Benefits of Playing Computer Games for Students

The media tends to focus on the negative aspects of playing computer games. Scientific research of the past does too but some new studies confirm that playing computer games has benefits. This sector has grown significantly with billions of players worldwide.

Game-based learning has also become a beneficial way of transferring learning to students. It breathes life into learning, boosts motivation and students can practice skills in a safe environment. Here are some of the benefits students can enjoy when playing video games.

Build strategic thinking skills

Players are in command when playing computer games. Mission-based, multi-level games are rather like complex puzzles. The solution may vary based on the player’s actions. They have to think on their feet and quickly calculate what to do. The various rules and restrictions force them into thinking strategically about alternative moves or routes.

These strategic thinking skills can translate into real life and help players to solve real problems too. For example, students may have the problem of not having enough time. They can use =strategies to manage their time and write essays. Problem-solving skills can translate into better grades.

Speed up response times

Computer games pose problems that need solving within a certain amount of time. As players constantly receive new information, they have to adapt quickly. This can help students to speed up their response times. Students do well when they can solve problems quickly. In much the same way as when they play computer games, they have to complete certain assignments within a specific deadline. Students often struggle to fit in writing essays, attending classes and studying for exams. StudyClerk is a scholarship essay writing service they can use if they’re asking “How will I find the time to write my essay?” By studying essay examples written by professional writers at an essay writing service, they will quickly pick up the skills they need.

Stimulate focus, creativity and visual memory

Computer games have goals that require concentration. Players have to keep in mind the details to achieve them. Gaming can capture a player’s attention for a long period of time. Students can achieve more if they know how to focus to achieve their goals. Gaming is a way they can improve their attentiveness disguised as fun. When playing, players treat missteps as learning opportunities. If they apply this in real life, they will have the persistence they need to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

It can also stimulate creativity. Imaginative play is considered important for small kids but not for adults. Gaming offers the opportunity to continue with imaginative play. Players can play games where they explore unique worlds and can create anything they have the power to imagine. Gamers tend to show high levels of curiosity and creativity.

Improve social skills

There is the perception that game playing is a solitary activity that discourages social interaction. However, the technology and gadgets available today offer a whole new way of interacting. Playing with friends can help to strengthen friendships. Players can also play online computer games with people from all over the world and make new friends. Games include the use of microphones so players can interact with gaming peers.

Some studies have shown that players of video gaming are more likely to have good social skills and relationships. This is due to the social and collaborative component to many games. Students with a wider network of students from different countries are smarter and well-informed.

Increase motivation

Good game designers know just how to pull people of all ages into virtual environments. They can get them to work towards meaningful goals. Players learn how to persevere when they fail. They learn how to complete challenging tasks and celebrate their moments of triumph. This kind of motivation can be a key contributor to success and achievement in real life.

Games provide players with compelling, immersive experiences. They reward persistence and make players keep reaching for higher goals. A player begin a game without any knowledge of how to solve the puzzles but quickly get absorbed in moving through levels as the story guides them. In education field, motivation is a real game-changer for every student.


The benefits of playing computer games are usually underestimated. The skills players learn can translate into real life and offer many advantages. They can concentrate more, solve problems and remember better. Some studies even show that gamers may have greater social skills than others. Students may sometimes believe they don’t have what it takes to succeed in their studies. Gaming offers the promise that with hard work and practice, it is possible.

Author’s Bio

Jeremy Bumgardner works as a writing coach for college students and delivers classes online. He’s brilliant as a coach and even more as a freelance academic writer with exceptional hold on essays and thesis. His free time is spent watching live sports, playing football and reading poetry.

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3 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Audience to Create More User-Generated Content

User-Generated content is one of the most fundamental elements of modern marketing and promotion tools.  Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, you can hardly imagine anything better and more efficient than UGC. Now you must be wondering why this concept has become topical lately, and the answer is quite simple – it is organic. Unlike paid, edited, and staged advertising content, reviews and opinions created by your real and loyal customers are live, raw, and honestly emotional. 

Another great advantage – it is absolutely free. Therefore, the only investment you indeed have to make is in the quality of what you sell. As long as your audience is pleased with what you deliver, positive feedback will not take long to arrive. Subsequently, you will be able to share the best of generated feedback in various forms (comments, reviews, photos, videos, etc.) with your audience, which, correspondingly, will allow you to attract new customers. People love to see genuine and reliable reviews, as they find them more honest.  As you can see, it is an organic movement built on the scheme of interdependence – the better you give, the better you receive. 

At this point, you must be asking yourself how to engage your audience in creating this kind of content. How should they do it? Should they create it from scratch by themselves, or may they use some services, e.g., online stock videos or awareness poster templates? A lot of questions, right? But do not worry, as we are here to provide you with some guidance on the UGC world. With these 3 simple pieces of advice, you won’t have to wait long for worthy results. 


Implementation of ideas, sense of rivalry, competitive spirit — all these things wake up brains, fill the blood with adrenaline, and make hearts beat faster. If you want to get your audience into that rollercoaster of emotions – organize a contest.  This option guarantees an absolute win-win situation for both you and your customer. All you have to do is to:

  • initiate a contest;
  • consider the conditions of participation in detail;
  • come up with several prizes and bonuses to reward participants for commitment; 
  • write an engaging post announcing the competition and its details; 
  • promote it using bright, eye-catching banners;
  • share the best entrants on your social media accounts;
  • prepare an award ceremony.

Thanks to UGC, your brand gets an enormous boost of visibility while your customers enjoy rewards.


white #hashtag ceramic mug filled with coffee

Many people underestimate the role of hashtags nowadays. Since the first hashtag ever was posted in 2007, it became a world phenomenon and deserved its place in modern history. In the last couple of years, you probably don’t see as many hashtags as you did in 2013 or 2015. The truth is that it has become a really powerful tool over time. Numerous researches have been conducted to reveal that not the number but the quality and target of a hashtag is the most important. 

So, here is your second tool for getting upscale user content – create an easy, catchy, and memorable hashtag that will be associated with you or your brand. It is a perfect instrument to improve your brand awareness and develop a sense of affiliation. True brand fans love to tag their favorites, and using a hashtag will make them feel like they are a part of the brand family. Therefore, when using your hashtag in search engines, you are likely to find tons of UGC.  


influence letters on floor

This approach may sound pricy, but in reality, it is not always like that. First of all, make research to find people who will really match your brand style and philosophy. Do not hunt for top-ranking bloggers; look for fresh blood and give them a win-win push. You may send them some samples of your products for free so that they can take pictures and spread them on social media, asking their followers for opinions. In return, you will feature them on your page. You may organize an event and invite some novice bloggers to come over, and they will immediately highlight it on their social media. Or you may hunt for influencers who already use your product and ask whether you may use their pics on your pages. 


Currently, user-generated content is the most efficient marketing asset. As we have already demonstrated, it doesn’t have to be expensive and can be developed in a natural way. Your main task in this quest is to go beyond a client-producer relationship with your audience — make them feel like part of the brand so that they help you improve. This way, you get a mutual benefit. So, do not hesitate and let your users enrich you with wonderful content.  

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What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You Quiz

What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You Quiz: This is another personality test that you can do in order to find what type of a person you are.

By completing this puzzle, you will recognize what might be the pros and cons of your life.

Following is the direct link to the Quiz

This is the Link to the Quiz

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As the first step to do the quiz, Once you reach the above link to What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You Quiz you have to enter your name to proceed.

It will ask you 10 multiple choices questions. Following are the questions I got.

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Questions in What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You Quiz

  • How long after meeting someone do you tell them everything about you?
  • what part of Achilles Come Down did you attach to like a baby koala for reasons you simply can’t explain
  • pick a seasonal vibe. yeah this is all fake deal with it.
  • pick a crime
  • what would you do if you wouldn’t get hurt / die doing it?
  • pick a weapon to use
  • pick a school of magic
  • what’s your star sign?
  • pick a mobile game ad line
  • change ur appearance one way but in a way that’s actually cool and not fake spread by a culture designed around getting your money
  • write sumn.

By answering this Quiz I got my result as “Kisses”. Below is the explanation. Well, thinking about my like this result is pretty accurate.

On the other hand, it’s not like on the lips. Like, if you were kissed on the arm, elbow, forehead, nose, palm, forehead, top of the head, or anyplace else that wasn’t the lips, you’d fucking combust. This is sad, yet you would be content.

What is a Personality quiz?

Personality quizzes can be a great way to determine your compatibility with others. They allow you to compare your personality type, more specifically, and see if you are more similar or dissimilar to someone else from all over the world.

Is it accurate?

Yes. By using the results from a personality quiz, you will get a better idea on how compatible someone is with your own personality and if you have any chance to work out a relationship. In most cases, you will find out that the person is only compatible with some of your traits, but not all. The other person may be too introverted or extroverted for example. Personality quizzes are usually accurate if the websites who post them use real science to develop them and they do not just use fictional writing.

Hope now you are clear on What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You Quiz and how to do the puzzle.

If this post was useful for you please share it among your friends.

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What Gears Do You Need for a Home Espresso Setup? 

It may be a challenge to make your espresso at home, especially when unfamiliar with which accessories or gears you might need. Although it may be difficult at first, it is also rewarding once you get the hang of it. Luckily, if you are to have a complete espresso setup, there is no need for you to be fussing over the quality of your espresso, and it will lessen your load while brewing your coffee. Tune in then, as we give you a set of gears that you need to complete that setup.

Milk Frother

For lovers of cream-based espresso, this is definitely a must-have for your setup. There may be some machines that have already incorporated one, but you can also purchase this separately. Imagine having a cappuccino or latte on your couch by having this one.

Electric Kettle

If you’re a fan of the pour-over method, then an electric kettle would be an essential part of your coffee nook. And while there are tons of options out there, you should take care in choosing one because they’re not made equal. For example, the electric kettles from Fellow Stagg are more popular in the market because of their modern designs, precision flow rates, and advanced features like an LCD screen. Here’s an in-depth guide on Fellow Stagg kettles which will further help you pick the best one for your needs.

Espresso Grinder

Having a coffee grinder beside your espresso machine is totally worth it, especially when you get your hand on some premium beans that need extra grinding care. The espresso grounds should be fine grain, and merely blending the beans will not do the trick. That is why you should also find the right coffee beans to complement your espresso grinder. On this matter, you should note that regular coffee beans differ from espresso beans.

Tamper Mat/Tamping Mat

Tamping mats are usually an added recommendation when you buy a tamper. With the heavy tamping activity, you will want to protect your counter. Plus, this will help cushion your tamping on hard counters.


A portaholder is one of the essential espresso add-ons. It is responsible for holding the pressed coffee, which you insert into the brew head of the machine. It has two categories which are: pressured portaholder and non-pressured portaholder. The difference is that the common portaholders are not pressurized, while the pressurized ones are for portaholders with fewer holes. This small equipment also comes with three types of baskets for shots. Portaholders can have a single-shot basket, double-shot basket, and triple-shot basket, depending on the amount of caffeine you want in your coffee.


The use of scale in espresso can benefit its quality. This gadget is also ideally used for pour-over coffees. It also helps in the consistency of taste of every cup you brew.

Final Thoughts

You may be thinking that it is unnecessary, not only financially but manually, having a complete set for espresso. But in the long run, you will find that the accessories and gears are all complementary. For coffee enthusiasts, an espresso setup is just a small thing to have when you really want the quality type of sip served to you. With so many flavors that you can produce, it is enticing to have your own espresso set.

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Bloodhound Step Elden Ring, Guide to Unlock.

Elden Ring is a cool action role-playing game that was released by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Many people are saying that this game is much better than the dark souls. The game was developed in partnership with fantasy author George R. R. Martin, who supplied the game’s setting material. Very recently games have figured out that Bloodhound Step in Elden Ring is one of the coolest abilities seen in a game.

So in this article, we will cover how you can get this best ash of war for greatsword quickly.

How to get Bloodhound in Step Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, the Bloodhounds have a unique ability where they may rush ahead at you, vanishing for a brief period of time, before re-emerging. Because of this, they might be difficult to track during battle. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can achieve this skill. The Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step in Elden Ring will be covered in this tutorial.

You can only get this Ash of War from a Knight’s Calvary. There are several instances of this boss scattered around the Lands Between. The one that drops it is located north of Lenne’s Rise, on the bridge above the river. Rest at the place of grace and wait until dusk when you get at this spot. The Night’s Calvary will spawn at some point in the evening.

Bloodhound Step Elden Ring Step1 - Defeat Knight's King.
Bloodhound Step Elden Ring Step1 – Defeat Knight’s King.

To get the Ash of War, you’ll have to defeat it. Sadly, this Night’s Calvary is much more powerful than the other ones you’ve met. In order to keep one step ahead of it, we strongly advise utilizing Torrent while combating it. You’ll get the Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step as soon as you vanquish it.

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  1. Find a Knight Calvary
  2. Defeat the Knight Calvary
  3. You will be rewarded with Bloodhound Step AKA best ash of war for greatsword.

Also, please keep in mind that defeating a Knight Calvary is a very hard task. So better be prepared!

Hope now you are clear on how to get Bloodhound Step Elden Ring.

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Men Type Quiz Made For Women.

Men Type Quiz Made For Women: This is another personality test that you can take in order to analyze your personal traits.

By answering this trivia it will give you a somewhat accurate result of what kind of a person you are.

In this article, you can find the direct link to this Uquiz quiz.

On you reach the link you will have to input your name to begin the quiz.

As the next step, you will have to answer multiple questions related to your characteristic.

Questions in Men Type Quiz Made For Women.

  • Bradley Cooper or Robert Pattinson?
  • Who are you atracted to most? – (Chris Hemsworth or Sebastian Stan)
  • Hayden Chris or Ben Afleck?
  • Oscar Isac or Henry Cavil?
  • Young Jude Law or Young Matt Demon?
  • Rover Phoenix or Bradd Pit?
  • Jonny Depp or Leonardo Dicapario
  • Harry Style or Zac Effron
  • Armie Hammer or Chalamet

Likewise, you will have to answer fifteen multiple choices questions.

As promised,

This is the Direct Link to the Quiz

After answering all of these questions of the Men Type Quiz Made For Women quiz I got the result as “you are straight” which is pretty accurate.

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What is a Personality quiz?

What is a personality Quiz? A personality quiz is a tool that can help anyone learn more about themselves. They are also used as a motivational tool for goal setting and career selection.

Some people are unsure of what to do with their life, or which career would be best for them. One way to find the answer is with a personality quiz that targets your interests, values, abilities and goals in life. A personality quiz can give you insight into what makes you tick.

How is a personality test different from other tests?

A personality test is the most comprehensive and thorough measure of your personality that it is possible to make. Most tests are designed to provide a snapshot of your attitudes and beliefs but don’t usually delve into the details of your inner workings, or take into account unconscious forces.

Hope now you are clear on how to do the Men Type Quiz Made For Women.

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