now choose settings from the menu section.
  • Step no.3: Now tap on go.
  • Step no.4: Now choose the email address from the mailbox list.
  • Step no.5: Now you can make the changes on your signature from the signature option.
  • Step no.6: Once the changes have been made, simply click on the save changes to secure those changes.

Where can I see my email signature?

Yahoo by default will add your signature to every one of your sent emails. So that’s where you can see your email signature.

Can I edit or move the position of my signature in my emails?

Yes, Yahoo gives you the option to edit or make changes to the position of your emails.

Can I use one signature for multiple Yahoo accounts?

Yahoo by default keeps different signatures for different Yahoo mails.

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