JoinMy Quiz .com What is it? How to find it??

It is no doubt if you are a fan of my site you know that we all love Quizzes. So while researching for some of these puzzles I realized that many people are looking for JoinMy Quiz .com but no one seems to find it.

So I thought to further look into this matter and figure out what is join my quiz and how to find it.

What is JoinMy Quiz .com?

Join my quiz was a platform that people used to create puzzles are share them among their friends, students, colleagues, etc. This is a very similar platform to Kahoot.

In past (Like two, three years back) I also used to create multiple quizzes using this website and share them with my fans on the internet. At that time you just have to create a new profile by entering your email and personal details. After that, you can start creating trivia and share it all over the world using the secret code.

What happened to joinmyquiz? does not exist anymore. If you go to the website it will redirect you to So we can assume that either quizizz bought join my quiz or JMQ changed their web address to quizizz.

However, this new webpage is also very similar to JMQ. You can create a new account and create quizzes online.

To further give you an idea, Quizizz is designed by two people named Deepak Joy Cheenath, Ankit Gupta. They are situated in Bengaluru, India. According to Wikipedia, they started this website in 2015.

They even have an android app called ” Quizizz: Play to learn”

Using this app Learn anything, anywhere. You can study independently or participate in group quizzes, assignments, and presentations both in-person and online. More than 20 million individuals use Quizizz every month in schools, homes, and companies all across the world.

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Some Reviews from Users from Quizziz / joinmyquiz.

“Excellent for studying, and keeps kids entertained by engaging games that revolve around trivia related to a particular topic at school. Join My Quiz will show you memes once you’ve got an answer right to make you more connected with children. Additionally, power-ups can assist kids in learning more while having fun. It’s like tricking children into learning by disguised as a game or competition. It is a lot of fun and is great to have when you’re studying”

Felix G

It’s an excellent educational game and helped me in the 6th grade when I had trouble with add, sub multiplication and division for maths class. I’m in 8th grade in the near future, but I have a problem.I have been playing the game for about a month since school ended.i was thinking that when I searched for and played the game quizizz I was thinking the game was played against people from all over the world. However, it turns out that when I shut off the wifi, it is playing, so I’ve been playing against BOTSS all the time.BRUH.


Hope now you are clear on what is JoinMy Quiz .com and how to access it. If you think this article was useful please be kind to share it with your friends.

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Best Thanksgiving Filters, Hand Picked!

Thanksgiving Filters: Snapchat filters are an ingenious way to spice up your snaps. They can be used for fun, sarcasm, or to make a point. Their versatility is their strength because they accommodate anyone with an affinity for internet culture and all it has to offer.

This post will provide an overview of different types of Thanksgiving Filters on Snapchat, how they’re made, what types of messages they can create, and where you can get them from!

Thanksgiving Filters, Top 5 List

Twerking Turkey Snapchat Lens & Filter

Twerking Turkey Snapchat Lens & Filter

Want to surprise your friends with an epic turkey trick? Well, this thanksgiving filter is for you. After using this lens you will be dancing as a turkey 😀

Twerking Turkey is a very popular dance move, especially in Thanksgiving times. Go I think this will be a perfect filter to share fun during your nights.

Thanksgiving Turkey Filter

thanksgiving Filter

This limited edition filter was initially launched by Snapchat. Using this filter people were able to add an epic turkey nose to their face and troll all over the internet. Last year this filter went viral. This is one of the cool Snapchat thanksgiving filters.

Talking Turkey Snapchat Lens

Talking Turkey Lens

Talking Turkey Snapchat Lens is my favorite lens during thanksgiving time. This filter will change your whole face into a Turkey. Trust me when I say that this is funny. To get the filter you just have to scan the above snap code.

Or you can follow the tutorial and use this filter today!

Turkey Head Snapchat Thanksgiving Filter

Turkey Head Snapchat Lens

This is another cool Snapchat Thanksgiving filter. Using this lens you are able to change your whole face into a turkey’s body. Also, it will give you two big eyes. Just apply the filter for your app and check it out!

You Chicken Nugget

snapchat thanksgiving filter You Chicken Nugget

You Chicken Nugget filter is very similar to the above Turkey Head thanksgiving filter. Similar to that this filter will change your head into a tasty talking chicken nugget. Just apply and enjoy it!

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Best Quiz Show 2021 Crossword Clue

Best Quiz Show 2021 is another crossword puzzle that you have to solve. To answer this you need to know some general knowledge regarding who actually won the first for the Quiz genre in 2021.

This crossword clue was first seen in  British general knowledge crossword 2021, November. For this question, we have found one matching answer after referring to Wikipedia. The actual clue was “tv quiz show that won best quiz show at the national tv awards in 2021”


This spin-off of the renowned quiz show ‘The Chase’ features players from all around the UK playing against not one, but all of the Chasers. Bradley Walsh hosts. Contestants solve five multiple-choice questions in the ‘Cash Builder’ round for a chance to win up to PS5,000. They are, however, eliminated from the game if they begin with an incorrect response. The chasers can then choose between two and all five of them to face. They can win more money if they are up against more chasers. However, the time advantage they have over you will dwindle. Those who manage to defeat all five chasers have a good chance of winning a large monetary award.

According to Wikipedia BEATTHECHASERS won the award for Best Quiz Show 2021

Best Quiz Show 2021 Answer

Best Quiz Show 2021 Crossword Clue answer is BEATTHECHASERS

What are Crossword Clues?

A crossword clue is an answer given to a clue, which leads to the solution of a logic puzzle. Although many clues are easy, others are quite challenging and may require considerable thought. Once the solution is reached, the solver should be able to determine whether or not their answer was correct based on whether or not it matches up with what they were expecting. Here we’ll look at what makes for a good clue and some tips on how to tackle puzzles in general. In this case the crossword clue was “Best Quiz Show 2021”.

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A good crossword clue should be able to fit in one or more grid boxes, should be clear, should be unambiguous, and shouldn’t need to rely on prior knowledge. Puzzles are generally designed so that each clue can have multiple answers of varying degrees of plausibility. The puzzle creator’s job is to create clues that lead the solver to the correct answer with a reasonable degree of certainty. You may often hear of people scratching their heads over a crossword clue that is considered obscure or ambiguous. It is important to remember that all but one of these are incorrect answers—the best solution must be the most plausible of all possible solutions, so being correct doesn’t guarantee being easy.

Is googling Crossword Clues okay?

Wink Wink!!, Is it totally normal to search on google for Crossword Clues? We understand that sometimes it is hard to find answers ourselves.

Hope you loved the article. If so please share it among your friends.

Hope now you are able to answer “tv quiz show that won best quiz show at the national tv awards in 2021”

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Thanksgiving Crossword Answer Keys – Ava’s

Thanksgiving Crossword Answer Key: Thanksgiving is almost here. And now it is time to do the quizzes and puzzles related to the event. Many newspapers and apps have already started publishing crosswords related to Thanksgiving.

Hence many people are trying their best to sort out these puzzles. As a help, we decided to list out some popular Thanksgiving-related crosswords and clues related to them.

Whenever you need a break from the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie you can try completing one of the published brain-teasing Thanksgiving crosswords. Or if you prefer something less sugared, try out our word search puzzles! They’re sure to provide a much-needed mental break along with some holiday cheer.

Below are some of these crossword puzzles with answers.

Thanksgiving Crossword Answer Keys

  1. A grocery store, related to Thanksgiving? – STUFFING STOCKER
  2. Who was Alice’s Thanksgiving guest? – ARLO
  3. Popular dish during Thanksgiving – EAT HUMBLE PIE
  4. Bad Thanksgiving movie? – REAL TURKEY
  5. Do not do this during the event – OVERHEAT
  6. Thanksgiving in October – CANADA

What are crosswords?

Even if you don’t know the answers to a crossword puzzle, they can be a lot of fun! In this post, we’ll let you in on the basics of crosswords and some tips for solving them.

Crosswords are word puzzles that have been published in newspapers for decades. They come with a grid of black squares and white squares on a page – the black squares are empty spaces waiting to be filled, and the white ones contain clues as to what those words might be.

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Your goal is to fill in all the black squares with letters from an answer key that’s provided on or near each puzzle. Crosswords can be different types. Some are themed; for example, you might be given a clue such as, “Thanksgiving in October”, and it’s your job to fit all those clues into names of famous people, movies, songs or in this case countries.

Crosswords are very popular during Thanksgiving since most of the people are staying at their homes in these holiday times.

Hope now you are clear on Thanksgiving Crossword Answer Key. If you loved this article please share it with your friends.

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A thousand questions with Paimon Answers 2021

A thousand questions with Paimon Answers: Genshin impact has reintroduced their awesome paimon event with their latest patch. Because of this many people are searching for the correct solutions throughout the internet to complete this puzzle and get the rewards quickly.

Simply put, in this Genshin Impact event you have to solve 10 multiple choices questions. If you answer all of the questions correctly you will get 50000 Mora. I’m my opinion this is a very good reward.

The paimon quiz will be available for players for 3 whole days starting from November 19. I would say this is enough time to complete your tasks.

A thousand questions with Paimon Answers

To be honest questions for the puzzle changes randomly. So the paimon quiz answers also change frequently. However, a user from Hoyolab has compiled more than 300 questions.

As a guide for you, we have listed down some of these questions below with their answers.

  • What is not sold at Yae Publishing House – Legend of the Lone Sword
  • Name of Hydro Hypostasis – He
  • Real boss of Signora – Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter
  • Tell me about Kujou Sara – Energy cost is 90
  • Shuumatsuban affiliated with? -Yashiro Commission
  • Visible on the Kamisato Clan’s Crest? – Camellia
  • Master of Meikyou Shisui Art? -Domon
  • Owner of Komore Teahouse -Taroumaru

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A thousand questions with Paimon Answers
A thousand questions with Paimon Answers

How to find paimon quiz answers

Visit the link for the answers post on Hoyolab.

Press CTRL+F on your keyboard and search for your question.

Now you will see the answer.

This is the link for the How to find paimon quiz answers

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a hardcore action-adventure game. You can hack, slash, shoot or even explode your way through hordes of enemies. But the real fun is in solving the puzzles and hidden secrets scattered throughout the world. The story of Genshin Impact involves a cyborg who is on a mission from God. To find the truth behind the origin of the universe and to defeat his arch-enemy, The Devil.

You will control a cyborg who uses his ability to manipulate energy and powers up with each kill he makes in battles and puzzles. You will spend your time in an alternate world where all sorts of strange creatures and abilities can be found. However, these abilities can also be used against you so use caution when using powers. Paimon quiz is the lasted event to improve your charactors.

The game has four different endings based on player choice, whether or not they kill or spare certain characters such as enemies or certain characters such as hostages/suspects/targets.

Hope now you are clear with A thousand questions with Paimon Answers. If you think this post helped you please share it among your friends!

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Rethink App – Shark Tank, How to use it?

Rethink App was initially introduced on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner invested $100,000  for a return of 20% stock. Since that this app went viral very quickly.

What is Rethink App?

Rethink App was pitched and designed by Trisha Prabhu who was 16 at that time. This app works as an anti-bullying App.

This software will detect offensive or bad language (words or tone) and ask you to reconsider before sending the typed segment.

ReThink is a patented system that detects and prevents online hatred before it does harm. It is an award-winning, unique, nonintrusive technology.

App Name Rethink App
Founder/ Designer Trisha Prabhu
Meaning Anti-Bullying Support
Invested received Invested  $100,000 
Who invested? Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner Shark
Requested ROI 20% stock

Below is the Rethink App’s Shark Tank pitch.

How to Download Rethink App?

Fortunately, the Rethink App is available for both Android and iOS users.

How to activate the App?

Below are the steps to activate this application on Android.

  1. Download the App.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Find Keyboard settings and Tap on it.
  4. Click on ” Add New Keyboard”
  5. Selecct the Rethink App’s Keyboard.

What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is an American reality television show that airs on ABC, originally created by Mark Burnett and United Artists Media Group. On the show, 16 or more aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in hopes of securing funding for their home-based business or idea.

The sharks are looking for companies with high growth potential like negotiating on negotiating deals rather than investments in established companies with low growth potential.

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The show has become very popular and new episodes currently air every Friday night at 9 pm EST on ABC.

I hope now you know what Rethink App Shark Tank is and how to download and use it. Please you loved this article please share it among your friends.

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The Voice Voting App: How to download and Vote?

The Voice Voting App is the app you have to download and install in order to vote for The Voice singing contest. In this post, we will cover what is this app, how to download it, and how to use it.

The Voice reality show was created by American Idol creator, Mark Burnett. It is a singing competition that began airing in 2017 on NBC with producers Jimmy Iovine and Debbie Brogdon serving as executive producers.

Four judges are designated each week to teach the contestants about musical theatre, Broadway, and music in general.

The show’s format includes auditions followed by weekly eliminations of singers until the four contestants remain with two being sent home per week until one remains to be declared “The Voice”.

What is The Voice Voting App?

The Voice Voting App is mainly used to Vote for contestants during live voice game shows. You can just select your favorite contestant and click on his/ her icon to proceed with Voting.

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There are some other features of the app.

  • Be a voter while you listen and watch epic singing performances of The Voice Contestants!
  • Make suggestions for songs you would like to hear, meet and know the artists, follow the coaches and so and more!
  • Join the team that finds and develops the next generation of superstars. Watch the competition live and create your own dream team of performers!
  • Join with your colleagues online on The Voice trivia section and answer in surveys to get points.

How to download The Voice App?

Fortunately, The voice App is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can use the below links to download from the official App Store.

Hope now you know what is The Voice Voting App and how to download it. If you loved this post please share it among your friends.

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Blood Typing Letters Crossword clue

Blood Typing Letters Crossword clue: All of us like crosswords! Since a very long time ago doing Crosswords has been my first task of the day. That is the main reason to post answers for many crosswords clues for the people who enjoy completing them but are unable to find answers for some questions. Blood Typing Letters was recently published in New York Times on 8 November 2021. You will find the answer to that in this post.

Every day we post answers for the most recent crossword questions. So I invite you to bookmark the site for your future reference.

Blood Typing Letters Crossword clue Answer


According to Blood types or blood, groups are maintained using letters A B O. For example we have blood type A, AB, O or B. These blood groups uses letters A B and O. Hope now you are clear on the answer.

Correct Answers According to Our System:


Do you enjoy solving crossword puzzles? If so, it’s likely you know the general format of a clue. You might not know, however, that different types of clues exist. From anagrams and definitions to long and short hints, this post has all the information you need to answer the Blood Typing Letters Crossword clue.

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Currency in Dhaka Crossword Clue

Currency in Dhaka Crossword Clue: We love crosswords! Crosswords have been a big part of our day to life since many times ago. That is why we started publishing answers for multiple crosswords clues for those who are not able to solve the question. Currency in Dhaka was recently published in Daily Themed on 7 November 2021. You will find the answer to that in this post.

We usually post answers for most of the crossword questions. So you can keep my website bookmarked.

Currency in Dhaka Crossword Clue


According to Wikipedia Currency of Dhaka is TAKA. One Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) is around 0.012 USD.

Correct Answers According to Our System:


For those of us who love solving crossword puzzles, we can’t live without them. Puzzle always keeps us encouraged and engaged. Also, some say that Quizzes make us more intelligent. So it is good to always involve with solving puzzles.

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Showtime PPV App, How to Watch fight?

Showtime PPV App is another Mobile application that let you watch movie, TV shows, and especially fight event including Boxing. So what’s special about this app is you can even order fights similarly to the PPV concept.

How to PPV on Showtime App?

The app will show you when a boxing fight event is available for you to purchase. You just need to click on “Order the Fight” to start your PPV event.

showtime ppv app
showtime ppv app

What is Showtime App?

Showtime is an entertainment app which is developed by Showtime Inc. Using this app you can watch and stream movies, TV Shows, files, and even fights. Usually, they add new titles to watch every day.

Can you watch Boxing using Showtime?

Yes! You can watch boxing fights and even do PPV using the showtime App. That’s why we call it Showtime PPV App. You just need to give it a try by ordering a fight. I’m pretty sure it will be a new experience for you!

Is Showtime App Commercial Free?

Yes! They claim Showtime PPV is an uninterrupted service. You just need to pay for their monthly subscription and the even prices.

How to get Showtime App?

Fortunately, the showtime app is available for both Android and iOS Devices. Below are the direct links to download the Showtime PPV app.

How to watch Canelo vs plant on ShowTime?

SHOWTIME PPV: CANELO VS. PLANT event is happening on Saturday, November 6th at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. You just need to go to this event link and order the event as mentioned in the above image.

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I hope now you are clear on App. If you think this article helped you please share it with your friends.

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