Top 10 Best Off-Meta Top Laners in Season 12

From Twitch streamers to professional players to casual gamers, League of Legends is strategic, engaging, competitive, and at many times, a mixture of love and hate. Due to this, players in the LoL community have created a system referred to as META – Most Effective Tactics Available.

Today, we are going to introduce you to the 10 best off-meta top laners …

1. Kayn

Kayn is usually played in the jungle, but he's very good as a top laner as well. Thanks to his E, he can easily gank mid lane from time to time without losing too much farm or XP

First on the list, we have the melee hybrid assassin that many of us have grown to love – Kayn. Kayn is known for having the ability to transfer into the Shadow Assassin or Rhaast. While it’s possible for this champion to transform into either one of those forms, it’s possible to pick one of the forms faster, depending on the targets. If you’re going for ranged champions, you can pick his Shadow Assassin form, but if you’re targeting melee champs, you can pick Rhaast sooner. Shadow Assassin works more like a burst-oriented class, while Rhaast works like a mobile bruiser. 

Why Pick Kayn?

Kayne is all about one thing – turning into Rhaast as fast as possible by killing melee top lane enemies. With Rhaast, you will have a nice balance of mobility, sustain, and damage. While in this form, he has a passive that will heal him for a portion of the damage he deals to enemy champions. You can use Q (Reaping Slash) and his Ultimate (Umbral Trespass) to deal damage that is equal to a portion of his enemy’s health.

Kayn is a major threat to his opponents, even the tanks because his damage is percentage-based.


We recommend picking Kayn alongside a Jungler that is capable of locking down his lane opponent during a gank.

2. Braum

Braum has a lot of CC and he's good in 1-versus-1 duels. This all makes him a great off meta top lane pick in this Season of League of Legends

Next on our list, we have a champion that is mostly played for those looking for a good tank – Braum. Braum has a kit that is designed to protect his teammates that are the most fragile. 

Unlike some of the other defensive champions capable of shielding or healing teammates, Braum offers protection by being a physical wall that protects against enemy fire. 

Using E (Unbreakable) will put out a mobile shield that protects champions from enemy projectiles. It will also reduce the damage that does manage to make its way through the shield.

W (Stand Behind Me) gives Braum the opportunity tor each his allies faster, while also increasing their magic and armor resistance. 

Q (Winter Bite) is a useful skill-shot slow. Even better, Winter’s Bite can be stacked with the on-hit passive of Braum’s Concussive Blow passive. What does this mean? It means that when this skill is used, Braum will almost always stun his opponent. 

This champion has an ultimate that is versatile – Glacial Fissure can be used to prevent the advance of pursuing enemies or to initiate team fights. 

Why Pick Braum?

Braum runs off of trading and ganking synergy. There is no denying that Braun is a good Brawler champion. During trades, it’s almost guaranteed that his Concussive Blows passive will stun, and this will be followed by a nice amount of magic damage. To make this champion even better, his passive also stacks when a teammate attacks. 


Braum top would work the best when combines with a jungler like Master Yi, Warwick, and Volibear. The extra damage from those concussive blows will secure those kills, and the additional armor bonus the champ gets from Stand Behind Me will make it easier to make those tower dives. We also recommend getting items that have on-hit effects such as Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet. 

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3. Kai’Sa

Everybody hates seeing a ranged top laner, but trust us, Kai'sa is a really good and underrated pick.

After Kai’Sa was released, many LoL players chose Kai’Sa as their main. Her Q (Icathian Rain) ability is a good source of damage, and it is fairly spammable. Then, you have her W (Void Seeker) combines with her E (Supercharge), which does a great job of taking enemies down. 

Her ultimate (Killer Instinct) comes in handy when she needs to chase down enemies that have escaped (or tried to escape). 

Kai’Sa has three passives – the first two passives come in handy for adding a nice boost to her overall damage. The third passive is used to enhance Kai’Sa’s first three abilities. 

Why Choose Kai’Sa? 

Kai’Sa’s damage and versatility make her a great choice. This type of champion can do good in nearly every position, and this shines through when she’s in the top lane. 

In meta, where tanky melee bruisers are dominating the top lane, a ranged champion will have an advantage early on in the game. However, Kai’Sa also does good in the late game; plus, she has both AD and AP scaling damage. This means that the enemy team isn’t going to have any other choice other than to check to see what items Kai’Sa is buying before they choose to build either magic resistance or build armor. 


When you pick your fight on Kai’Sa, you’ll want to pick it away from the minion wave – Kai’Sa does have the range advantages, but she doesn’t really have a way to disengage. 

4. Taric

Taric is mostly played as a Support, but he does a great job on the top lane as well. You won't go wrong if you pick Taric on top

Now, we have Taric, a good support meta-pick. His kit relies on playing with a nearby teammate because Taric’s abilities will also activate where the linked ally is. 

Q (Starlight’s Touch) is a good lane sustain, while E (Dazzle) has an excellent AOE CC ability that proves useful during team fights. It also comes in handy for keeping enemies from getting to your team. Taric’s W (Bastion) offers the right amount of physical damage reduction. When teammates are near Taric, and he uses his ultimate ability, this will render them invincible. 

Why Choose Taric?

Some people are under the impression that Taric does best in the bot lane because he will always have someone to link up with there. However, believe it or not, he is a good brawler that can do a decent amount of damage. 

Having the ability to deal extra magic damage combined with those passive auto attacks makes a good meta top laner. With Taric on your site, even a Junger that doesn’t have crowd control, such as Hecarim, will have the ability to pin an enemy down.


When paired with Junglers that don’t have CC, Taric is a good off-metal top laner. Just keep in mind that most of the top lane enemies have a tendency to be on the tanky side, which means that your burst junglers might not have the damage required to eliminate the target. 

5. Akali

During just the past few weeks, a lot of players have been experimenting with a variety of builds, so it’s no surprise we get a lot of variations. Truth be told, a lot of the experimental builds tend to cover one in particular, and that is the Turbo Chemtank. At the time of this writing, newer and “more optimized builds” have surfaced due to changes Turbo Chemtank received in patch 12.2. All things considered, a lot of builds still make Akali top a very dangerous lane to face against.

What makes her so successful in the mid lane also translates well into the top lane. Akali is a champion that just hurts. Even without items, she innately hurts. This gives you a bit of flexibility as to how you build her. When you build more damage, she can get rid of enemies quicker. When you build her tankier, she’s a bit harder to deal with. This is great for most lineups, as she can just pick up different items and adjust on the fly, depending on what the enemy composition is building towards. She also has great mobility and is quite slippery during a clash. 

Five Point Strike is great for softening enemies up during the laning phase. It all but assures that when you close the gap with Shuriken Flip or Perfect Execution, your full combo bursts down the enemy. Twilight Shroud is excellent for duels, especially when the enemy champion has no means of detecting you. It allows for true hit-and-run tactics that sort of define Akali’s playstyle. Pulling of sneaky ninja moves and outplays is just plain satisfying. 

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6. Warwick

A wild man-wolf isn’t exactly what you’d expect to see in the top lane, running around and killing minions. Yet here we are. What makes Warwick so scary is that a lot of people can’t truly grasp just how much lifesteal he has, and that often translates to surprised top laners who get caught off-guard. 

Warwick is an excellent duelist, mainly because of the aforementioned lifesteal. Eternal Hunger ensures that he steals more HP the lower his own becomes. Jaws of the Beast offers him a mini gap closer and – you guessed it – even more healing. His ultimate, Infinite Duress is another gap closer that is great for suppressing champions you want to lock down and target. During a clash, Warwick can pick off fleeing opponents during the ensuing chaos with his Blood Hunt. With Warwick in Summoner’s Rift, all the ingredients for a good hunt are present. 

7. Rek’Sai

This champion is a prime example of something you don’t see too often, but somehow works. Not too long ago, a North American player who mained Rek’Sai, along with like-minded individuals, developed a strategy for a top laner Rek’Sai. The result is a very optimized playstyle that takes full advantage of his abilities. She is a very good assassin who can weave in and out of the battlefield. 

During the laning phase, she is able to consistently trade with her enemies because of her built-in sustain through Fury of the Xer’Sai. Without mana, skills and abilities are easy enough to spam. This gives her unlimited sustain, even without any items. When able, Rek’Sai can also build a network of tunnels that run from the base to as close to the top tower as you’d like. The tunnels have a very long duration, so even without Teleport, Rek’Sai is able to get back into the lane quickly. 

A lot of players think Burrow is a handicap due to the low vision, however, an aspect of this comes in very handy when playing in the top lane. Rek’Sai can actually see the footsteps, even from blind spots. This makes her particularly great at detecting when an enemy jungler is coming to gank. 

Finally, with the buff Void Rush received actually makes it easier to hit, Rek’Sai is a sight to behold. It’s an execute with a built-in window of invulnerability. It’s a nifty skill to have that can be used offensively as well as defensively. When you mix all of these together, you start to wonder why Rek’Sai top isn’t as common as the theory crafting suggests.

8. Lulu

Lulu might seem like a strange pick, even as off-meta champions go, but hear me out. Firstly, Lulu has a lot of CC built-in, so she’s great as a utility pick. You can either build her as AD or AP, though maybe an AD would work a bit better in top lane for the most part. Lulu can soft zone out her opponents with Whimsy, which is particularly useful when going in for last hits. Both Whimsy and Help, Pix! may be used both offensively and defensively. 

The latter is especially useful when you see an enemy champion trying to run into the bush to attempt a juke, as this skill does provide vision and can act as a sort of signal to your teammates so they know who to prioritize. She is also an excellent kiting champion, and this is especially true if she faces off against a melee champion.

Wild Growth is also great for clutch plays, and this ensures that you maintain a degree of usefulness to your team as you progress later into the game. 

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9. Rammus

Very much like most other champs who make use of items like Turbo Chemtank, a lot of new Rammus builds have surfaced that come to include using him in top lane. No, we aren’t joking! This is a bit more effective than you might think. Not only is he an S-tier initiator later into the game because of his Soaring Slam, but his signature Powerball skill also ensures he gets back into lane quickly. His early game isn’t the best, but having a tanky top lane with amazing mobility certainly helps the team when the laning phase is over and both teams generally just try to aim for pick-offs. 

Rammus is great in the sense that he can just build armor and magic resistance and still be a force to be reckoned with. A lot of this is thanks to his passive, Spiked Shell, which all work seamlessly with his other abilities. He’s also one of the few champions who benefit from actually being attacked because of Defensive Ball Curl. And when Rammus builds as much defense as he naturally does, we know how it will end up for the opponent when they do decide to attack Rammus.

10. Blitzcrank

You can usually see Darius or Nasus on the top lane, since it's pretty rare to see Blitzkrank on the top lane. However, Blitz is still a good champion pick for the top lane, and since he's off meta top pick, you can become quite popular if you start playing him

Last on our list of the ten best off-meta top laners; we have Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank is a good support champion that can take any match by storm. Q (Rocket Grab) is his signature move that grabs an enemy champion and snatches him/her closer to him. Once the enemy is within melee range, Blitzcrank can use E (Power Fist) to stun the target. He can use his offensive mobility tool, Overdrive, to get in range with the enemy to use his Rocket Grab. His ultimate (Static Field) deals a great deal of AOE burst damage. 

Why Choose Blitzcrank? 

Blitzcrank has the capabilities to go up against melee brawlers without blinking an eye. His Static Field passive does a good amount of magic damage, and Power Fist has a low cooldown – all of this combined with the attack speed from his Overdrive gives him a lot of sustained damage. His Mana Barrier passive makes him a hard champion to take down. Then, you have the fact that he can use Rocket Grab to take an enemy close to the tower, forcing them to get hit big time. 


With Blitzcrank’s passive shield, we recommend Lifegrip and Malmortius’ Lifeline – combining these will make him an even bigger force to be reckoned with. 


So there you have it – the top 10 best off-meta top laners. If you have some other off-meta picks that you feel deserves some spotlight, go ahead and tell us about them in the comment section below.

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Top 10 Best Off-Meta Junglers in Season 12

Are you trying to spice up your jungle life? Well, this article covers the top 10 best off-meta jungle champions to help make your jungling exciting.

Jungling can sometimes become boring, especially if playing the same champion over and over again, so this is why these off-meta Junglers will give a new turn to your jungling experience, especially if you are playing with your friends.

League of Legends’ META consists of four lanes and five roles. For example, the role for the mid lane is typically occupied by a mage or an assassin, while the bottom lane , should have a damage-dealing marksman and an enchanting support and the top layer should be a tank. Multitudes of champions with different abilities also help support this META. Going against this meta and playing champions not meant for their role is called off-meta.

10. Invisible Teemo

Invisible Teemo is a great champion pick which makes him one of the best off-meta junglers in Season 10

Do you want to completely destroy the enemy Jungler’s experience? Then lock in Teemo Jungle and walk into the enemy jungle and HIDE. Wait for them to come and simply kill the jungle monster in the last second and then kill the enemy Jungler too. If you have a good Jungling sense, then you can keep repeating this in the different parts of the jungle to make the enemies’ life miserable. Teemo also works in the jungle because he can set up ganks like no one else, going invisible in the middle of the lane and re-appearing once the enemy has crossed you is definitely tilting, especially if done on repeat.

9. Brand

Even though he's not a popular pick, Brand is a strong off-meta pick in the jungle

Brand might seem completely off-meta and not viable in the jungle at all because you never see any mages in the jungle, but if you choose to try him out, you’ll be surprised. You may think that his clear is bad, but with the activation of his Passive on jungle monsters, clearing is quite easy. Ganking is also quite simple because of his sh*t ton of damage so you don’t need to worry about his viability. Brand’s stun also helps to set up ganks quite easily which means that you can do very well with Brand jungle.

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8. Twitch

Twitch has become a very popular off-meta jungle pick in the Season of League of Legends. He's been doing really great in the jungle thanks to his stealthy Q

Twitch might not seem that off-meta considering he works really well in the Jungle, but he is still an off-meta pick. You barely see any Twitch jungle players anymore but when you do, they carry the game. Twitch clear is kinda tricky because you need to make sure you kite while clearing to stay healthy, but apart from that he is solid. His level 2 ganks with his invisibility is almost always a kill and apart from level 2, he can simply walk to any lane with his invisibility and pick-up free kills from everywhere. Not only this, but he also turns into a hyper carry late game as he can almost one-shot their whole team if positioned right.

7. AP Nunu

Full AP Nunu is a fun-to-play off-meta jungle pick. You'll definitely have a lot of fun if you choose him!

If you are talking off-meta, then AP Nunu is the definition of off-meta. Imagine rolling down the river with the largest snowball ever and one-shotting the enemy. Imagine hiding in a bush and charging your Ultimate when an enemy walks by and they die immediately without knowing how or why they died. All this is possible by our beloved and dear, AP Nunu. If you combine AP Nunu with a Ryze on your team, you can definitely make some very interesting plays with the combination of both your Ultimates.

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6. River Shen

Shen is one of the oldest League of Legends champions. He has always been a great pick for top lane or support, but you should really try him out as River Shen in jungle

Shen is one of the games’ oldest champions and, unlike other more popular new champions, does not see much gameplay. It is almost rare to see a Shen during a match and, when he is chosen, he is typically used as a tank support or tank top lane. But River Shen is another story.

River Shen creates its own role, play style, and even lane. The strategy is just to stay on the map’s river, gank a lane, and kill the opponent. To do this successfully, summoner spells used should be ignite and smite. You can easily do ganks with Shen thanks to his Taunt (E).

5. Talon

While he’s technically in the meta, Talon enjoyed a big rise in pick rate during season 12. While his clear speed wasn’t traditionally the fastest by a long shot, recent buffs that increase his effectiveness in the jungle have turned him into an excellent pick. 

One of the scariest things about a Talon in the jungle is the fact that he can basically come out of nowhere. Talon is, for the most part, a true assassin in-game. Assassin’s Path, even at level 1, is a skill that can seriously be abused throughout the map. In fact, few champions in the game, if any,  can vault through walls as effectively as Talon. Much like Zed, he is a champion who can delete enemy squishies easily with his full combo. When you carefully plan your route of engagement with Assassin’s Path, you can swoop in, eliminate an enemy champion, then vault right back out. In the very worst-case scenario, Talon can use his ultimate, Shadow Assault, to escape.

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4. Karthus

Yes. This exists. The value of picking Karthus as a jungler comes from Karthus being able to clear camps quickly. As such, he is almost always ahead of the enemy jungler when it comes to raw farming speed. This is mostly thanks to his Q and E abilities, Lay Waste and Defile, both of which cause AoE damage. These 2 alone make clearing the smaller camps a lot quicker. 

While Defile does restore mana per kill, this works better in mid than in the jungle. As such, Karthus is still very dependent on blue buff, especially early on in the game. This makes him a little bit predictable in terms of where he starts and where he goes every time it spawns. When he does go for a gank, his Wall of Pain lowers enemy magic resistance and slows down enemy champions, perfect regardless of whether or not the lane you’re ganking has an AP-dependent champion. 

Karthus is slow and has no real escape. Not too many traditional junglers are plagued by this weakness. However, his passive ability Death Defiled ensures Karthus doesn’t become completely useless when he’s caught out of position or targeted. Sure, in the lane, walking away from his skillshot range is a quick fix, but it’s a much harder feat to achieve in the middle of a clash when spells are flying left and right.

Lastly, his ultimate Requiem gets rid of those pesky low health enemies who try to flee in an attempt to survive. It is the skill that makes Karthus so infamous. Karthus also being relatively easy to pick up and play makes him a great addition to this list.

3. Nidalee

Nidalee has seen highs and lows throughout the years, but recent changes have caused a resurgence in picks. She’s never really been bad in most metas, but she also seldom dominates. A big deciding factor about whether or not a champion is good at jungling in this meta is map scaling and how effectively a champion can rotate and help out with the enemy team. Suffice to say, Nidalee enjoys great mobility feats due to her R, Aspect of the Cougar, and Prowl

Nidalee also clears jungle camps fairly quickly when she is in cougar form. While in this form, her abilities don’t cost mana, which doesn’t make you too dependent on blue buff. She scales off AP and has a long-ranged poke. While Nidalee herself doesn’t have any hard CC, she is able to consistently chase fleeing opponents, so that somewhat makes up for it. Her E in human form, Primal Surge, also offers a heal and a neat attack speed buff. This can also be cast on allies, which is great when someone more suitable for the attack speed buff is present. League is a team game, after all.

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2. Morgana

Morgana is another AP mage who makes it to this list. She does everything a jungler is expected to do decently. She has no real map scaling, but everything else in her kit is great. Let’s start with her passive, Soul Siphon. It grants spell vamp when her abilities affect champions, large minions, and large monsters. This gives her a certain degree of built-in sustain when trekking through the jungle. 

While it is a skillshot, Dark Binding is devastating when it actually hits enemy champions during a gank. Enemy champions caught in it at max level are rooted for 3 seconds, and when you consider that Morgana could fire it at point-blank range (not likely, but the option is there) with no reduction in duration, it’s all the more terrifying. 

Her W, Tormented Shadow, is the main method she uses to clear camps and sustain herself. Every time Soul Siphon is triggered, the cooldown of W is reduced by 5%. This makes it great for sustain and clearing, as she can constantly spam it. Black Shield gives CC immunity as long as the magic shield is there. It lasts 5 seconds, which is usually enough of a window to time it right. Her ultimate, Soul Shackles, is a spell that can turn the tide of a clash when used at the right time. 

It basically deals a ton of magic damage while tethering nearby enemies if they weren’t fortunate enough to escape the wind-up. Morgana brings a lot to the table. Long CC durations, the ability to grant disable immunity, and DPS based on enemy health make her a terrifying enemy jungler to face against.

1. Taliyah

If there was ever a playstyle that embodied feast and famine, a Taliya in the jungle would be it. Taliya doesn’t get as much playtime as she should in the jungle mostly because of her clear speeds. To say it isn’t too good would be putting it lightly. However, she makes up for it in a bunch of other ways. She has incredible map scaling through her ultimate, Weavers Wall, and her passive, Rock Surfing. This means that – to some extent – she can make up for the lost time through quick travel. 

When she is ahead, however, she can be a real powerhouse. Her full combo can destroy squishier targets when used correctly. Overall, Taliyah is a bit closer to a damaging utility jungler. This works great with coordinated teams. For what she brings to the table as a whole, she’s earned a spot on this list.

Do you want to know about more off-meta champions in the other roles? Comment below to let us know!

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Top 10 Best Off-Meta Mid Laners in Season 12

In the mid-lane, you’re going to find AP-scaling mages paired with bursty assassins. However, if you’re the type of player that likes to shake things up from time to time, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Today, we are going to give you a list of the best off-meta mid laners…

How do these off-meta picks work? We’re going to take a closer look at these LoL champions to find out…

1) Cho’Gath 

Putting Cho’Gath under a microscope and analyzing him, we find that he has a little bit of everything running up his alley. Due to his passive ability (Carnivore), he has terrific sustain. Plus, he is super tanky because of his Feat ultimate stacks and overall good stat scaling.

When it comes to damage, he can use his Q (Rupture) to zone out enemies, or by using his W (Feral Scream), he can deal significant AOE damage – combine this with his E (Vorpal Spikes), and he’s almost unstoppable. 

This champion is also equipped with CC due to the knockup on Rupture and Feral Scream’s AOE silence. With his ulti ability, he can deal focused single-burst damage.

What Makes Him Work? 

Cho’gath is one of those LoL champions that you can place in any role, and he will do good. When you use him as an off-meta mid laner, he does have some early game mana issues that can prevent him from being a big lane bully, but those crowd control abilities make it so that he can make mid-lane ganks with ease. Combine it all with his epic lane sustain, and you have a champion that will continuously soak up experience and damage. 


As a mid-laner, Cho’Gath lacks mobility. You’ll want to prevent targets from using their mobility skills, and for this reason, you’ll want to keep Feral Scream ready. Don’t worry, because you’re tough enough to take a couple of hits for your squishy partner. 

2) Caitlyn

Whenever someone talks about Caitlyn, it’s usually because they’re talking about a lane bully. She’s meta-pick in the bottom lane, her Q (Piltover Peacemaker) combined with the Headshot passive are harassing tools that cannot be passed up, as they can pass through minions. Her E (Snap Trap) ability is a great zoning tool that can prevent the enemy support and marksman from touching the minion lane. Then, you have her Ace in the Hole ability – she can use this to finish her enemies.

What Makes Caitlyn Work?

Range and Utility are her biggest strength. Down the mid-lane, she’s an even bigger lane bully that almost always tilts her opponent. While her harassing tools are useful in bot lane, they’re just as effective in mid-lane, especially since there aren’t any supports that can shield or heal her target. Yorle Snap Trap is a useful ability that she can place in the bushes to deter those enemy Junglers. 


Caitlyn does well with Junglers that are CC-heavy – this is because of her ability, Yordle Snap Trap, that she can use on her opponents to hold them down. 

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3) Master Yi

Next on our list of the best off Meta-Lane Champions, we have Master Yi. At one point in time, we recall Master Yi being a game-breaking meta mid-pick. However, Riot eliminated AP scaling from him, so he’s can no longer be played as a mage. Nowadays, he is one of the easiest high mobility Junglers that does a great job at snowballing and split-pushing.

What Makes Master Yi Work?

Lane Sustain and Mobility powers Master Yi. He’s no longer labeled an AP monster, but he does have some features that make him good in the mid lane. His Alpha Strike comes in handy as evasion and wave clear. Then, his meditate makes it so that he can shrug off poke damage. His mobility is also great, so he can make it to the blue camp, grab a buff for himself, and return to lane without falling behind. 


Unfortunately, this champion doesn’t have any crowd control, which is a real bummer. Instead, you’ll have to put trust in your jungler and hope that he/she can lock down key targets. Master Yi is vulnerable to CC, so having support like Janna would be great for him. Since he is a big threat to the enemy, he’s still considered one of the best off-meta mid laners. 

4) Lucian

Lucian is another good champion that deserves a spot on this list. His damage comes from being able to manage his passive (Lightslinger), instead of auto-attack speed. His Q (Piercing Light) is great for poking past those minion lanes. However, like a traditional mage, he needs to save those cooldowns to move in with an intense burst. While his E (Relentless Pursuit) doesn’t really help him dodge those auto-attacks from enemy marksmen, it is still a useful evasive tool and gap closer. 

What Makes Lucian Work?

Burst damage and mobility are what make Lucian tick. His main weakness in the bottom lane would be his lack of range. However, when playing mid-lane, he doesn’t have a lot to worry about because many opponents are either spellcasters (those ranged attacks are easy to dodge) or melee marksmen (he can outrange them). Using Relentless Pursuit is a good way for Lucian to avoid skill-shot based nukes. 


Having a good jungler will help keep Lucian viable during the late game phase. This is an off-meta pick that is dependent on the teammates. 

5) Renekton

Surely you guys are familiar with Renekton – he’s a top lane bully that many know of. His excellent durability, combined with high burst damage is epic. Having full stacks from his passive (Reign of Anger), his Q (Cull of the Meek) will become a useful, spammable, sustainable tool. His W (Ruthless Predator) can rip enemy shields away while stunning them for a short time. His E (Slice and Dice) is used to stay near fleeing enemies, but it can be used as an escape tool. His ulti (Dominus) allows him to extend his combos as he’s working up his defenses. 

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6. Ekko

Mages, in general, have been strong lately, so a lot of the meta picks this season include burst mages with some sort of hard or soft crowd control effect. Ekko is one of those champions that are great at roaming, and his skillset really compliments that kind of mobile playstyle. His passive ability, Z-Drive Resonance, actually incentivizes moving around and being a slippery champion. Phase Dive and Parallel Convergence, his E and W skills respectively, work together well when you’re trying to make plays that involve a lot of dodging and side-winding. His W, in particular, can be used to slow opponents by 40% and gives you a shield if you decide to dash in and follow up. 

Ekko’s signature move Chronobreak is what really makes him stand out. This is the spell that allows you to go crazy with tower dives or potential traps. Few things are more satisfying than jumping in, executing an opponent, seeing your health bar go red, then just zipping out with your health mostly intact. Just watch out for CC.

7. Corki

Corki is a champion who has been facing an identity crisis for a while now. While he was originally designed as an AD carry who focuses on auto-attack damage, he is slowly transitioning into an AP spellcaster (remember AP Master Yi from way back then? Good times). His attack range is terrible to begin with, and even more apparent when you compare him with champions that can also fulfill his role like Tristana or Caitlyn. However, by building AP, you aren’t as reliant on this range and actually have a lot of built-in AP in your kit when you build around that premise. 

8. Garen

This is one of those times where picking this particular champion is decent most of the time and excels sometimes. Garen is a simple hero to use and is probably one of the first champions a lot of us got to familiarize with when we first started playing League. Garen does well mid the same reason he does well in the top lane, particularly when against melee champions. 

His Q, Decisive Strike, punishes champs who come too close by silencing them and taking out a chunk of their health, all while removing slow effects and giving Garen himself a nice speed boost… The speed he gains from it ensures he will consistently be able to keep enemies within range of his Judgment (a.k.a. spin-to-win). 

While Garen naturally hurts because of his kit, he also has built-in sustain and damage reduction, along with an execute as the cherry on the top. Building lethality on Garen mid makes him a nice pick because he essentially becomes a quick-moving mountain who mows down squishier champs. Later into the game, building tank items ensures Garen stays relevant and contributes to the clash.

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9. Pyke

AD champs who depend on active abilities rather than auto attacks have been rampant around mid-lane for a good while now. While mages have traditionally been picked mid for AP and scaling, burst AD champions act as a sort of soft counter because of squishier mages lack of escape and armor. It’s why champions like Yone and Yasuo are considered meta in mid, and one of the reasons why we’re seeing a resurgence in Kassadin players. For that same reason, Pyke is a viable option for mid-lane, and when you consider the recent buffs he got from Riot in the recent patches, he has the potential to snowball into a monster. His Q, Bone Skewer, is a poke/pull with a relatively low cooldown with built-in CC. 

Support champions tend to have a lot of utility in general, but Pyke is unique in the sense that Riot designed him as a true assassin while being put in the support role. Sure there have been burst “assassins” in the support role for a while now, but that’s mostly due to the ingenuity of the community rather than something done on purpose. Pyke’s skillset is designed to not be too dependent on gold while giving him all the tools he needs to take down enemies. His passive, Gift of the Drowned Ones gives him great sustain in lane, especially against champions that tend to harass you a lot. 

He gains a portion of his health back through his stored gray health. What many people don’t realize is that you can also use this to check if a brush is warded. If you don’t regenerate even in the brush, then it’s warded. His W, Ghostwater Dive, gives him movement speed and camouflage. This is great for setting up ganks and positioning yourself by sneaking into the brush and other areas the enemy team wouldn’t even suspect. Worst case scenario, you can use it as an escape along with your E, Phantom Undertow

If you’re starting to see a pattern, it’s because it is definitely there. A lot of his skills are versatile, dual-purpose skills that he can use to either position, assassinate, or escape if all else fails. His ultimate, Death from Below, basically works like Darius’ Noxian Guillotine. They even share the same cooldown mechanics. While it doesn’t stack with hemorrhage, the added benefit is that you and supporting allies get gold from it equal to a full kill. As a mid laner, you’re giving your jungler more incentive to come in for a gank. Lastly, Pyke is also an amazing roamer with his movement speed. This means that the recent nerfs on teleport actually benefit Pyke by hindering the roaming capabilities of other champs.

10. Pantheon

The reason Pantheon is on this list is pretty straightforward. He’s an assassin with good burst and poke, has a built-in CC, great roaming potential in the form of Grand Starfall, and benefits a lot in the hands of skilled players. His low mana cost from Comet Spear lets him poke and stab an opponent until the enemy mid laner is low enough for a full combo. 

The best part is that Pantheon actually tends to survive initiations because he has a decent window of damage negation through your E, Aegis Assault. You’ll just have to make sure you position and time it right to get the full use of it.

What Makes Renekton Work?

Of course, counterplay is what makes Renekton work. He does a good job when it comes to eliminating those melee assassins. If a melee assassin were to get close to him, he would be able to shut down their combo using his ability called Ruthless Predator.


Renekton relies on counterplay, so you must pay close attention to your enemies’ abilities. Any LoL champion that is within range of his ability called Slice and Dice is a suitable target. 


So there you have it, the best off mid-lane champions. Do you have a personal favorite off-meta mid lane pick that you would like to tell us about? Go ahead and leave us a comment.

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Top 7 Best Junglers in Diamond (Season 12)

Diamond is where things will start to get serious. Players in this rank tend to practice champions hard because they aim to reach Challenger. I will provide you with the best champions you can use in Diamond based on statistics but make sure to practice them reasonably, not only your champions but your macro knowledge as well. 

There are multiple ways you can practice, but one of the best and most effective ways to get better is to watch the replays of your games. At first, you might ask, why? Is there any relevance if you watch your mistakes? Won’t that embarrass you even further? 

The answer is no because, on the contrary, if you watch your mistakes, you will figure out what you did wrong, so the next time you face another situation like that, you will know the right decision and come out on top.

League of legends is a battle of wits and decision-making. Practicing champions, again and again, will truly bring out the best in your games. Kind of like in real life, if you practice an instrument repeatedly after so many mistakes, you will reach a point where you don’t need guides anymore, and you will confidently play your instrument. 

I won’t delay it any further, and here are the best junglers you can use in Diamond Rank.

1. Viego

Viego excels in high-level play because of his passive. The utility that comes from turning yourself into the champions you just slain is a great way to be unpredictable. His ability to heal a certain percentage of HP every time he possesses a soul is just beyond OP, giving him resets of his ultimate every time he scores a takedown. 

Viego is also a very fast jungle camp clear champion, and players in high elo Diamond know how to utilize jungle aggro range and timers. If Viego gets to clear the jungle camp fast enough, he can gank the nearest lane, and if he scores a takedown with this tactic, he can snowball towards a victory. 

His staple item is none other than the sword named after him, Sword of the Ruined King gives Viego an improved attack speed, and it even stacks with his already impressive bonus HP percentage damage. He can also use Conqueror or Grasp of the undying to Synergize with his Divine Sunderer’s heal and bonus damage. 

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2. Diana

Diana’s combo is powerful, mainly when enemies are grouped. Diamond and up is a different league than the lower ranks because players in this division know what to prioritize. Team fights and Objective regroups are the most common occurrence in Diamond; enemies often clump together when preparing for initiation. 

Diana can take advantage of this and immediately perform her AOE burst to unsuspecting enemies. It is effortless to burst them all down if you manage to fake a disengage or sneak behind the opposing team.

Make sure that if you plan to do a mid or late-game burst, you have a Zhonya’s Hourglass so you can survive the retaliation of the opposing team. Diana also has a bonus attack speed every time she casts her spells, meaning she can clear camps quickly and gank lanes early on, but it is up to you to focus on ganking or power farming because Diana can thrive on either of the two options.

Nashor’s tooth is an item you can build in the early game to help you clear camps even faster; it will also help you stand your ground and trade hits to the opposing jungler if you cross paths. 

3. Lee Sin

High elo also sees high-level plays, and that means hard-to-use champions are the name of the game. Lee Sin is one of the hardest champions to play in League of Legends because of different factors. For one, there is the range of your Q, and you need to consider the angle from which you can hit an enemy champion without hitting a minion or a jungle monster. 

One of the most challenging plays in Lee Sin is performing an insec during stressful team fights. 

Lee Sin is tough to use, but if you master him and can comfortably use him, he can be a one-person team to carry your entire team. He can initiate team fights or solo carries an entire game. Whatever you decide your playstyle will be, you can adapt your item build to whatever your team needs. 

Lee Sin can be built like an assassin in the early game and then transition to a bruiser in the late game. Like I said, adjust to whatever your team needs or whatever counters the opposing team. 

However, one generally good item build on him is a tank that uses Deadman’s Plate and Guardian Angel as the two core items. Goredrinker is also a great item on Lee Sin, especially if the game reaches the late game. 

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4. Evelynn 

Diamond players tend to be aware of their warding locations, but that does not mean players prioritize buying control wards. Evelynn can only be seen if there is a nearby control ward or if she gets scanned by an oracle lens. 

Her agile and stealthy nature can be hazardous in Diamond, combined with the fact that she can burst almost every champion in the game during early to mid-game. 

Evelynn is great if you abuse her roaming potential; she thrives on early-game assassinations, meaning she can farm kills instead of jungle camps. His passive also allows her to heal a portion of her lost HP every time she disengages and turns invisible; this opens up an opportunity for Evelynn to farm jungle monsters after a gank instead of recalling. 

Her primary damage comes from her W and E combo and E procs on-hit effects. Lich Bane is an insane item you can build on, Evelynn. You can rush build this item and watch as enemies get tilted because of your early game burst. 

5. Kindred

A champion that does not get much spotlight in low elo, Kindred is a team player who thrives on playing and achieving kills with her team. Her ultimate is one of the best life-saving abilities in the game, but the fact that enemies can step inside the circle and be immune to death also means you have to use it smartly. 

Kindred can pretty much focus on power farming and rushing items, but that doesn’t mean she can forget about ganking. She can do both things, and farm kills and builds her passive stack up. 

Kindred’s late game is based on her stack, so you might want to focus on acquiring your passives as much as you can. If your passive spawns on the opponent’s jungle camp, try to ask for help from your laners, so you don’t risk yourself dying. 

6. Graves

The favorite jungle champions of Korean high elo players, Graves’ ability to cancel the animation, become tanky and deal tons of damage in a short period is why he is one of the best champions to master in higher elos. 

Graves has a passive that pushes jungle monsters back every time he hits them is an excellent way for him to skip on early game sustain items and focus on building his core items first. He can play around a minion without suffering damage. 

He also has incredible AOE damage meaning he can clear raptors and krugs fast and annoying camp to clear for champions with no AOE damage. Galeforce opens up so many potential plays for Graves, and he can use it to engage enemies and use the gap closer as a chance to slow enemies with his smokescreen. 

Galeforce also allows Graves to one-shot enemies as soon as he builds them. If enemies are squishy, Galeforce is the smart thing to buy, but if it looks like you will have extended skirmishes or team fights, then Immortal Shieldbow is your best bet. 

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7. Nunu & Willump

Diamond players focus on securing objectives with a map’s vast influence, so it is pretty evident that Nunu is a staple pick in high elo. The fact that he can stack his Q with smite is why you should pick him more often in Diamond. You rarely, if not never, lose a smite battle with the opposing jungler with Nunu; make sure that if you want to claim an objective, let your team stick with you so you can burst Baron down in an instant even if he has more than 1000 HP.

Roaming is also the main factor in high elo, and Nunu excels at ganking lanes thanks to his snowball. You can improve this ganking speed even further by building Deadman’s plate. Not only will this give you a slow effect on your first hit on an enemy, but it also gives you so many defensive stats, which allows you to perform tower dives.


Players in this division are the ones who practice champions and watch their replays so they can improve on their macro and micro knowledge. These champions are great to play but coming out on top when using them is not easy. It would help if you were consistent with your decision-making skills. It would help if you also kept yourself updated from the latest patch so you can adjust your picks and bans and your item builds. 

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Top 10 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Season 12

Duo Queueing is an effective way to play League of Legends. The average player will have more success in games when they duo queue with another player, even if the other player has a lower skill rating than them. This is because there are fewer variables involved and it’s easier for both players to coordinate their efforts. So what are the best duos in League? Let’s find out!

This article explores 10 different duos that can be played together effectively and efficiently in order to achieve victory on Summoner’s Rift. Each combo consists of two champions that complement each other well, providing you with plenty of options for your next game!

1. Ashe and Varus

This is a very popular duo that is often seen in the lower leagues. Ashe’s slows and Varus’s long-range makes zoning enemies and poking them from a safe distance easy. Their lack of burst damage can be problematic if the enemy team has a lot of champions with high mobility, but they make up for it with their consistent damage output.

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2. Malphite and Orianna

One of the oldest “wombo-combo’s” in League of Legends, this duo is still significantly relevant in today’s version of League. Without going too much into detail, the main reason why this pairing is so strong (as I’m sure you can guess by now), is the overwhelmingly great synergy they have when taking into account their abilities & champion kit.

You’ve probably seen it happen a million times by now, Orianna attaches her orb to Malph, he then ults the whole enemy team, and if one knock-up wasn’t enough to absolutely demolish all of them, Orianna pretty much guarantees the teamfight’s victory with her own ultimate.

Hands-down one of the best combos you could pull of in League.

3. Lucian and Braum

Lucian and Braum are the pinnacles of bot lane synergy. Their passives are what make their bot lane synergy excellent. Lucian’s passive allows him to pop Braum’s faster than any champion in the game.

Once Braum applies a stack of his passive, Lucian can proc 2 out 4 stacks with one Passive AA making this synergy absurdly strong. Lucian’s R, Culling, is very easily interrupted by crowd control abilities. Luckily, all he has to do is stand behind Braum. Braum’s Unbreakable shield can block any incoming projectiles, including auto attacks and CC. This allows Lucian to get a full channel Culling off almost any time!

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4. Yone and Yasuo

As these two League of Legends champions are siblings in the universe, it’s only natural that Riot would create them to be one of the game’s most powerful duos. The hardest scaling stat in League of Legends, each gaining double Critical Strike Chance, this pair is vicious! Before the knock-up ends, they can dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Yasuo is used to being paired with duos, since he can pair up with any knockup ability. Regardless of the enemy team’s composition, you will climb the ranks. Just don’t put him in a team with champions that have grounding abilities.

Yone provides a LOT to a team, especially because he has two AoE knockups for Yasuo’s ultimate. His stacked Q (which is similar to Yas) along with his Ultimate are two of the best abilities complementary to Yasuo’s playstyle. Yone has the tools required to do mixed damage that Yasuo can’t while taking less damage than Yasuo.

5. Galio and Pantheon

This is the duo comp for you if you’re facing assassins roaming bot and top instead of mid. This is a more tanky, less creative take on the Shen and Twisted Fate tandem. The advent of assassins made it necessary to include a duo that destroys them in every way.

With his passive boosting talents, he can burst someone with Spear, stun them with Shield Vault, and most importantly, utilize enhanced Aegis Assault to tank entire combos simply by standing in front of them.

Galio is the same, but against AP. Think champions like Fizz who’s a popular pick. He has a lot of similarities to Pantheon, in that he can take hits and kill whoever tried to do him harm with magic damage. He has a more personal approach than Pantheon but is more consistent when it comes to farming because of his Q’s range and poke.

If you want to ruin assassins in every aspect of their game, from farming to roaming to duels. These two will make any assassin main wish they had chosen a different champion.

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6. Jhin and Vi

This is another very popular duo in the lower leagues. Jhin’s long-range and slow make it easy for Vi to catch up to enemies, and her stuns and knockups can easily set up Jhin’s traps. Jhin’s ultimate, Curtain Call, does massive damage when enemies are grouped together and can easily take down an entire team if Vi helps him set it up correctly.

This can go both ways though, with Jhin landing his W on a far-away target, which in turn would allow Vi to catch up with her Q and R abilities, which would then give Jhin all the time he needs to build up his 4th shot (passive), or precisely land his ultimate.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for extremely high damage output, coupled with a few hard CC abilities, then this is the duo you should take into your next ranked game.

7. Xayah and Rakan

Xayah and Rakan are another popular duo in LoL. Rakan’s heals and buffs make it easy for Xayah to stay in the fight, and her long-range skills make it easy for Rakan to catch up to enemies. Xayah’s ultimate, Deadly Plumage, does massive damage when enemies are grouped together and can easily take down an entire team if Rakan helps her set it up correctly.

Together, they can easily take down any opponent who isn’t prepared for their deadly combo.

8. Azir and Gnar

With their built-in attack speed and escapes, the two champs are equally useful for split pushing or teamfighting. Gnar offers 1v1 dueling potential without the same immobility issue that tanks face. He’s also adaptable, playing both tanky and carry Azir compositions with ease. He can handle most melee top laners in the meta, including Sett, Darius, Garen, etc.

Azir, on the other hand, is one of the most complex & best scaling champions in the game and may wipe a team by himself when played by a capable player. Azir can go wild with his ultimate, which adds an extra wall to provide Gnar with excruciatingly long chains of crowd control.

9. Kog’Maw and Janna

The ultimate classic combination, and of the best ADC/Support combinations. When you want to play Kog’Maw, make sure you have a support who can keep him alive. Janna is the ideal person for keeping people safe, so she’s an excellent choice.

This combination might be difficult to play at times, particularly early on, but once Kog’Maw has a few items, things go quite well. Kog is one of the most potent late-game ADCs, and with Janna by his side, it’s almost impossible to kill him.

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10. Twisted Fate & Shen

Twisted Fate and Shen are two of League of Legends’ most famous worldwide ultimates. When you combine the two, you get a ubiquitous duo that may appear at any time and anywhere. Using Twisted Fate’s pick potential with Shen’s follow-up, the pair instills fear in the minds of their foes by making them feel alone.

If you’re looking for CC, Utility, Teamfight Power, and overall map presence, this duo is for you.


In short, the best duo queue combos are those that work well together and can cover each others weaknesses. This means you should choose a champion with CC to pair up with one who has high damage output or shields for protection. Whether you’re looking for long-range champions or melee fighters, there is always a combo out there that will suit your needs in League of Legends!

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Top 10 Best Off-Meta Supports in Season 12 (Updated)

League of Legends meta can be challenging. You can be successful by sticking to strategies, or you can wander away from it and see where the bumpy path takes you. Just because a champion isn’t “meta,” this doesn’t mean he/she cannot be useful.

With those thoughts in mind, let’s step outside and take a look at the ten best off-meta support. 

Before we begin, these aren’t any esoteric champions…over the years, there have been mains in specific roles, and never really turned into a mainstream support pick. Some of these picks have an atypical playstyle, and that may be one of the issues. 

If you’re the type of support player who is passive, this list might not be for you. We’re telling you right now; these champions are so aggressive that they can single-handedly take care of business. When compared to AD carries, they’re much more capable early on in the match. If you manage to master either one of these support champions, you can create a whole lot of chaos in the bottom lane, especially if the enemy players aren’t familiar with how to play against our off-metal picks. 

Now that we said all that, let’s move forward and look at the five off-meta support picks (these are listed in no particular order)

1. Poppy

Many people seem to love Poppy, and we can understand why. Poppy is known for taking an occasional walk through the jungle and well-known as a top laner. If you have confidence in your mechanical skill and you’re willing to give it your all, then Poppy would be a tremendous off-meta support champion for you. 

Her Q has a slow, and her E offers a nice little stun, but the caveat here is you’ll need to land it first. Her W (Steadfast Presence) can come in handy because regardless of whether the target is outside or inside, it can block any dash. 

Apart from having an impact on the lane, you’ll also be able to neutralize some junglers. The W will prevent ganks from Nautilus, Jarvan, Gragas, Sejuiani, Kha’Zix, Rengar, and so on. All of them have dashes or jumps, and if you do your W correctly, you’ll be able to prevent those potent engages.

If you do it just right, her ulti can be very powerful. “Keeper’s Verdict” can do a whole lot of damage, and if you had ever played Poppy before or faced her on an opposing team, you probably already know this.

Her Q does a nice amount of damage as well, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that huge. 

Many people turn away from Poppy because she does take some time to learn – she’s not the type of champion you just pick up and play. She doesn’t have a built-in shield, but if you land your passive and pick up her buckler, you can still shield yourself. Poppu also lacks point-and-click- CC. 

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2. Anivia

Anivia is an old champion, yet many people still choose her as their main. In mid-lane, Anivia is at the top of the list when it comes to dealing damage. Her Q (Flash Frost), E (Frostbite), and Glacial Storm combo offer a nice mixture of CC and AOE damage. She’s not the toughest champion in the game, but she can force trades thanks to her Rebirth Passive.

Anivia is an ice-themed champion, so it’s relatively safe to assume she has some nice CC under her belt. Take her Flash Frost as an example; she uses this to stun enemies, even during minion waves. Then her Glacial Storm is an AOE slow that is nearly spammable – it does a decent amount of damage as well. 

As a support champ, the most exciting part of Anivia would be her synergy with Vayne. Crystalize can be cast behind an enemy, acting as a wall, and this makes it so that Vayne’s Condemn can be used anywhere. 

AP isn’t at the top of the list for a support Anivia, so she can put more focus on her mana regeneration to make her CC abilities more spammable …yes, more spammable than they already are. As a support champion, Anivia can opt for a tanky build so that she can take some of the damage off of her squishier teammates. 


Camille, a champion that is well known for her versatility, is number three on our list of the 10 best off-meta supports. Due to her Adaptive Defenses passive, Camillie is a good high-damage bruiser – if you itemize the right, you can turn her playstyle into a bursty assassin. Her Q (Precision Protocol) makes it so that she can quickly eliminate her enemies, regardless of how they are built. Her W (Tactical Sweep) comes in handy for pushing the lane. Her E (Hookshot/Walldive) can be utilized to gain access to the enemy’s backline or to escape.

Compared to some of the other League of Legends off-meta supports, Camille may not have a proper stun. However, due to her Hextech Ultimatum, she has a reliable all-in. This can be used to isolate either the enemy support or the enemy Marksman. Combine this with Hookshot/Walldive, and you have yourself a potent support.

Once Camille has her ultimate ready, she should run with a jungler – this will make for better ganks.

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4. Ashe

Ashe is a classic beginner champion with a straightforward kit and great range. Her passive, Critical Slow and Frost Shot have given her the reputation as a utility champ. With attack speed items, she is capable of dealing a consistent amount of damage. She also can stun key targets with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow – she can stun them for up to 3.5 seconds.

Ashe involves CC and Vision. As a marksman, she has a lot of utility due to her high-range stun and permanent CC. Her E (Hawkshot) makes her a great support champion. Picking up items focused on ability cooldown and managing regeneration will make her W (Volley) become a spammable AOE slow. 

Ashe does great when paired with a short-ranged or melee bot lane champ like Lucian or Yasuo. 

5. Orianna

A quick look at her kit makes me wonder why Orianna isn’t picked as a support more often. You could argue she doesn’t have a reliable crowd control spell, but other supports have been picked for far less. She has a poke, a shield, devastating combos when used with the right teams, and you can make for sick plays when you use them right. 

Building AP doesn’t just increase how much your poke hurts, but it also increases how much you shield your allies for. Essentially, it’s hitting two birds with one stone. Her passive Clockwork Windup also makes sure her auto attacks don’t fall off too much during the mid to late game. Her first 3 spells have low cooldowns. 

Besides the aforementioned lack of a reliable crowd control spell, her only real problem is mana management during the early stages of the game. This could also translate into late game problems if you aren’t careful, especially considering how often you can use her poke. When maxed out, Command: Attack has a cooldown of 3 seconds. It’s often tempting to just spam that during the laning phase to bully the opposing bot laners. 

You might have also noticed that Orianna has quite a bit of reach with her spells, mostly because of the different ways she can position her ball. Because of this, she’s a great pick for diving teams who like to siege towers. In fact, just having her ball placed in certain areas can act as a sort of deterrent and zone out enemies. It’s very similar to Blitzcrank or Thresh just hiding in a bush.

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6. Shen

Shen has probably been my favorite support, even before his rework. Not too many people use him, but back when Heart of Gold (R.I.P.) was still a thing, it actually wasn’t that bad. With the way he works now, along with all the items meant for supports, Shen is actually way more viable as a support. While he’s commonly played in top lane, his skillset actually all work great for a support champion.

His passive, Ki Barrier, makes Shen naturally tanky. His other abilities that affect other champions (which is all of them, by the way) lower the cooldown. This makes him great for dashing in and out of small skirmishes, and he benefits more from a guerilla style hit-and-run support rather than one quick clash where all the abilities are thrown.

His Q, Twilight Assault, basically scales with AP and the opponent’s max health. This works great on tankier champions. Spirit’s Refuge is a skill great for when your AD Carry and your enemies in bot lane just start trading blows. It’s also great for repelling enemy tower sieges. Shen’s E is a CC, escape tool, and chase, rolled into one skill. It’s one of the skills that really make him a ninja.

Finally, Shen’s Ultimate Stand United makes it so that he has a global presence. It can quickly turn a 1v1 match into a 2v1. While the cooldown is quite long, using it when you have your full combo ready often results in an enemy champion needing to respawn. Shen is a tanky support who offers a lot of utility and can actually dish out damage too. The best part? Shen doesn’t use mana, so you can focus on tanky or AP items, either to soak up more damage, or for extra shielding and damage you can dish out yourself.

7. Veigar

Because of how Frostfang works, we saw a surge in AP champions trying out the support role. A lot of them were effective as damage dealing supports, such as Brand and Annie. However, Veigar is a special case. This is mostly because of Phenomenal Evil Power. Each stack gives Veigar 1 AP, which he can use to scale into monstrous proportions in the later parts of the game. Not only that, it also lowers the cooldown of his W, Dark Matter, which already offered low cooldown and high damage from the get-go. 

With Frostfang, poking enemy champions damages them, gives you gold, and builds up stacks of Phenomenal Evil Power. When fights inevitably happen, though, he has an area of effect stun that can lock in enemies for up to 2.5 seconds, or even longer when the enemy champions are locked in and have to make a choice between just eating the stun by walking through it, or just staying inside and hoping your teammates don’t catch up to them. Veigar’s ultimate, Primordial Burst, is also one of the most reliable executes in game because it isn’t a skillshot. It scales with your AP and often deletes squishier champions late in the game. 

Lastly, late game items like Rabadon’s Death Cap increase your AP by 35%. This helps Veigar transition into a poke and CC heavy support into a monster AP carry. Veigar is versatile but suffers from low range and no real escapes. Because of this, you’ll have to play a bit conservatively early on, especially during the laning phase.

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8. Sion

Sion is on this list because he is very similar to Veigar in the sense that he can stack HP indefinitely, has a long CC (though unreliable), can poke early game, and scales well late into the game. First, I want to talk about Soul Furnace and Steel Shoulderguards (or Relic Shield, if you go with that route, which we’ll talk about in detail later).

With the passive of Soul Furnace, Sion gains 4 HP when he kills a unit (increased to 15 when he kills larger monsters or assists with a champion kill and assist). The passive of Soul Furnace works with the minion execute from Steel Shoulderguards, and this is what helps him stack HP early on. This makes items like Warmog’s Armor more viable on him in midgame, should you opt for a tankier build.

Soul Furnace increases the shield Sion obtains based on AP and maximum health. It damages enemies based on Sion’s own AP and the enemy champion’s maximum health. Because of this, both AP and tank builds are viable on Sion. Choosing one over the other changes his playstyle a bit. I believe the value of Sion really comes from how well his abilities work together, particularly when he is built as a tanky support.

His ultimate, Unstoppable Onslaught, is an amazing initiating skill. His signature passive, Glory in Death, ensures that Sion can still contribute to the team during a clash even if the enemy team focuses him down first after a well-placed R.

9. Gragas

Similar to Sion, Gragas is a support who can benefit from either an AP,tank, or even a hybrid build. At his core, Gragas is a naturally tanky champion with utility because of his ultimate and E ability. Body Slam is a great initiation tool that actually has multiple uses. You can use it to chase, escape, and knock enemies backwards. His ultimate, Explosive Cask, knocks enemies away from the point of impact. It’s similar to the initial burst of Janna’s ultimate. As you can see, he has a lot of ways to displace enemies. 

When using Resolve runes, in particular, Gragas is able to sustain himself in the lane and during the roaming phase because of how well Happy Hour and Drunken Rage work so well together. Gragas gains a percentage of his HP every time he uses any of his skills.

Drunken Rage is also the reason why Gragas is so naturally tanky, because it gives him a percentage of damage reduction that scales with his ability power. Meaning, building AP items not only makes him hurt more, but also ensures he has a certain degree of survivability when it is active. Despite his large stature, he’s actually a very slippery champion that is relatively difficult to kill when played right.

10. Ahri

Last on our list of the 10 best off-meta supports; we have Ahri – this is one of the most popular champions in LoL. However, we mostly come across her being played as a source of AP damage in the mid-lane. Her W (Fox-fire) and Q (Orb Deception) are her two main forms of damage. Her passive gives her a nice movement bonus, and her Spirit Rush gives her extra mobility during fights. 

With Ahri’s mobility, she can easily move close to her enemies, making landing her skill shots a lot easier. However, her CC that her E (Charm) provides makes her a good meta-support champion. Her kit allows her to get close enough to get a 2-second stun in, so anyone that gets hit by her will be at risk of taking damage from two champions. 

Ahri guarantees damage, which makes her a good perfect combination for Jhin with his Deadly Flourish passive.  If you don’t like to play support champions, have a look at the 10 best off-meta junglers


So there you have it – the top 10 best off-meta support champions in LoL. We hope this list helps you find the off-meta support champion you’ve been looking for. If you know of a good off-meta support champion that you feel deserves his/her spot on this list, please tell us about them in the comment section.

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How to Get More Dragons in League of Legends?

League Of Legends has been out for more than a decade now and in its tenure, the Riot devs have introduced many changes to the Rift. With that said, one of the biggest changes to the rift has to be the introduction of the elemental drakes in Season 9.

With the introduction of season 9, four different elemental dragons were introduced. These dragons have a huge impact on the game due to the buffs and map changes they provide. Therefore, it is only natural that securing drakes will be one of your main priorities.

So if you are looking to get more dragons in League of Legends, the very first thing you need to do is to play with your team. This will require your mid and bot to have prio as it will give your jungler an edge. However, if your team is not in a contesting position you might need to go for a steal.

Having said that, we know how hard it can be to secure drakes in the Rift. Therefore, we have written this guide to help you get More Dragons in League Of Legends.

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Picking Up a Strong Early Game Jungler

League is a game that has a vast roster of champions to choose from. Therefore, it is only natural that some of the champs are stronger than others in the early game. This allows champions like Master Yi and Warwick to have a strong presence early on.

With that said, picking up strong early game champs isn’t always the best route as securing drakes always requires a team effort.

Setting up for Drake 

As a Jungler you need to ensure drake priority for your team in all scenarios. You not only need to track drake timers, but also make sure that your lanes have the required priority to rotate for the said objective. 

The first drake of the game can be extremely important if your team comp is early-game focused. Therefore, you need to leverage your lead by implementing objective control in order to take as many dragons as possible.

While identifying lane priority is one aspect of this job, you also need sufficient vision around the objective in order to access your way into the river without getting collapsed on by the enemy. While this can be done by placing a control ward on the river tri-bush, you can also ask your support to ward his side of the river whenever possible. 

Learning About Drake Spawn Timing 

When it comes to setting up for Dragons nothing is more important than knowing about the drake’s spawn timing. If you know when a Dragon is going to spawn you will be able to complete your clears and work on setting up for it.

Having said that, the first Drake spawns at the 5 minutes mark. Hence, giving you enough time to make your first clear and then recall the Drake set up. After you take a dragon the timer resets for the Drake and the next Drake spawn after another 5 minutes passes by.

Why Do You Need To Identify Objective Priority?

Drakes are not objectives that can be taken whenever your want. You can easily get punished if you do not have the sufficient setup needed at hand. For example, you could be playing Master Yi – thinking that it’ll be a piece of cake to solo the early game drake. 

You start your journey to the drake pit without any lane priority. You forgot to check for any wards in the pit and start auto-attacking the dragon without any concern for your laners’ ability to rotate. 

Unsurprisingly, the enemy jungler will come at the last second and will leave with a kill and a drake. Thus your team ends up losing jungle pressure on the map and there’s one lesser drake to grab. That’s why it is extremely important for you to not let this happen since one bad mistake can be the difference between winning and losing. 

How to Give Your Lane Prio?

So now that you have an idea about how objective priority works, you need to understand how to help your lanes to set up for the dragon. Giving your lane priority requires two things, first is making sure that both your mid and bots lane wave is pushed in while the second one revolves around knowing the whereabouts of the enemy jungler.

To give your lanes priority the best thing you can do is to look for gank openings. Once you are able to get a successful gank your laner will have prio and will be able to push in the lane and roam for the dragon.

To deal with your little enemy jungler problem you can try setting up vision around the drake and in the enemy jungle. This will allow your bot lane and mid lane to push in their waves without the fear of the jungler interfering hence making for an excellent roam.

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How To Set Up Vision Around The Drake Pit?

The best place for setting up control wards are the bushes and the back of the drake pit since both are mostly out of vision. The control wards last indefinitely until they’re attacked. Therefore it can essentially be considered as a free vision that not only prevents enemy laners from pulling off successful roams but also allows you to spot the enemy jungle in various places on the map.

Apart from control wards getting the first two scuttles on the bottom side of the map is also essential. The vision provided by the scuttles takes off the pressure from the bot lane and allows them to rotate for the drake.

Lastly, having a Sweeping Ward is a must as it allows you to take out enemy wards. This puts the enemy at a great disadvantage and lowers the chances for a steal. Moreover, the trinket can also help you find enemies that are hiding like Teemo and Shaco which can potentially steal the drake.

Securing the Drake

Now that you have set up for the drake and made sure that your laner can rotate for the objective. You need to make sure that you are able to out smite the enemy jungler. However, this can get really tricky as champions like Nunu or Cho’gath can easily out-smite you.

With that said, there are a few steps you can take to secure the drake for your team.

Bursting Down When At Low-HP

This one has to be your main priority no matter what. As a jungler or a laner you need to prioritize bursting down the drake and you can do so by timing your abilities with your jungler’s smite.

For example, if you are a Lee Sin you should know how much damage your Q E combo can deal. Once you execute your combo you need to smite the drake as well. This allows Lee Sin to deal almost 1500 dmg instead of just using the Smite for 900.

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Stealing the Drake 

League is a game that is all about your highs and lows. This means that sometimes your team will be winning, sometimes they will be losing. Therefore, if your team is losing it will only be counterproductive for them to rotate for the drake.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still go for a steal. In fact, with the bounty system introduced, Riot itself encourages the players to make these moves and get back in the game. Having said that, stealing is not as easy as it sounds but if performed right it can help you win games.

Champions like Kayn and Shaco kits are tailored in such a manner that stealing Objective seems like their birthright. However, if you are using a champ like Udyr or Hecarim you can still go for a steal.

You can utilize a blue trinket to get vision on the objective and then use the blastcon or a flash to secure the objective. Sometimes stealing the Dragon might end up in you dying but if you are able to secure the objective it’s worth the risk. 

Looking For a Teamfight 

Lastly, if both the teams are on an equal footing it is only natural that the enemy team will contest for the drake. In this scenario, the entire game’s balance can completely tilt towards a single team. Therefore, you need to look for openings in the enemy’s defense.

Once you are able to find an opening, you need to take out the enemy Jungler at all cost especially if their jungler is a champ like Nunu which is nigh possible to out-smite. By taking out their jungler, the enemy team will have to stop contesting, leading you to an easy drake.


We know how Impactful Dragons can be in a game of league. Especially when it is a soul point or the Elder Drake itself. Keeping this in mind, we have written down all the guidelines above to help you secure these dragons as they can be a key factor in deciding your team’s fate.

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Common Mistakes That Businesses Make When Utilizing An SEO Firm

Common Mistakes That Businesses Make When Utilizing An SEO Firm

The global search engine optimization market is anticipated to develop at a 19% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to reach $77.6 billion in 2023. You know SEO is a fantastic approach because you want your business to grow (more leads, more revenue, more traffic). A position at the top of Google’s search results is possible if you do it correctly.

So it’s time to hire an SEO company. Unfortunately, many businesses are completely ignorant of SEO, leaving them wide open to exploitation by dishonest businesses. You must be very organized in your search for the top SEO company if you want to be on Google’s first page of search results.

Businesses commit a lot of errors when it comes to selecting the best SEO Agency USA, though. They may ultimately pay a high price for these mistakes.

In this article, we go through some of the most typical recruiting errors people make. Let’s look into these.

Not Researching SEO Services Enough

You don’t have to hire an SEO company right now. But before you start looking for a professional SEO agency USA to hire, you must first get ready.

SEO services come in a variety of forms. Establish yours.

  • Are you now only interested in focusing on growing the traffic to your website?
  • Or require better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs)?
  • Want to boost local SEO?
  • Are you perhaps trying to achieve quality lead generation?

To begin your SEO strategy, you should consider some of these important factors. You’ll have to adjust some strategies as necessary. The SEO company should be questioned about how they intend to modify your strategy in light of evolving requirements.

Not Researching The Rates On The Market At The Time

When you employ a specialized SEO service, you’re probably trying to save money, or you might even pay more than you should.

The truth is that just because some SEO services are pricey doesn’t mean you will achieve the desired outcomes.

You must be knowledgeable of the going charges for various SEO services. You want to achieve the appropriate conversion rates and ROI because it is your business, and you risk your hard-earned money.

However, inexpensive SEO services are not necessarily without risk.

In the end, you might decide to hire an SEO company or freelancer with the most affordable rates. But that would be a foolish choice and naïve.

While price is important when choosing an SEO firm, don’t allow it to be the sole consideration when deciding whether or not to work with a particular firm. Instead, focus on other aspects like experience, standing, professionalism, the scope of services, etc. Additionally, bear in mind the niche you are in. For example, if your specialty is in escort SEO rather than automotive SEO, you may anticipate that pricing would vary.

Not Requesting References

Employing an SEO provider is where many businesses go wrong. The most frequent errors made by these businesses include failing to verify the company’s level of experience in the industry or particular niche, failing to ask for references and testimonials from previous clients to determine their suitability for the position, and failing to confirm whether or not they provide a free trial period. All of these factors are crucial to take into account.

It’s impossible to predict what might occur if you don’t consider them before choosing an SEO service to work with; it might cost you dearly. Before choosing any marketing approach, you should properly examine your options; otherwise, you risk losing money instead of making it as you should be.

A reputable SEO firm won’t be reluctant to give you a list of their previous customers. Take your time and reach out to those contacts. Inquire about their experience working with that specific SEO firm and whether they would be open to doing so once more in the future.

Leaving Everything Up To The SEO Guys

You are the only one who truly understands your industry. Even the SEO company you hired. It must involve group cooperation. For you to thrive, your SEO specialists will require priceless insights from your company.

Do not believe them when they claim they can handle things independently. Find out from them what kind of assistance they expect from you. Your response will reveal everything about their background and how truthful and open-minded they are.

Final Words 

It frequently happens for businesses to choose the wrong SEO agency. These are the common mistakes that businesses make when choosing an SEO service. Thus caution must be taken to avoid them at all costs. The company would only become successful after that.

Common Mistakes That Businesses Make When Utilizing An SEO Firm

The global search engine optimization market is anticipated to develop at a 19% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to reach $77.6 billion in 2023. You know SEO is a fantastic approach because you want your business to grow (more leads, more revenue, more traffic). A position at the top of Google’s search results is possible if you do it correctly.

So it’s time to hire an SEO company. Unfortunately, many businesses are completely ignorant of SEO, leaving them wide open to exploitation by dishonest businesses. You must be very organized in your search for the top SEO company if you want to be on Google’s first page of search results.

Businesses commit a lot of errors when it comes to selecting the best SEO Agency USA, though. They may ultimately pay a high price for these mistakes.

In this article, we go through some of the most typical recruiting errors people make. Let’s look into these.

Not Researching SEO Services Enough

You don’t have to hire an SEO company right now. But before you start looking for a professional SEO agency USA to hire, you must first get ready.

SEO services come in a variety of forms. Establish yours.

  • Are you now only interested in focusing on growing the traffic to your website?
  • Or require better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs)?
  • Want to boost local SEO?
  • Are you perhaps trying to achieve quality lead generation?

To begin your SEO strategy, you should consider some of these important factors. You’ll have to adjust some strategies as necessary. The SEO company should be questioned about how they intend to modify your strategy in light of evolving requirements.

Not Researching The Rates On The Market At The Time

When you employ a specialized SEO service, you’re probably trying to save money, or you might even pay more than you should.

The truth is that just because some SEO services are pricey doesn’t mean you will achieve the desired outcomes.

You must be knowledgeable of the going charges for various SEO services. You want to achieve the appropriate conversion rates and ROI because it is your business, and you risk your hard-earned money.

However, inexpensive SEO services are not necessarily without risk.

In the end, you might decide to hire an SEO company or freelancer with the most affordable rates. But that would be a foolish choice and naïve.

While price is important when choosing an SEO firm, don’t allow it to be the sole consideration when deciding whether or not to work with a particular firm. Instead, focus on other aspects like experience, standing, professionalism, the scope of services, etc. Additionally, bear in mind the niche you are in. For example, if your specialty is in escort SEO rather than automotive SEO, you may anticipate that pricing would vary.

Not Requesting References

Employing an SEO provider is where many businesses go wrong. The most frequent errors made by these businesses include failing to verify the company’s level of experience in the industry or particular niche, failing to ask for references and testimonials from previous clients to determine their suitability for the position, and failing to confirm whether or not they provide a free trial period. All of these factors are crucial to take into account.

It’s impossible to predict what might occur if you don’t consider them before choosing an SEO service to work with; it might cost you dearly. Before choosing any marketing approach, you should properly examine your options; otherwise, you risk losing money instead of making it as you should be.

A reputable SEO firm won’t be reluctant to give you a list of their previous customers. Take your time and reach out to those contacts. Inquire about their experience working with that specific SEO firm and whether they would be open to doing so once more in the future.

  1. Leaving Everything Up To The SEO Guys

You are the only one who truly understands your industry. Even the SEO company you hired. It must involve group cooperation. For you to thrive, your SEO specialists will require priceless insights from your company.

Do not believe them when they claim they can handle things independently. Find out from them what kind of assistance they expect from you. Your response will reveal everything about their background and how truthful and open-minded they are.

Final Words 

It frequently happens for businesses to choose the wrong SEO agency. These are the common mistakes that businesses make when choosing an SEO service. Thus caution must be taken to avoid them at all costs. The company would only become successful after that.

What are the Classifications of Dynamic Routing Protocols? 

Common Mistakes That Businesses Make When Utilizing An SEO Firm

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How to Obtain Victorious Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is an amazing auto battling game from Riot Games. The game has so many features unique to itself such as The battle arenas, the mechanics, The finishing fatalities, the augments, the classes, the traits, and most importantly Little Legends.

What Are Little Legends?

Little Legends are tiny creatures that you use to identify yourself and other players on the board. They come in many shapes and sizes, and they are your in-game avatar, your alter ego. They can jump, dance, sing, cry, and even mock their defeated enemies. 

Little Legends have become a signature sign of TFT, so I wanted to give them the attention they deserve.

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How Can I Obtain Little Legends?

There are a couple of ways to expand your Little Legend army:

  1. When you start your first game of TFT, you get a Little blue ghost, which is a Riots gift for every player. He is everyone’s starting Little Legend.
  2. Obtain Little Legends Eggs by completing event missions and upgrading your TFT ”Battle Pass.”
  3. Purchase them with tokens you receive by completing event missions.
  4. Buy them with RP
  5. Finish Ranked season of TFT in Gold or higher and earn unique Little Legends reserved only for best of the best

The fifth part of this list is today’s topic and the question related to it: 

How to Obtain a Victorious Little Legend in TFT?

To obtain a Victorious Little Legend you need to finish that particular season in TFT in Gold or higher. When I say finish, I mean that you just need to reach Gold at any point of the season and you will receive the awards.

TFT Ranked Rewards

Each season, Riot rewards players who play ranked TFT with a few end-season rewards at the closing of each set. At the end of every mid-set, Riot will reward players with an emote that corresponds to their rank. Then, at the end of every full set, players will receive a special little legend if they were able to reach at least gold.

Let’s take a look at all of the TFT-ranked rewards so far.

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SET 6 AND 6.5

The Gizmos And Gadgets And The Neon Nights Battle Pass, Missions And Ranked Rewards

The TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Pass II has launched with Set 6.5’s Neon Nights Mid-Set update. An array of new missions and rewards are on offer as Riot tinkers with the battle pass formula. Here’s what you need to know.

With TFT Set 6.5 being Riot’s biggest Mid-Set update yet in terms of champions, traits, and Augments, the battle pass side of things is set to deliver on a similar standard. Riot has promised as much for now and into the future starting with TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Pass II.

“We’re currently experimenting with different ways of how we design the battle pass, but there’s not much flexibility we have there because of tech restraints,” developer Christine Lai said in an interview. “This year we’re looking into ways we can make it more fun and diverse.

“We’re not done, we want to make it better with even more battle passes and event passes.”

With that being said, Riot hasn’t changed a lot of the formula for the TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II pass ⁠— although there’s more exclusive rewards on offer compared to past sets. Here’s what we know.

How Much Does The TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Ii Pass Cost?

Like every other TFT battle pass, the Gizmos & Gadgets II one for Set 6.5 will feature a Free and Premium track. The Premium one will offer more rewards, but there’s still a decent amount available on the free side.

There will be no change to the TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II pass cost ⁠— it’ll still set you back 1295 RP on PC, or 1295 TFT Coins on mobile. If you find yourself grinding the Neon Nights update, it’ll be worth the investment due to the sheer number of rewards you receive.

However, don’t feel obliged to invest early: you earn experience at the same rate regardless of whether you pay at the start or not, so you can make the call later on whether to buy it or not.

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TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II pass missions

There will be a selection of missions on offer to help you complete the TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II pass. Riot does push new ones in on a regular basis and they all give out a handy amount of XP to try and get to Level 45.

Here are all the missions that we know of:

Mission Objective Reward
Start the Progress Party Play a match of Neon Nights 500 XP

TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II Pass Rewards

Riot has revealed the TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II pass rewards, and they’re a bit different from the last pass. There are more tiers again, but the grind is around the same.

Riot is increasing the quality of some of the rewards for those who invest in the Premium pass though, including two new Arenas that are of a similar quality to those you can buy in the in-game store.

However, they have reverted previous changes to the battle pass which gave players all the 1-Star Booms just by buying the Premium track.

There will also be the usual selection of Star Shards, Little Legend eggs, and emotes. You can find the full list of TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II pass rewards coming in Set 6.5 below.

Level Reward Pass
0 Plant Buddy Sprite Pass+
1 Look At My Face Emote Free
2 1-Star Paper Pursuit Boom Pass+
3 50 Star Shards Pass+
4 Neon Nights Egg Pass+
5 1-Star Get Wrenched Boom Pass+
6 Random Emote Free
7 50 Star Shards Pass+
8 1-Star Socialite Nixie Pass+
9 1-Star Hextech Wipeout Boom Pass+
10 50 Star Shards Pass+
11 Little Legend Series 1-9 Egg Free
12 1-Star Paintinator V65 Boom Pass+
13 Dawn of Progress Arena Pass+
14 2-Star Paper Pursuit Boom Pass+
15 Neon Nights Egg Pass+
16 Random Emote Free
17 50 Star Shards Pass+
18 2-Star Hextech Wipeout Boom Pass+
19 2-Star Get Wrenched Boom Pass+
20 Little Legend Series 1-9 Egg Free
21 Innovation Avenue Arena Pass+
22 2-Star Paintinator V65 Boom Pass+
23 50 Star Shards Pass+
24 Hit That High! Emote Free
25 Neon Nights Egg Pass+
26 3-Star Paper Pursuit Boom Pass+
27 50 Star Shards Pass+
28 Little Legend Series 1-9 Egg Free
29 3-Star Hextech Wipeout Boom Pass+
30 Celebration of Tomorrow Arena Pass+
31 50 Star Shards Pass+
32 Random Emote Free
33 3-Star Get Wrenched Boom Pass+
34 50 Star Shards Pass+
35 Neon Nights Egg Pass+
36 Become What They Fear Emote Free
37 2-Star Socialite Nixie Pass+
38 3-Star Paintinator V65 Pass+
39 50 Star Shards Pass+
40 Neon Nights Egg Free
41 Legendary Little Legend Egg Free
42 Toxitorium Arena Pass+
Bonus 1 Neon Nights: Let’s Bounce! Emote Free
Bonus 2 Neon Nights: Unbreakable Emote Free
Bonus 3 Neon Nights: Squashed ‘Em Emote Free

TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II Pass Release & Expiry Date

The TFT Gizmos & Gadgets II pass went live on TFT patch 12.4 alongside the Neon Nights Mid-Set update on February 16, 2022.

It should wrap on May 24, 2022, if the in-game timer is correct — and then it’ll be onto what TFT Set 7 has on offer

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Groovy Music Bot on Discord: The Complete Guide

Discord gives you the option to assign different bots for different tasks and it also gives you the option to add Groovy bot to your Discord as well and then you can listen to songs through that.

And who doesn’t like listening to songs right? So now add Groovy bot to Discord and listen to songs on your Discord.

In this article I will tell you everything that you need to know about Groovy bot and how to install, invite and use Groovy bot on Discord. So stick around still the end of the article to find out how.

But before I do that, let’s take a look into what Discord actually is.

What is Discord?

There is a common myth that Discord is solely for gamers and they rule the Discord world. Well, that is not entirely true. Discord is used for multipurpose and gaming is just one of them.

Discord also offers the feature of free text or video chatting to people and gives you the chance to create your own either private or public community online.

You can either create one or you can join one as well. There are so many communities on Discord, varies from different niches, the popular is game and then books, animal lovers, climate change enthusiasts and so much more.

But gaming does rule the Discord world because it allows gamers a chance to communicate either via chat or video with other gamers as well.

What does one do on Discord?

Now that I have explained what Discord is, let’s take a look into how one join Discord can.

Joining Discord is not that difficult and it is same as downloading an application or using any other server over the internet.

Discord gives a single user an opportunity to be a part of over 100 servers and you can also prioritize between those servers as well and also choose from which you would prefer to get notifications. It also allows its users to invite friends from one server to the second.

Discord also offers private and public servers. Private servers are reserved for only the people you know and then you do not have random strangers there ruining your fun like that.

And if you have something you want to keep private then you can create a private server and add people there of your choice.

Whereas public servers are the ones where anyone can join and chat with whoever they want and there is no privacy or restriction there.

Public servers are best for meeting like-minded people and then you can join them all and create your own private server as well. It’s all up to the user how they want to take upon the Discord world.

Now let’s take a look into the bots and Discord.

What are bots on Discord and what do they do?

Bots are AI tools on Discord and they are used to perform varieties of actions. Their tasks several varies from community engagement to content moderating.

You name it and they do it. These bots are automated to perform tasks, you can use them to welcome new members, act as a moderator in conversations or even ban certain users who are defying the rules.

Various bots are used for music and games as well. Like adding the Groovy bot to Discord for music which we will later explain in the article on how to add and how to operate it as well. So stick around for that.

But it is also essential to know which bot is suitable for your server because your end goal is to establish a good user experience and attract more users instead of shutting them away.

First, you need to identify your need and see which kind of bot you require and once you are clear in your mind then all you need to do is search up that bot and add it to your Discord.

These bots act as a great marketing strategy for Discord because they are AI tools which means that they are efficient in their task all you need to do is to assign them the work and they will automatically carry out the task with smoothness.

Now let’s take a look into what Groovy Bot is and what does it.

You need to install Groovy Music Bot on Discord before going further.

What is a Groovy bot and what does it do?

Music is an essential part of most of the population. And who wouldn’t like to listen to some music while playing games on Discord? Music literally sets the vibe for the games and good music can really make the day.

And This is why Groovy bot is introduced which you can add to your Discord server and play any songs through it.

Groovy bot is a go-to for anyone who would like to play music on their Discord server.

Because it has a wide range of music choices to choose from and it also offers many amazing features as well which makes it the favorite and most used bot by people.

A Groovy bot is also easy to use and it is compatible with not only YouTube but with sound cloud and Spotify as well.

It also allows you to set queue songs and view the lyrics of the song playing as well which is pretty good if you are in the mood for singing alone.

People prefer Groovy bot for music over any other music bot because it is very easy to use and can be set up in a few simple steps whereas other music bots are complicated and do not even offer that many features, unlike Groovy bot. Its easy to use Groovy Music Bot on Discord.

How to install and invite Groovy bot?

It is not that hard to set up Groovy bot on Discord and the entire setup takes only a few minutes but you need a good and running Discord server for that.

So if you have that then follow the steps below to learn how to install and invite Groovy bot on Discord.

Steps to install and then invite Groovy bot on Discord

  1. Go to the official Groovy website.
  2. You will find an add to Discord option on their webpage.
  3. Now sign in with your Discord account.
  4. Now Groovy bot will require certain permissions, so grant them.
  5. You will also find an option to add a bot, click on it and select Discord from the list in order to add it to Discord.
  6. Click on continue and then tap on authorize to finish the action.
  7. You will be asked to do a human verification.
  8. Now once you are done with the verification, the Groovy bot will be added to your Discord.

After completing these steps you can invite Groovy Music Bot on Discord.

Learn How to use Groovy Music Bot on Discord?

Once you have successfully added Groovy bot to your Discord server. And now you are confused and have no idea how to use it.

Well, worry not because now I will tell you how to operate Groovy bot on Discord. Following are the few commands which you can use on Discord to operate Groovy bot. So read through them and practice it on your Discord server.

These are basic commands like play music, add music, and a few more.

Play music command

In order for you to play music with the Groovy bot, you need to be connected with a voice channel.

Play link or search query.

This command is used to play audio from any link you will add next to play. And when you will hit enter, your desired song will start playing.

Resume or pause music command

If you like to pause a music track then follow the given command.


This will pause the music for you and now that you are done with whatever work you paused the music for. Hit the following command to resume the music again.


You can resume whenever you like.

To view your queue

If you want to see your Groovy current music queue, hit the following command in order to do that.


This will show your current queue on the display.


If you do not want any songs on your stream list. The function delete is also used if you wish to make any song private.

Loop queue:

It will your entire queue on a loop.

Fast forward

It will fast forward your track for 10 seconds.

These are some of the commands that you can use on Discord. But there are so many other commands which you can explore on your own.


Discord is a nice and ever-growing platform as well. And millions of users are online on this platform every day worldwide to play games or interact with their friends through text chats or videos. And when it comes to music bots, the Groovy bot is every user’s first choice because of its simple user interface and many amazing features as well.

I have mentioned every possible command and a clear step-by-step guide on how to add Groovy bot Discord as well.

I hope it helps.

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