Overwatch Fighting game OverFighter – Ava’s

Overwatch Fighting Game OverFighter is another perfect Overwacth Workshop mode by DarkyPaky (AKA DarwinStreams). This Overwatch mod is for all the Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat fans. Special thing is that in Overfighter there are even fatalities. Cool right?

In this game you can play as Doomfist, ReinHardt, Winston, Genji, Brigitte and Torbjorn (AKA trollbjorn). Oh! another thing, this mode is kinda 2D. You can get a better idea by looking at the above image. Go ahead and grab the following code. But make sure you give credits to DarwinStreams if you are planning to share the code.

Don’t know what to do with above Overwatch Workshop code? Check out our guide.

Like in normal Street Fighter games in Overwatch Fighting Game OverFighter there a some cool special moves. Following is the list of Special moves in Overfighter. To win you need to score 3 points.

Special Moves

  • Sneaky dwarf: Crouch + Back + Primary [Torbjorn]
  • Hammered: Jump + Primary on the enemy’s head [Torbjorn]
  • Fireball: Back + Jump + Primary [Doomfist] [uses ult charge]
  • Reincopter: Forward + Jump + Primary [Reinhardt]
  • Gravifield: hold Secondary [Reinhardt] [uses ult charge]

Fatalities & Finishes.

There’s a distinctive finisher, fatality for every hero. Even for Torb. When you’re in a match-point round, you won’t kill but knock the enemy down. When your enemy is knocked down you can either melee him for a normal kill or use attack button to do a fatality/ finisher. Trust me these fatalities are very sexy. You can watch the following trailer to see fatalities in action untill I create my own video. (I’m really looking forward to but don’t have enough time)

OverFighter – fighting game in OW [workshop by DarwinStreams] from r/Overwatch

How to use Dashes and Stuns in Overwatch Fighting Game OverFighter?

All heroes can dash in any way (Tekken style) – use double tap arrow keys. If you dash forward and keep holding the key – you will run.

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Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode Horizon Breakout!

Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode is for COOP fans. Specially if are a fan of Call of Duty Zombie mode or Left 4 dead this mode is totally for you. Before going further I would like to thank FrikinPopsicle69 for releasing this awesome mode to the Overwatch community. Following is his post on reddit. He even made a cool trailer about this mode.

After several weeks on the PTR, I’m so excited to share my new workshop gamemode: Horizon Breakout! (Endless Horde Mode) from r/Overwatch

In simple terms this is a CO OP zombie horde workshop custom game. But instead zombie we have the harambes AKA winstons.

winston harambe meme
winston harambe meme

Normally 4 players can play the game at once. No friends? It’s okay. You can play it alone. Special thing is difficulty increases when more people join. In this COOP mode you will start as Anna. You have to kill Winstons while healing your self. When you kill an enemy you earn points. You can use them to unlock new heroes or move to next area. Bit familiar? That is the basic idea of Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode . Copy the code. Need help using the code? Check out tutorial how to use Overwatch workshop codes.

Following are some tips and info about this mode.

  • Start slow, don’t spend too much money at first. I suggest you to unlock Macree first. On the first arena you can unlock Widowmaker, Macree and Genji.
  • Don’t forget that you are playing this mode with other players. Ask them you unlock next area for you. Please cooperate.
  • Don’t be selfish. Don’t always unlock DPS. To win the mode you need at lease one healer.
  • You will see in game power ups. In Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode there are 4 four power ups that will give to instant ultimate ability, increase speed, increase damage and area freeze. Following green bulb is a power up.
  • There is a secret room. I won’t tell you how to access nor what is inside that! Figure it out. So many players requested to reveal this. So here is how to open secret room in Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode Horizon Breakout.

Step 1 : Unlock the low gravity area of the map.

Step 2 : Enable power. (On the truck outside you can see a green circle)

Step 3: Find the Secret door Key which can be anywhere on the map.

Secret Door Key.

Step 4 : Go to secret room portal near Point A! Ez clap.

Power ups in  Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode
Power ups in Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode

Following are some picture me playing this mode like a sexy boi.

Horizon Breakout overwatch
Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode
Overwatch Zombie

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Overwatch Aim arena workshop code Aim practice

Still a silver? Wanna do some aim practice in Overwatch to drag your salty hitscan main to plat, diamond? Well if you are, overwatch aim arena is the best workshop mode to improve your aim. Basically this is training range but instead the no brain bots, you are playing against your fellow “intelligent” Overwatch Players. This was first released by tordecybombo in Reddit.

In this workshop mode you can select any hero in the game. They have even added Sigma with the latest release. This is the only FFA mode that let you train with and against all the heroes in the map. One game lasts for 60 minutes. Following is the Overwatch Aim Arena Workshop Code.


4500 Sr playing in Overwatch Aim arena

However, rather than playing the basic mode you can try tweaking this mode. For an example you can make it 500% so it will be chaotic as torb’s potato brain. Following are some overwatch aim arena tweak ideas.

  • Max number of players: [Lobby] > [Max FFA Players]
  • Enable/Disable heroes: [Heroes] > [Hero Roster]
  • Random hero: [Modes] > [ALL] > [Respawn as Random Hero]
  • Hero limit for every hero: [Modes] > [ALL] > [Hero Limit] > [1 OR 2 Per Game]
  • Match time: [Workshop] > [MATCH TIME] (default: 3600 sec = 60 min)
  • Hero limit for specific hero: [Workshop] > [HERO LIMITS]

In this version you can following features.

  • Press INTERACT (Default: F) to swap heroes.
  • Players heal after a kill.
  • Knockback/teleport zones added in the pillars so players cannot hide in them.
  • Damage per min leaderboard
  • Specific hero limits

In my opinion playing Hanzo and Macree is the best if you want to demonstrate your “proness”. Oh, you can simply use macree’s dead eye can kill em all ez clap. Also playing hog is pretty cool, when you enable the hook ability. But you will feed a lot. I’m afraid to say that our hot guy Torb’s turret is disabled.

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How to Use Icons in Overwatch Custom Game Title

Have you guys ever seen weird icons in Overwatch Custom game Title? For the first time I saw this in a Dva Racer workshop game. Since then I was looking for a proper guide on how to implement icon in Overwatch custom game title. Well this is actually easy, even a hanzo main can figure out.

Selecting an Icon

First select a code from this list. I had to put then on another page since there are more than 500 Overwatch icons. Some of them are limited to several maps you can find them under a separate title. Whenyou finished selecting a code, copy the code (Ez clap Ctrl+C, only kids right click and copy.). I know that all the Overwatch players are brainded so I created a small GIF show how to properly copy Icons for Overwatch Custom Game Title. Again here is the link for the code list.

Copy Overwatch custom Icon code
Copy Overwatch custom Icon code

Hold up!, something cool got released recently. User 알파카 on Overwatch forums released a symbol generator for Overwatch custom game title. Visit Dva Styler.

How to use the Icon code?

After you copied the code. Create a Overwatch workshop game. Struggling to find a good workshop mode? Check our database! Then rename the title as usually. Then paste the copied Overwatch custom game image code to the beginning of the title. Make sure it looks like following Image.

overwatch custom game title
overwatch custom game title

Well basically thats how you add an image to your custom game title. Now other players will see your Icons In Overwatch Custom Game Title.

How do I check my Overwatch custom game icon?

Just click on Settings button –> Save Preset –> Create New —> Save.

Then go to Setting –> Presets. You will see your title with the icon.

How to add colors to the Overwatch title?

You can color the title of custom games by adding <FG”Hex color go here”FF> in the beginning. For exemple, the hex color of red is FF0000, so if you want red in the title, just add <FGFF0000FF>. This applies in the preset aswell, and for everyone who is searching for a game, like this and here is another example.

Credits Drknight_

Bonus tip! Wanna do something like below image?

Overwatch Title Color
Overwatch Title Color

Just replace your title with following code.

You can use numbers from 1-69696966.

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Overwatch Parkour Mod Code Latest Edition

This is about the overwatch parkour mod code. To be honest the person who made this mode should be punished as this mode is extremely hard for us, AKA Torb mains. It was quite hard to find the original create of this mode. However if you know him please comment so I can give him Credits de deserve. Anyway I found an Overwatch player on Reddit name Bondomor who released verson 4.0 of Havana Parkour. Um, thats right this is Havana Parkour. Rightnow this is the latest overwatch workshop parkour mode.

Basically you will start as a Genji. There are 10 checkpoints around the map. You have to reach all of them without touching the Lava (Red Spots!). Trust me this is hard. Whenever you completed all the 10 checkpoint you will be promoted to another hero. Also you can change the spawning checkpoint using “ctrl” key. Most importantly it is said that in this mode you can save your progress. Well I couldn’t figureout howto do this. But a reddit user commented that ” There’s a “code” to spawn as whatever you were last game. For example saying thanks + storm arrow + dying THEN ulting will unlock hanzo.” If this worked for you please comment below.

If you have trouble getting all the checkpoints in Overwatch Parkour Code mode watch the following video.

Cenlus’ Havana Parkour v4.1

However to win Overwatch Parkour mod you need to be very patient. Thats why I can never unlock more than 3 heroes. Anyway this is a great workshop mode to learn new paths for specific heroes. You can use these paths even in competitive play.

If you need help pasting and using the above code please check out our Overwatch workshop tutorial. If hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you. <3

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Overwatch Infinity Stones Avengers Endgame Code

Eventhough, Hanzo mains disagree I will recommend Overwatch Infinity Stones workshop mode to all the Avengers Endgame fans. This overwatch mod was first released by Overwatch Reddit user kaiomm in late April 2019. In this workshop mode there are several infinity codes hidden around the map. Whenever you catch one you will absorb its power. Following are the infinity stones and their powers.

The interesting part is that these stone stack. You can use multiple stones at once! The best way to play thing mode is to choose Doomfist as he literary represent Thanos. 😀 Anyway if someone has all the stones he will be over powered. So best way is to team up and kill him. Hold up! When you kill an enemy you own his stone, all the more reasons to kill. Follwing is the code for overwatch infinity stones workshop mod.

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Dva Racing overwatch workshop mod

This is another cute Dva racing Overwatch workshop mod made by user DackyPacky On reddit. As per the name this workshop mode let you race aroung lijjiang night market. Prety cool right? In my opinion this mode is building around street racer pro.

This mode is for all the racing fans in the World, well for Overwatch racing fan :D. If you want a have a break from competitive mode and praise Dva’s loli power this is for you.

D.Va Racing [workshop by DarwinStreams] from r/Overwatch

Basically in this Dva Racing Overwatch mod you can fly in Dva mech around Lijiang Tower. There are many checkpoint (rings) scattered around the map. You can to go inside these ring one after another. First person to race through all the checkpoints win. GGEZ.!! Well it is not easy as you think. Following is the code for Dva racing Overwatch workshop mod.

dva racing mod overwatch
dva racing mod overwatch

On other hands in this workshop game players and make their own race courses and share with the community. Check our overwatch workshop tutorial. Simply you can change the current checkpoint so it will be a whole new track. Well looking from above Lijiang is very beautiful place. Make sure you start the game first, otherwise checkpoints won’t work.

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Overwatch Workshop Aim Training code

This custom game mode, overwatch workshop aim training is one of the first workshop codes that has been released to the public. Version one of overwatch aim training mod was introduced by Reddit user firenty for fellow overwatch players. In this custom game, you can practice not only with hitscan, projectile heroes put also with doomfist. (AKA doomshiit). Use the following code to create an aim training game. This is the latest version which was released on 05/22/2019. Don’t know how to use following code? Check our article

Hanzo In aim tranining

Ow yeah! Thats me acting pro with bunch or Non moving AIs . As you can see in the image this overwatch mod automatically calculates your kills per second. Pretty cool right? The best thing is that you can play with any hero in the game. Also in game has several shortcuts to sharpen your overwatch workshop aim training capability. (Find these in emotes menu, thing that pop up after we press C)

  • Reset timer and kill counter : Thanks
  • Teleport you to the objective point : Hello
  • Teleport you to your spawn : Genji Main (AKA I need Healing)
  • Make the targets move OR not :Group up (TOGGLE)
  • Make targets jump OR fly: Ultimate charge (TOGGLE)
  • One shot mode OR unkillable mode : Acknowledge (TOGGLE) 

Also following are some voice line commands.

Top : Increase spawn radius
Bottom : Decrease spawn radius
Left : Decrease objective point number (1-2-3)
Right : Increase objective point number (1-2-3)

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This mode is also known as overwatch aim practice workshop. If you loved overwatch workshop aim training mode you might also love the aim area overwatch custome game code. This mode is also known as overwatch aim practice workshop.

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Overwatch MODS : Infection Workshop Code

Actually this is one of my favourite overwatch mods. Usually full infection match takes around 45 minutes. This mode was first introduced by Gianturco a reddit user on April, 2019. Eventhough at that time this mode wasn’t very famous nowadays people prefer this than 500% FFA. In my opinion 500% Free For All is overrated. Well this mode isn’t caotic than FFA but pretty fun. There are several variations of this overwatch mod like infection zombies and infection T BAG. Use following code to create a infection workshop game.

In overwatch infection mode you can select your hero at the beginning. So far all the heroes are available. So when ever you kill someone that person will change his charactor to your hero. Simply you become the hero that kills you. So copy above code and start infection the infection. Overwatch mods infection code is above!

In this overwatch mod preset is set to deathmatch. So each round one hero will win. Basically when you kill someone you get a point. On other hands when someone kills you you lose a point. Also when you suicide you lose a point. In a match a hero can only win once. Meaning if Hot guy Macree win first round you cant pick macree again! Welp.

Some other boring stuff

  • Same heroes cant hurt each other. (However currently torb turrent can kill fellow trollbjorn, if you don’t like that simply remove turrent :sadface: )
  • You will see a blue circle on top of players on your kind.
  • Sym turrets are currently disabled as they tend to kill friendlies.
  • Sombra’s stealth is on +500% cooldown. Fair right? It is bit annoying to find a a sombra that we can’t see.
  • Average point players have when match finish is 2.
  • In my opinion best heroes and Hog, Macree & Mei. For some maps lucio and ball is perfect. overwatch mods infection code
overwatch Infection tips
overwatch Infection tips

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Overwatch Gun Game code: Overwatch workshop Codes

This game mode, overwatch gun game is inspired by the actual gun game released with call of duty. This was first introduced by user AbyssWalker in the Battle.net website. This is actually a good way to get a break from toxic competitive mode. In this article I will share the Overwatch gun game code.

Basically this gun game mode has all the heroes in the game. Whenever you killed someone ingame you will promoted to the next hero while adding 1 to your score.

overwatch gun game swap
overwatch gun game swap

First you will have to play in Hitscan DPS, Projectile DPS, Tanks, Supports. However Hero Order is set and can be changed in the Workshop editor. So it might be fun to start with mercy and end with DPS.

Anyway in Normal overwatch gun game first one to kill a player as mercy wins. However if a player tries to kys ( suicide) he will lose points and swap to his old hero. As the time is frozen at 14.59 you can play all the 30 heroes untill someone wins. Zarya has 50% low cooldown bubble. (She was having problem gaining charge so this solved the issue.)

This version of mode has a glitch which demonstrates that everyone kills himself in the killfeed instead of displaying the right murderer. There is also no problem with dying several times in a row when cast from a rim.

  • Heroes are now pre-loaded to create smoother transition on Hero Swap.
  • Added a check to make sure players score can not dip into the negatives, to avoid issue with scoreboard not mirroring actual standings.

Need help installing and setting up the above Overwatch gun game code? Check our article by clicking here.

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