Can AI Technology Write Essays Better Than You?

Technical advancement has changed our world a lot. Nowadays, many people have stopped spending their energy on various activities. For instance, why sit two hours over a three-page essay when an AI paper writer can nail that in fifteen minutes? Moreover, a robot’s help will not cost you a fortune. So, when students google “write my essay for me cheap,” maybe they should click on an AI essay writer? Let us see if essay writer AI’s power is enough to do that tedious assignment for you.

1. An AI Essay Generator Must Create Unique Content, But Does It?

When you pick an AI essay writer, the description of the program will claim to write unique pieces. Still, even common anti-plagiarism programs like Grammarly will highlight some copied parts. Alas, an AI essay generator uses standard phrases and overused words, making all texts less unique.

Moreover, an AI essay generator does not understand the concept of quoting. Thus, it might use a quote without references. In the end, you will have to research extra to mention the author. So, an essay writer AI has yet to become as masterful in uniqueness as human writers of the

2. AI Paper Writing Is Relatively New, So It Needs More Elucidation

Of course, an AI paper writer costs money. If that kind of service were free, it would compensate for the diversity of drawbacks. And there are not that many students who write essays with artificial intelligence. Like, read Students prefer human writers to AI ones. The artificial intelligence topic, in turn, has a minimal number of comments. So, you might lack feedback materials to analyze the offered AI essay generator.

3. AI Paper Writing Means an Extra Hour of Editing

Do not suppose that every AI essay writer is literate. Robots learn from humans on the Internet. Imagine analyzing tons of data that contain grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes. And oh, do not forget the typos! The AI believes those text materials are equally relevant parallel to scientific articles. In addition, an AI essay generator gives zero interest in what APA and MLA are. Thus, that part will be your work too.

4. An Essay Writing AI Might Suggest an Unusual and Fitting Idea (but it Might Be Fake)

Yet again, essay writing AI and robots scan tons of texts to develop a new one for you. Thus, it might demonstrate wit by adding a compelling fact. Still, you must research that fact to ensure it is not fake. Remember that an AI does not understand the difference between fakes and accurate info. So, its idea might be stellar, but no one cancels potential hoaxes.

5. The Robotic Writing Style Shows That You Have Used an Essay Writing AI

Never expect an AI that writes essays to startle you with Edgar Allan Poe’s word adeptness. An AI paper generator sticks to simplicity for various reasons. First and foremost, many programs of that kind exist to write captions for social media posts and advertising. So, its manner must meet advertisement standards that imply plainness in wording. Second, robots do not have a distinctive style. And if your professor has memorized your wording peculiarities, your cheating will be apparent.

6. AI that Writes Essays Uses Outdated Information Often

Alas, robots do not comprehend the relevance concept. Thus, they use old data. Suppose you must elucidate an occurrence that took place in 2022. The robot writes about stories that happened in 2016. Again, you will have to research alone and write half of a paragraph so that an AI essay writer completes your idea.

7. An Essay AI has Zero Knowledge of Formatting

Formatting is your part again. Sure, you get the raw text to edit and proofread. Then you have to format it alone or ask for special services that deal with formatting. Given that an AI essay writer is rarely cheap, that flows into the issue of extra expenses. Using a human essay writing service might be more lucrative.

8. An AI Essay Generator Repeats Itself Occasionally

The program will spend your credits to duplicate phrases with minimal profit. If the bot allows restoring those credits, you are lucky. But often, the robot will gorge your resources and give you mediocre text with repeatable parts.

The Verdict

AI essay writers have yet to replace humans’ work. So, there must be control when you use an AI essay generator. It might not be the wisest idea when the program demands $200 for monthly functioning. So, do you still wish to use an AI?

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How Computer Games Can Help You in Studying

Many people consider playing computer games as spending leisure time and having fun. However, computer games can play an important role in learning and acquiring new skills. They improve motor skills, promote social skills and encourage critical thinking. 

As a gamer, this post will help you have an insight into how computer games can deepen understanding and learning. It will also help you to understand the best ones to play for this purpose. 

Improving writing skills

Since students have already embraced the world of computer games, tutors should use the digital approach to teaching. The process of writing can be very stressful and difficult among learners of all ages. Using video gaming for writing can facilitate language skills development, vocabulary, and writing. 

Playing consistently can help to improve your English vocabulary by applying new words in writing assignments. It can help you to improve your narrative skills and enhance your ability to imagine and organize ideas. 

Think of the scrabble, an old one that incorporates learning with fun. Famous for improving spelling, scrabble can help you to take your vocabulary to the next level. By playing with others, you will find ideas about new words and incorporate them into your writing. 

Facilitating group work

Groupwork is a practical way to solve problems through:

  • collaboration
  • shared resources
  • pursuing common goals

Being a social activity, group learning increases student engagement. Students can learn quicker and find fun and engagement in their social settings. 

As a student, paying attention to education games is a good way of studying through group work. Games such as college football computer games can be overwhelming, causing you to do your assignments in a rush thereafter. You need to also take some time to study computer games beginning to play. After writing essays and assignments, it is important to check for plagiarism before submission. FixGerald plagiarism checker is the best tool you can use for this purpose. Login to and check your work for plagiarism within minutes. It’s trusted by students from colleges around the world.

Cognitive benefits

Computer games help to improve visual processing while offering cognitive benefits. For instance, they can strengthen the parts of your brain that promote awareness and improve your skills. 

Experience with video games can improve your ability to switch between tasks. It can also lead to improvements in working memory, abstract reasoning, and cognitive flexibility. 

For memory enhancement, you should pay close attention to instructions before beginning to play. Adventure and action games can train the virtual working memory. The Big Brain Academy is an excellent game that can help you to work out and challenge your brain. 

Improving concentration skills

When playing a computer game, you notice time passing very fast. This is due to the level of concentration during that time. The ability to pursue a task without interruption is a good skill to have. The skill can enable you to do away with distractions. It allows you to pay attention to the task-this results in better quality work.

Playing games improves attention and visuospatial skills through brain function. As a gamer, you can exhibit improvements in sustained and selective attention. The First Person Shooters can boost your cognitive skills such as memory, special navigation, and reasoning. 

As a gamer, you should have the hand-eye coordination ability to track your enemies and their speed. You must also think fast and make decisions under strict and tough conditions. 

Making learning more engaging

In a class setup, teachers play a role in engaging the learners. Yet, when it comes to assignments and homework, educators must motivate students in different ways. Since learning is more practical, playing computer games makes it more fun and engaging. 

Students who fail to actively take part in class can keep the information by learning through doing. Playing games can help you to be interested in the topic at hand. Through active engagement, you will have a better learning experience and keep the information. 

Games such as Contraption Maker and Algo Bot make learning more fun. They make it engaging while allowing you to participate in problem-solving. They also help to introduce difficult tasks such as basic algorithms and scientific tasks. 


Playing computer games should not make you feel guilty anymore. Computer games can help you in studying by improving your writing skills and offering cognitive benefits. They also support group work, improve concentration skills and make learning more engaging. Understanding the best ones for learning is an effective way to get optimal benefits from them. Optimizing computer games does not necessarily mean replacing classroom interactions with computers. 

Author’s Bio

Jeremy Bumgardner works as a premium author and academic writer for the number one online writing website. His main audience is college students whom he assists in writing and editing thesis, dissertations and term papers. His hobbies include posting funny videos on social media, reading famous novels and creating digital artwork.

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How to buy Instagram followers with maximum efficiency for your project?

It’s no secret that Instagram is a priority choice for the realization of business processes. The platform has wide opportunities for content creation, implementation of sales funnels, a variety of advertising tools, and fast returns. Therefore, entrepreneurs direct their time, energy, and financial resources to development within the framework of Instagram. In this article, we will consider how to quickly form the initial results in the profile, lay a quality foundation, and accelerate your project promoting process.

Why do entrepreneurs need to buy an initial audience?

Every year the competition on Instagram is gaining new momentum, and the recruitment of the initial audience becomes more energy and time-consuming process. Practice suggests that the old methods are gradually losing their effectiveness and more people delegate this task to professionals. Buying subscribers is very popular now because it allows people to achieve several priority goals.

First, this marketing move improves user retention. Among the abundance of personal brands, people prefer authoritative resources and spend time on profiles, which credibility is confirmed by the majority. Therefore, the popularity of the profile plays a key role in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and a high return on the advertising budget.

Second, entrepreneurs buy real Instagram followers and other involvement metrics to accelerate sales. High statistics create social proof and form the main sales lever, trust. Therefore, people become more loyal, feel safe when making purchasing decisions, and are more easily converted into customers.

Thirdly, buying an audience provides the fastest possible results. It’s very important to quickly take the leadership position, get out of the shadows of your competitors and start the process of organic account scaling. By buying followers, you not only raise results in the short term but also positively influence the algorithms of the social network. High involvement signals to artificial intelligence that the content is in demand, so it’s worth promoting and reach increasing.

How to increase profile activity without risks?

To lay a solid foundation with the help of buy of subscribers, you need to approach the matter intelligently. 

Delegate the tasks of promotion only to reliable companies. Since the demand for the offer is huge, there are a great number of services with different pricing policies and quality. Therefore, you should be careful and choose only professionals. The reliability of a company is determined by its long time on the market. Thanks to many years of experience, such services have an arsenal of tools to ensure quality results and exclude the possibility of risks. There, you can buy an activity that appears in the profile organically at the expense of real people and does not contradict the algorithms of the social network.

When choosing a service, pay attention to customer reviews. The practical experience of other people will help you more quickly determine the effectiveness of the company and its potential for the implementation of your objectives.  When comparing different offers, do not skimp on the cost, because very often the price determines the quality. To create a trustworthy first impression of your profile, order the services in a complex way: buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, views, saves, etc. to form a sense of natural account development.

How to prepare a profile to receive traffic?

The primary step of any promotion is quality account preparation. One of the key conversion elements is a selling profile header. Since we live in a very large flow of information, the task of the header profile is to catch the attention of the person and interest him. When a potential customer comes to your page, it takes him 3 seconds to understand whether he will pay attention to your content or not. So in the description, you have to create your unique personal offer, where your potential candidate should understand who you are, what you offer, and how you can help him. 

In the first lines, it’s recommended to designate the direction of your activity, for example, entrepreneur, marketer, a consultant on a healthy diet, photographer. It is no secret that there are a lot of such professionals and to stand out in the market it’s effective to use bright catchy adjectives, such as investor in heels. 

Your task is to sell yourself as an expert through the experience, achievements, successful cases of your students and clients. Use more numbers: “In business for more than 8 years”, “Invested in expertise more than 10 thousand dollars”, “Earned the first million at age 27”. 

Make a special offer for your target audience to interest them in your business, product, or service: “How to lose weight 7 kg in 2 months?”, “How to get from 3 incoming applications each day using the new system of the business building?”. For the person to take a specific targeted action be sure to add a call to action: “Write to Direct”, “Click on the link”, etc.

How to enhance promotion strategy with targeted advertising?

It’s no secret that people leave a huge trace in social networks: their biographical data, interests, and preferences. Based on this information, it is possible to effectively build relationships with people through targeted advertising. 

Depending on the settings this tool allows you to realize several goals: to attract target subscribers to your profile, to increase the amount of traffic to external resources like websites, blogs, online stores and get leads, to increase reach on publications.  Nowadays the amount of organic coverage is falling rapidly and targeted advertising is the toolkit that allows to reach a large audience, get more involvement and interaction with content than the system allows doing organically. Targeted advertising allows you to initiate conversations with your target audience and engage them in the sales funnel. 

For local businesses such as beauty salons, fitness centers, targeting gives an opportunity to bring people from the digital space to their specific offline locations.

When generating ads, use video teasers because dynamic material is perceived better. To engage your target audience, it is important to understand the key needs, pains, desires of your customers and based on this information make your ads more personalized.

Targeted advertising is not an algorithm, but constant tests. So make different variations of texts, analyze the statistics, strengthen the strongest tactics, and disable the less effective ones.

To sum up, automating the primary audience recruitment is a good way to create a strong online positioning and ensure a fast start. Buying an audience is only one component of promotion and a long-term strategy requires a synthesis of different measures: effective positioning, quality content, ad campaign settings, and so on. Thus, you will form a valuable asset, that in the future will pay off with huge financial opportunities.   

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Hot Crazy Matrix Quiz, Scale Test

Hot Crazy Matrix Quiz is another personality test which is availvle for free. This scale test is based on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

This quiz is famous in online pop culture. Some believe that the notion is scientifically unsupported, while others maintain that it’s substantiated by actual investigations. The idea says that it’s feasible to determine how you should perceive a prospective mate based on their amounts of “hot” and “crazy.”

This edition of the Hot/Crazy Scale Test gives an updated and gender-neutral approach to the idea.

To complete the Hot/Crazy Quiz, mark your replies to each of the following sentences below.

How to take Hot Crazy Matrix Quiz, Scale Test?

To complete the Hot Crazy Matrix Quiz you have to open your web brower. Then visit the below link.

This is the Direct Link to the QUIZ.

Once you have reached the website it will ask you to confirm and accept terms of conditions and cookies. Once you do this, you can start asnwering the question to determine your personality.

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What are the questions in Scale Test?

There are 20 questions in the Hot Crazy Matrix Quiz. Below are some one these questions.

  • What do you think about the future?
  • People usually do favours for me, is this correct??
  • Do people like to talk to you?
  • People have hard time understanding me?
  • Are you athletic?
  • Do people like to guide you?
  • Are you in doubt?
  • Do you feel neglected?
  • Do you feel worthless?
  • Do you like social activtities?
  • Are you disapointed in someone?
  • Have you tried online dating?
  • Are you a modeler?

As the result you can get for personalities. They are Danger Zone, Fun Zone, Date Zone, No Go Zone. You can find more on the Quiz Website.

What is a Personality quiz?

A personality test is a series of questions or statements that assesses an individual’s personality. It measures characteristics such as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. The answers to these questions or statements define the personality type. Results are then used by the individual seeking to find out more information about themselves and how they interact with others. Personality tests can be administered online and consist of multiple-choice questions that ask respondents how they would respond in certain situations (for example relating to relationships).

Hope now you are familiar with the Hot Crazy Matrix Quiz. If you have and questions please send us an email!

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What do computer games teach us?

Each of us has played computer games more than once. Virtual reality has long been a special way to immerse yourself in space, where it is always fun and there are many friends who are always in touch. Often you can see how the older generation scolds the younger one for a large amount of time using a computer. Many of them even believe that computer games make children stupid and inattentive. Why is that? Most likely they have not fully understood the games or have never tried to play computer games at all. After all, if you approach things wisely and choose certain games, you will learn new skills and develop existing ones. After all, experts have long been saying that, despite common prejudices, with the right approach, computer games are a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. Let’s talk about this in more detail and find out what exactly computer games teach us.

Motivation to earn and do better

Firstly, not all teenagers, if we talk about them as a segment of the target audience, have enough money to buy the games they want. To do this, they learn to accumulate savings or come up with ways to earn new ones. And in general, who better than gamers understand how important funds are for what you need. Take for example fans of World of Warcraft. They know exactly how important it is to buy wow gold and accumulate savings in order to be ready for a raid or any other activity at any time.

And also, many experienced gamers can begin to notice some subtleties or flaws in games and, drawing conclusions, create their own more advanced ones. You might say that it is difficult and even impossible to create a game on your own. In fact, in modern realities, creating a game is quite easy, taking another as a basis. You can take the top engine for free until the game costs $1 million, no money will be taken for it.

Skills of organizing a large number of people focused on results

To complete certain complex team missions in games, it is important not only to have at least basic analytical thinking skills, but also to be able to organize communication in a team in such a way as to work most productively. Agree, the task is not easy? A large number of such missions in computer games make you work out your communication skills and achieve great heights! It is quite possible that in your future work in a modern team you will definitely be appreciated for such an experience! Therefore, do not hesitate to write such a skill on your resume if you are a player with experience!

English or any other language

Players say that learning a language from games is much easier than from TV shows or books. After all, this is logical, because in a sense you are immersed in the language environment with which you are playing with native speakers. You communicate, build a strategy, recognize each other only in another world – the virtual one. You simply don’t have a choice, you will have to speak another language one way or another. Just imagine you can improve the level of the language by playing games, great, isn’t it? Rather, look for foreigners who speak the language you are learning and play computer games with them!

Speed ​​of reaction and efficiency of decision-making

You may not have noticed, but for some people, making a decision quickly is a real problem. This is because there is responsibility behind it. Responsibility both for oneself and the people around at the moment, and for the consequences in the future. However, it is no secret that all the same decisions each of us have to make every day. How to make this process more flexible? Train! How to train? Yes, yes, in computer games! Here, what is not a moment is an operational decision. You literally constantly need to make a decision quickly, otherwise you or your team may suffer greatly. Isn’t it cool to make bumps in virtual reality so that it would be easier in real life? And, of course, one cannot but say about the speed of the reaction. This is especially true for fans of war games. If your reactions are slow, bad news! You will have to practice a lot before winning the computer competition! However, always remember: this is a wonderful skill that will come in handy in real life! Be grateful for games!

Concentration of attention

It seems to be obvious. Inattentive players do not expect victory. But it is here, in games, that you practice the ability to concentrate and hold your attention for a long time in order to achieve results. It is this skill that is then very much appreciated in work, family life and just in everyday life! A side skill, like a quick reaction, can even save someone’s life one day! Just think, it’s amazing! Is your grandma still convinced that computer games are a waste of time?


We live in a time when computer games have become a real common commodity, the scale of production of which is growing at an incredible rate. This means that more and more people are developing, creating, writing stories for games. People even become cyber sportsmen and devote their lives to games, enjoying their work! Imagine your job is a competition in computer games! Awesome!

Ability to lose

Unfortunately or fortunately, you have to lose in computer games quite often. It doesn’t sound optimistic, but it’s important to look at it the right way! Losing both in games and in life is a constant thing. Therefore, stuffing yourself with bumps and being able to adequately accept defeat is an excellent skill that will help save face and your nerves.

This list can be continued for a long time, but we think this is quite enough to convince you that games are a huge part of human life. This is not only because they are often similar in plots and characters. This is also because a lot of what games teach will be useful in everyday life and improve it. Thanks to these skills, your future work, career building process, your family life, communication with other people can become much easier and more streamlined. Think about it and tell your relatives about it, who think that computer games waste your time and make you stupid. Take everything from games! Good luck!

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What can you do with an IT degree?

Information technology is vital to all industries. This means that IT professionals with expertise in this field are highly sought after. As more people choose to work in IT, it’s no surprise that IT degrees have increased in number.

What kind of work does an IT degree prepare me for? After earning your Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, what job titles will you be able to hold and what career paths are available? You know that even getting an IT degree may learn you different hacks that you will always be able to help you friends when they ask you  “Can you solve my homework problem?”

We will be discussing some of the most popular IT jobs and the careers for which a degree is helpful.

Common IT Careers

IT departments may require different IT roles depending on the size of an organization and its industry. Here are the most popular IT job titles that IT graduates with a BS will be prepared for.

1. Technical Architect

The technical architects create a company’s technical blueprint. They also monitor performance and develop systems. Professionals must have an excellent technical understanding and a solid grasp of programming languages, operating systems, and development principles in order to succeed in this role. This role may coordinate with other teams to manage security, help desk issues and assets that support the entire IT infrastructure.

2. IT Project Manager

IT project managers are skilled in managing IT, hardware and software projects from conception through completion. They are responsible for managing schedules, budgets, and resources. These individuals can perform technical work, or they may be solely responsible for project management depending on the project. Most IT project managers have an undergraduate degree and a master’s in project management.

3. Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible to ensure the health and efficiency of an organization’s databases. They can be responsible for data storage, processing, security, analysis, and many other tasks.

4. Network Security Specialist

Network security specialists are responsible for protecting a company’s network from malware and other threats. They are responsible for securing networks and computers, assessing cybersecurity risks and documenting security procedures, training and resolutions. They also manage firewalls and other tools that can detect security threats. They often work closely with network administrators, as well as other IT staff.

5. Software developer or programmer

Software developers and programmers bring many IT projects to life. These professionals are known as frontend programmers when they create software that interacts with users. These professionals are called backend developers if they create software that interacts directly with networks and servers, but not with users. These roles require extensive knowledge and experience in programming languages.

6. Business Systems Analyst

They work closely with IT and business departments to resolve business problems using technology. They also assist in ensuring that successful Business system analysts review data and set procedures to identify technological improvements.

7. Network Administrator

Network administrators are responsible for maintaining a company’s computer network up-to-date and functioning efficiently. This includes managing the organization’s wide area network (WAN) and local area network. Sometimes, this role is called a systems administrator.

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